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Whee! Obama Goes Bowling for Votes in Pennsylvania

Well, boys and girls, what did we learn this weekend?

For starters, the big “O” doesn’t know how to bowl. This morning we were treated to multiple viewings of Barack’s athletic prowess on MSNBC’s, Morning Joe, where we saw Barack bowl a 37 out of a possible 300! Every time we saw the big “O” toss a bowling ball down the lane, you could hear Joe Scarborough in the background going, (Wheeee!) as the ball gently made its way into the gutter. I kept thinking, “Oh, ya this is the way to get the working man’s vote in Pennsylvania!”

This is a state that really hunts with deer season twice a year, bear season, turkey season etc.; a state that still has functioning coal minds. This state is home to great football teams like the Pittsburgh Steelers, the Philadelphia Eagles, and Penn State. These voters drink Rolling Rock and can open their beer bottles with their teeth (metaphorically speaking, of course) and then there’s Barack on camera looking like an eight year old at a birthday party.

I can hear the talk inside the campaign now, “Psst Barack, research has shown in order to capture this block of voters, you’ve got to roll up your sleeves, try behaving more like them. You know, relate to them. How tough can this bowling thing be anyway?)

Question; why do so many Democratic campaigns have these photo opportunities that look like they were devised by a Republican operative? I mean, who can forget Michael Dukakis in that silly helmet sitting in the tank barely able to see over the top, looking like Mighty Mouse; or more recently John Kerry in his pristine hunting outfit? Hey guys, here’s a hint. Being authentic is waaay better than looking like a dork!

The other thing we learned is Hillary isn’t going to be pushed out of this campaign! Good! She & Bill made it very clear that Barack’s surrogates should stop insisting Hilary should leave the campaign for “the good of the party.” The unintentional consequences of this kind of spin from the Obamakin Kool Aid surrogates is that it makes the Obama campaign sound desperate and look undemocratic. Let the process play itself out. Let each state have an opportunity to vote and stop the foolishness. It’s not helping your candidate.



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The Media, Obama, & the Next Great Scandal

We’ve all heard about the hard decisions that editors are forced to make about stories; to print or not to print . . . you know.  I have been facing a similar dilemma since my daily stroll on the Internet, two days ago.  Trust me; I wasn’t looking for this one. Since reading it, I feel like I’ve been splattered with all kinds of pigeon muck from above.  Be gone, damn spot!

There is a story that has been going around (apparently for some time) about Barack Obama’s past that if true, would make the Bill Clinton/Monica Lewinsky mess pale in comparison.  Part of the internal fight has arisen because on a scale of 1 to 10, the “Yuk factor” associated with this story is easily a 37 or a 38; not pretty to say the least.  On the other side of the equation, the “what if” questions is, “will this turn out to be an Internet jackalope?” 

 For those of you who don’t know what a jackalope is, it’s a jackrabbit with tiny antlers sticking out of its head.  You can find them in small towns throughout the west, their tiny heads mounted on plaques and displayed for sale.  Jackalopes are also a joke perpetrated by locals on tourists who buy these amazing little critters and bring them home to show the folks.  (If you own one of these, now you can say you knew about the joke, all the time!)

 I finally decided that not blogging about this would be a mistake.  I also decided to give you, the reader, the opportunity to look the story up (it won’t be hard to find this one) and decide for yourself, rather than give the person who is making these accusations free access to pollute, if the story is false. 

 What has this have to do with the media?  Well, it appears that mainstream media has had this story for some time and has been reluctant to pursue it, although more than one of the supermarket journalistic rags have published the story.  The MSM is in a tough position, which I fully understand. If MSM releases the story too late (how could you hold the story, knowing its significance?) they’re screwed.  If they release the story and it turns out to be false, they’re screwed.

 If the story is true, Obama’s run for the presidency is over and whatever Reverend Wright has said will be a blip on the radar screen.  The larger problem is, should Obama ultimately win the Democratic Party’s nomination for president and the charges fully emerge into the daylight, while he is running against McCain, the 2008 race for president is over. 

 BTW, don’t think the conservatives don’t already have this story.  They do. There are numerous conservative sites where you can download your free “The Real Barack Obama” report for $39.95.  While you are nosing around, you’ll find lots on Michelle, as well.  If you liked Hillary as First Lady, you’ll love Michelle.  As I write this, I keep wondering if the Republican conservatives are keeping their powder dry on this until … you get to fill in the blanks.  Yep, just wait in the woods and spring this baby when Dem’s least except it.

 This may be the story that Robert Novak alluded to a few months ago, essentially saying the Clinton campaign had “the goods” on Obama and decided not to use them.  If that supposition is true, clearly the Clinton campaign has proved they are not interested in winning at all costs.  I don’t know.  What I do know is that no one can be happy about this. 

 The MSM needs to do its job prove these accusations are false.  They have the tools to prove or disprove the claims of this man.  This country doesn’t need another sitting president hampered by lawsuits while trying to handle the people’s business.

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Here’s the Obama/Olbermann Over the Top Question of the Day

We learned late last night that three State Department contract workers breached Barack Obama’s passport files.

MSNBC televised a special hour-long edition of Olbermann’s Countdown at 10 pm, alerting us to the significance of this security breach, hinting at a Clinton campaign conspiracy.

OK boys and girls, here’s the Olbermann/Obama Over the Top question of the day

Please cast your vote for the following question:

Olbermann, unable to stop himself, will again invoke the phrase, “Have you no shame” as he proceeds to compare Obama’s passport peeking with Pearl Harbor and the release of the Pentagon Papers.



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Obama’s Pastor Wright . . . Right ’bout One Thing

Life is full of lessons, like the ones we have been witnessing since hearing the vitriolic words from Pastor Wright’s sermons . . . sermons based on hate instead of hope.

Obama gave his grand speech on race relations yesterday, another speech that contained lofty words. Yes, the country needs to have a real dialog on race relations, but it won’t come from the national media or cable networks, the guys who don’t want context, only conflict.

If the grand speech was supposed to “do it” and we are all supposed to forget what we heard and saw in the Wright videos, it doesn’t work that way. For starters, had the speech been given a year ago, when Obama had declared his candidacy, that would have been brave, indeed, but he didn’t. If he had, I’d be blogging for him instead of Hillary, but he didn’t.

Obama gave the “grand speech” yesterday because he no choice. Barack tried ignoring the real problem of Pastor Wright’s inflammatory sermons. This wasn’t an impossible situation. Candor on Obama’s part would have made it a controllable situation. One thing experience teaches you is that problems like Pastor Wright’s sermons don’t go away by themselves. Lack of candor was exacerbated by lack of courage or foresight or both. Obama was forced to defend a man whose words are indefensible . . . ah, yes Barack’s situational ethics demonstrated yet again!

Here’s the bottom line. The speech changes nothing for the multitude of people who have been offended . . . white, black, and brown, Republicans, Democrats, and independents. We all heard Wright’s comments including, “God damn America!”

One of my favorite Wright diatribes is “Hillary ain’t never been called no nigger.” True, and I venture to say that Obama and Pastor Wright “ain’t never been called no cunt either!” Both are ugly words for “isms” that are alive and well in this country. There is, however, a difference between the “isms”; sexism is tolerated to greater degree than racism.

Let me give one tiny example of how we tolerate sexism in this country and in this political race on a daily basis. There’s a company that sells Hillary nutcrackers on the Internet. Yes, you can take a pecan or walnut and place it between the legs of metal implement with Hillary’s face on it and crack the nuts open. Funny you say, because we all know what a “ball buster” Hillary is, right. Just a little joke, right?

Well, let’s see, would you feel the same way if Barack’s face was on the nutcracker? And, while we are at it why not “super size” the nutcracker because we all know how big black men are supposed to be, right? Not so funny now, is it?

There isn’t a woman in this world who hasn’t experienced sexism in her life, who doesn’t guard (in her deepest recesses) against being raped or who hasn’t been groped by some idiot because he thought he was entitled to cop a feel “just because.” Some of us experience it to greater and lesser degrees than others, but we all experience sexism. There are women of color and women from other cultures who are demeaned and diminished in ways I will never experience first hand but will completely understand as another sister.

If one listens to FOX, Obama’s speech is not going to change much. If you listen to MSNBC, Obama gave the greatest speech since Dr. King’s “I Have a Dream” speech. The FOX network is probably closer to the pulse of the electorate than the MSNBC, with the possible exception of Joe Scarborough. Obama may win the DP nomination, but he will not win the presidency against McCain. Why? The Wright videos won’t just fade away; they’ll be the Republican gift that keeps on giving.

Know what else? If there’s one thing Republicans and conservatives hate more than people who don’t practice sex their way, “God’s way” . . . it’s people they believe don’t love America . . . all of America, its imperfections and all. Michelle, are you listening? That includes you too.

To the Democratic Super delegates, are you listening? Ya know all those white votes Obama collected in the fly over red states. You can forget them in a general election. Conservatives and Reagan Democrats have long memories. If Obama is the one that goes up against McCain, he’s toast.

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More than once, I have made the point that Barack Obama suffers from situational ethics.

Searching for illustrations of situational ethics? That’s easy, “flip flop” if necessary, move to the right if pushed, move to the left because there’s move cover there, vote “present” instead of yes or no over 100 times. Above all else, make sure these moves are nuanced and wrapped in heroic speech. After all, we know how dumb the media are don’t we . . . they can barely spell nuance, never mind recognize it when it is used as a cover-up tool.

The media dust-up about Obama’s pastor of the last 20 years, Jeremiah Wright, is yet another example of how Barack’s judgment dictates his choices. If we are expected to choose Barack over Hillary and John McCain because of Barack’s claim of superior judgment, his decision to wait until yesterday to denounce and separate himself from Pastor Jeremiah Wright’s hate filled sermons must be examined.

Obama did disagree with Wright’s hate speech, but only when it became apparent that it would have a negative affect on his run for the presidency. Notice, there hasn’t been a repudiation (only a distancing) by Obama of Pastor Wright, a man who preaches that blacks should be saying, “God damn American, not God bless America.”

Obama’s statements about being unaware of Wright’s extremist sermons are not believable. Come on! He’s known this man for 20 years and not even a whisper of Wright’s racist hate speech ever reached him. No one except the Obamakin Kool Aid drinkers will believe that. Obama is not ready for prime time. Period!

Last week I thought that the perfect Democratic ticket to go against McCain was Hillary/Barack, with Barack as VP. Why as the VP? Two words … Jimmy Carter. Those old enough to remember, know Carter was a one-term Democratic president who also went Washington promising CHANGE.

How’d that turn out, you ask. Carter’s presidency was a disaster. The country suffered from inflation so high that interest rates for businesses were as high as 22%, 16% home mortgages were the norm, we had gas lines and gas rationing (if your plate ended in an even number you could only buy gas on even numbered days etc.)

One thing Carter did do right is he tried to get this country on the road to energy independence, installing solar panels on the roof of the White House to set a good example for the public, urging conservation and fuel efficiency. As soon as Reagan beat Carter for his re-election, Reagan went about dismantling all the conservation measures Carter had put in place, including taking the solar panels off the White House roof.

Had we continued on Carter’s energy conservation course we wouldn’t be faced with gas at close to $4 a gallon, a war in the Middle East, and the destruction of our environment. You can thank Reagan and the Republicans for that mess.

Which brings us back to the November election. We know with Hillary, like her or not, she will be ready to be president on day one.

The Pastor Wright controversy has changed my position on a HIillary/Obama ticket. Why? The Wright videos will be the gift that keeps on giving for the Republicans and all the 527 groups out there just gearing up ready to sling mud.

Obama cried “foul”when Hillary hit his campaign with the “kitchen sink” strategy. What do you think he’ll do when the Republicans hit him with the ” hit the sucker with the house and half of Cleveland” strategy?

If there’s only one thing Republicans hate more than people who don’t practice sex their way, “God’s” way . . . it’s someone they believe doesn’t love America . . . all of American, its imperfections and all. Michelle, are you listening? That includes you too.

You know all those red states with those white votes Obama has collected; you can forget them in a general election if he’s the one that goes up against McCain. The Wright videos won’t away.

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Olbermann chooses Olbermann as today’s “Worst Person In the World!”

There was a time I greatly admired Olbermann’s style and obvious intellect. He is a wonderful wordsmith who can be amusing when he chooses. He can also be an insufferable bore when he makes pronouncements like last night’s assault on Geraldine Ferraro’s contentious comments about Barack Obama.

Olbermann just had to insert himself into the Geraldine Ferraro/Obama dust up which he termed a “disaster” for Hillary Clinton, her campaign, and half of western world, (sound of deep sigh here, used to emphasize just how important he thought his points were.) There he sat, admonishing and chastising Mrs. Clinton to get control of her campaign’s surrogates.

In the process of his 9 minute and 48 second analysis, we were forced to endure his overwrought, hysterical linkage of David Duke’s name to the Clinton campaign. OMG, did I tell you there was hand wringing and he was thumping on his desk to emphasize certain points, lest we mere mortals missed them? What a jerk!

Hillary’s crime? She’s campaigning to win. Well, that’s a hellava thing for an annoying woman to do. She wants to win? You mean she wants to beat a man? You mean like Billy Jean beat Bobby Riggs? Sorry I had to show my age, but I couldn’t think of another comparable match-up that was close.

Worse still, we are to believe that if Hillary points out an Obama weakness (Shhhhhh! the Republicans might hear what’s being said. No kidding! I mean it! Shhhhhh!) That the Republicans will use it against Obama if he’s the Democratic Party’s nominee for president. Say, what? You mean you really think the Republicans don’t already have their Obama playbook in place?

These are the same guys who turned their political guns on Max Cleland, a hero who sacrificed a third of his body in war, a Democrat who sits in a wheel chair minus most of one arm and both legs, a man who served his country with honor and distinction in the Senate. Cleland was the victim of a Republican smear campaign waged so Georgia could gain a Republican seat in the Senate. Need to ask how Georgia’s new junior Senator voted for the war?

The Republicans don’t need Hillary or her campaigns ads to do damage. If you think they do, you gotta lay off all that Obamakins Kool Aid. Republicans eat their own. Witness the South Carolina primary election between Bush and McCain. These are of the disciples of Karl Rove . . . disciplined disciples who plan years in advance for political wins and gains, and who have forgotten more about dirty tricks than the Democrats will ever know.

You, Keith Olbermann make me want to wretch. Linking the Hillary campaign and David Duke in the same sentence represents all that is wrong with the media and politics in this country. You prostitute yourself and your lofty words in the name what? Fairness? Honesty? Clarity on race and gender relations in this country?

Thanks to your serpentine logic, you have (yet again) hardened the position of women like me, women who are old enough to remember it wasn’t that long ago when jobs were posted in the newspapers according to male and female positions; when a female couldn’t get a credit card or establish credit in her own name until the Fair Credit Act was passed in ‘70’s; when female athletes were denied equal access to facilities and scholarships their male counterparts took for granted. We remember that Title IX had to be enacted before female athletes would have the same access to opportunity as their male counter parts in schools and colleges across the country.

You remind me of a white male business associate I was talking to a few years ago. We were discussing discrimination against women in society. He was dismissive about every example I gave him. Finally, in frustration, I asked him if he had ever been a victim of discrimination. “Oh, yes, of course”, he offered. Once he had received a B in a course! Yes, a B. He’d had tough life indeed. Need I say more?

The only filth this country is awash in is the kind of blather you spewed out last night. Mr. Olbermann shame on you for knowingly or not, intentionally or not, stirring the race gender pot and calling it “commentary”.

And so for your shameless use of the phrase, “Shame on you” sometimes interchanged with “Have you no shame?” and for stooping to the worst kind of gender and race baiting rhetoric, you Keith Olbermann are awarded the first place honor of WORST PERSON IN THE WORLD.


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I originally supported Edwards and then looked to Obama after Edwards dropped out. It is not Obama’s words that have turned me off, it’s his actions. There is no way I can support this man. My biggest complaint about Obama is that while his soaring oratory espouses “Change You Can Believe In” his actions demonstrate he suffers from “Situational Ethics.” Here are a few quick examples.

Obama pledged to use public financing in the presidential campaign if he was chosen as the nominee of the Democratic Party. Now that he is raising gigantic sums of money no one could have foreseen, things have changed. Asked to confirm he would live up to his commitment to use public financing in the presidential campaign, all he could do was equivocate and mumble that he would meet with McCain to work something out etc.

Wrong answer! There is only one answer. Live up to your pledge or prove you are no different from anyone else in Washington.

The plagiarism dust-up is interesting because on the surface this seems like a small issue. Let’s bottom line this, if you can’t trust people to be honest on the small things they won’t be honest on the big things either. Obama’s original answer to the charge he had used a concept and words from the current Massachusetts Governor’s speech was, “it was only one paragraph!” As this issue got media coverage, his answer morphed, multiple times (with the help of the adoring media in the background) into, “everyone does it, including Hillary.”

Wrong answer! You did use someone else’s words, without giving them credit and you should have said that. Bringing anyone else into the equation does not excuse your actions. People teach by example, bucko, in case you’ve forgotten. What do you think you have taught students all over this country? All you had to say was, “I made a mistake. It was not done intentionally. No one should take words of someone else, without giving credit to the source.” This was so simple and you blew it.

The cornerstone of Obama’s campaign is that he did not support the war and, therefore, because he gave a speech, not a recorded vote, but a speech against the war in 2002 and that this demonstrates he has superior judgment to Senators Clinton and McCain. What a crock! If we had real reporters in the country instead of pundits and entertainment reporters, Obama wouldn’t be able to get away with this. If he does become the DP nominee, do you really think the Republicans will let him have a free ride on this one?

Let me point out the obvious. A few weeks ago, I said the NY Giants would beat the New England Patriots. Being right, didn’t make me an NFL coach. Obama’s 2002 speech against the war didn’t automatically make him a better choice for Commander in Chief either. It is an asinine concept on its surface, one that anyone with half a brain should be able to see. In 2004, Obama admitted that he didn’t know how he would have voted in 2002. Hark! What’s that I hear in the background? Ah, tis the media chorus drowning out the obvious!

What counts is what Obama has accomplished since he became Senator and the answer is not much. To suddenly find out in a debate, that he has been the Chairman of a committee capable of investigating the Bush administration’s neglect of Afghanistan & the war and did nothing is stunning. We threw the Republican bums out of office because of their mismanagement of the war. So, when the Dem’s get into power and Obama’s committee has the ability to subpoena witnesses, get answers, etc. does he hold hearings and showcase the issues? No! Why? Because the chairman, Senator Obama, has been, too busy running for President!

During the same period Obama has chosen his political career over the best interests of the country, Senator Clinton has been working on two subcommittees in addition to running for President. She also has a better attendance record in Washington than Senators Obama or McCain.

If there are any real reporters still left, you may want to check into whether any other member of Congress have voted “present” 100 times and why Senator Obama will release a list showing who got earmarks in his district in 2007, but not for 2006 or 2005. Oh, ya, he is change we can believe in … change when it‘s convenient!


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