Olbermann chooses Olbermann as today’s “Worst Person In the World!”

There was a time I greatly admired Olbermann’s style and obvious intellect. He is a wonderful wordsmith who can be amusing when he chooses. He can also be an insufferable bore when he makes pronouncements like last night’s assault on Geraldine Ferraro’s contentious comments about Barack Obama.

Olbermann just had to insert himself into the Geraldine Ferraro/Obama dust up which he termed a “disaster” for Hillary Clinton, her campaign, and half of western world, (sound of deep sigh here, used to emphasize just how important he thought his points were.) There he sat, admonishing and chastising Mrs. Clinton to get control of her campaign’s surrogates.

In the process of his 9 minute and 48 second analysis, we were forced to endure his overwrought, hysterical linkage of David Duke’s name to the Clinton campaign. OMG, did I tell you there was hand wringing and he was thumping on his desk to emphasize certain points, lest we mere mortals missed them? What a jerk!

Hillary’s crime? She’s campaigning to win. Well, that’s a hellava thing for an annoying woman to do. She wants to win? You mean she wants to beat a man? You mean like Billy Jean beat Bobby Riggs? Sorry I had to show my age, but I couldn’t think of another comparable match-up that was close.

Worse still, we are to believe that if Hillary points out an Obama weakness (Shhhhhh! the Republicans might hear what’s being said. No kidding! I mean it! Shhhhhh!) That the Republicans will use it against Obama if he’s the Democratic Party’s nominee for president. Say, what? You mean you really think the Republicans don’t already have their Obama playbook in place?

These are the same guys who turned their political guns on Max Cleland, a hero who sacrificed a third of his body in war, a Democrat who sits in a wheel chair minus most of one arm and both legs, a man who served his country with honor and distinction in the Senate. Cleland was the victim of a Republican smear campaign waged so Georgia could gain a Republican seat in the Senate. Need to ask how Georgia’s new junior Senator voted for the war?

The Republicans don’t need Hillary or her campaigns ads to do damage. If you think they do, you gotta lay off all that Obamakins Kool Aid. Republicans eat their own. Witness the South Carolina primary election between Bush and McCain. These are of the disciples of Karl Rove . . . disciplined disciples who plan years in advance for political wins and gains, and who have forgotten more about dirty tricks than the Democrats will ever know.

You, Keith Olbermann make me want to wretch. Linking the Hillary campaign and David Duke in the same sentence represents all that is wrong with the media and politics in this country. You prostitute yourself and your lofty words in the name what? Fairness? Honesty? Clarity on race and gender relations in this country?

Thanks to your serpentine logic, you have (yet again) hardened the position of women like me, women who are old enough to remember it wasn’t that long ago when jobs were posted in the newspapers according to male and female positions; when a female couldn’t get a credit card or establish credit in her own name until the Fair Credit Act was passed in ‘70’s; when female athletes were denied equal access to facilities and scholarships their male counterparts took for granted. We remember that Title IX had to be enacted before female athletes would have the same access to opportunity as their male counter parts in schools and colleges across the country.

You remind me of a white male business associate I was talking to a few years ago. We were discussing discrimination against women in society. He was dismissive about every example I gave him. Finally, in frustration, I asked him if he had ever been a victim of discrimination. “Oh, yes, of course”, he offered. Once he had received a B in a course! Yes, a B. He’d had tough life indeed. Need I say more?

The only filth this country is awash in is the kind of blather you spewed out last night. Mr. Olbermann shame on you for knowingly or not, intentionally or not, stirring the race gender pot and calling it “commentary”.

And so for your shameless use of the phrase, “Shame on you” sometimes interchanged with “Have you no shame?” and for stooping to the worst kind of gender and race baiting rhetoric, you Keith Olbermann are awarded the first place honor of WORST PERSON IN THE WORLD.



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4 responses to “Olbermann chooses Olbermann as today’s “Worst Person In the World!”

  1. Good Blog. I will continue reading it in the future. Nice layout too.

    Aaron Wakling

  2. Paul

    you’re just jealous because obama’s kicking ass…

  3. sportsone234


    You missed the point of this post. The point is we no longer have a media that is capable of reporting the news. Olbermann just happens to be one of the worst offenders of incipient, vapid, topics masquerading as news.

  4. Chertina

    Hey! Love your blog. I have stopped watching Keith altogether after the “special comment” re Hillary’s campaign. Keith seems to have turned into a full fledged “Obamabot”. In that time slot, I now watch 360. Can’t completely stomach The Factor. Keep up the good and patriotic work on your blog!

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