More than once, I have made the point that Barack Obama suffers from situational ethics.

Searching for illustrations of situational ethics? That’s easy, “flip flop” if necessary, move to the right if pushed, move to the left because there’s move cover there, vote “present” instead of yes or no over 100 times. Above all else, make sure these moves are nuanced and wrapped in heroic speech. After all, we know how dumb the media are don’t we . . . they can barely spell nuance, never mind recognize it when it is used as a cover-up tool.

The media dust-up about Obama’s pastor of the last 20 years, Jeremiah Wright, is yet another example of how Barack’s judgment dictates his choices. If we are expected to choose Barack over Hillary and John McCain because of Barack’s claim of superior judgment, his decision to wait until yesterday to denounce and separate himself from Pastor Jeremiah Wright’s hate filled sermons must be examined.

Obama did disagree with Wright’s hate speech, but only when it became apparent that it would have a negative affect on his run for the presidency. Notice, there hasn’t been a repudiation (only a distancing) by Obama of Pastor Wright, a man who preaches that blacks should be saying, “God damn American, not God bless America.”

Obama’s statements about being unaware of Wright’s extremist sermons are not believable. Come on! He’s known this man for 20 years and not even a whisper of Wright’s racist hate speech ever reached him. No one except the Obamakin Kool Aid drinkers will believe that. Obama is not ready for prime time. Period!

Last week I thought that the perfect Democratic ticket to go against McCain was Hillary/Barack, with Barack as VP. Why as the VP? Two words … Jimmy Carter. Those old enough to remember, know Carter was a one-term Democratic president who also went Washington promising CHANGE.

How’d that turn out, you ask. Carter’s presidency was a disaster. The country suffered from inflation so high that interest rates for businesses were as high as 22%, 16% home mortgages were the norm, we had gas lines and gas rationing (if your plate ended in an even number you could only buy gas on even numbered days etc.)

One thing Carter did do right is he tried to get this country on the road to energy independence, installing solar panels on the roof of the White House to set a good example for the public, urging conservation and fuel efficiency. As soon as Reagan beat Carter for his re-election, Reagan went about dismantling all the conservation measures Carter had put in place, including taking the solar panels off the White House roof.

Had we continued on Carter’s energy conservation course we wouldn’t be faced with gas at close to $4 a gallon, a war in the Middle East, and the destruction of our environment. You can thank Reagan and the Republicans for that mess.

Which brings us back to the November election. We know with Hillary, like her or not, she will be ready to be president on day one.

The Pastor Wright controversy has changed my position on a HIillary/Obama ticket. Why? The Wright videos will be the gift that keeps on giving for the Republicans and all the 527 groups out there just gearing up ready to sling mud.

Obama cried “foul”when Hillary hit his campaign with the “kitchen sink” strategy. What do you think he’ll do when the Republicans hit him with the ” hit the sucker with the house and half of Cleveland” strategy?

If there’s only one thing Republicans hate more than people who don’t practice sex their way, “God’s” way . . . it’s someone they believe doesn’t love America . . . all of American, its imperfections and all. Michelle, are you listening? That includes you too.

You know all those red states with those white votes Obama has collected; you can forget them in a general election if he’s the one that goes up against McCain. The Wright videos won’t away.


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