Whee! Obama Goes Bowling for Votes in Pennsylvania

Well, boys and girls, what did we learn this weekend?

For starters, the big “O” doesn’t know how to bowl. This morning we were treated to multiple viewings of Barack’s athletic prowess on MSNBC’s, Morning Joe, where we saw Barack bowl a 37 out of a possible 300! Every time we saw the big “O” toss a bowling ball down the lane, you could hear Joe Scarborough in the background going, (Wheeee!) as the ball gently made its way into the gutter. I kept thinking, “Oh, ya this is the way to get the working man’s vote in Pennsylvania!”

This is a state that really hunts with deer season twice a year, bear season, turkey season etc.; a state that still has functioning coal minds. This state is home to great football teams like the Pittsburgh Steelers, the Philadelphia Eagles, and Penn State. These voters drink Rolling Rock and can open their beer bottles with their teeth (metaphorically speaking, of course) and then there’s Barack on camera looking like an eight year old at a birthday party.

I can hear the talk inside the campaign now, “Psst Barack, research has shown in order to capture this block of voters, you’ve got to roll up your sleeves, try behaving more like them. You know, relate to them. How tough can this bowling thing be anyway?)

Question; why do so many Democratic campaigns have these photo opportunities that look like they were devised by a Republican operative? I mean, who can forget Michael Dukakis in that silly helmet sitting in the tank barely able to see over the top, looking like Mighty Mouse; or more recently John Kerry in his pristine hunting outfit? Hey guys, here’s a hint. Being authentic is waaay better than looking like a dork!

The other thing we learned is Hillary isn’t going to be pushed out of this campaign! Good! She & Bill made it very clear that Barack’s surrogates should stop insisting Hilary should leave the campaign for “the good of the party.” The unintentional consequences of this kind of spin from the Obamakin Kool Aid surrogates is that it makes the Obama campaign sound desperate and look undemocratic. Let the process play itself out. Let each state have an opportunity to vote and stop the foolishness. It’s not helping your candidate.



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