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The first political ad picturing Barack Obama with his arm around the Rev. Jeremiah Wright has just been released by the North Carolina Republican Party (NCGOP) . The cable networks have been playing it for several days along with companion pieces of Rev. Wright and his Bill Moyers interview on PBS. The ad ends with the tag line, “too extreme for North Carolina.” (Some would say, too extreme for this country, a little voice said internally.) Welcome to fall campaign. Fasten your seat belts because this is going to be a bumpy ride.

Amid the controversy surrounding the North Carolina political ad, the New York Times has just taken Hillary and her campaign to task for “negative campaigning and the destruction of the Democratic Party. Apparently pointing out an opponent’s weaknesses or your own strengths is now labeled negative by those determined to anoint Barak, and the rest of us be damned. As I read the editorial, I wondered which campaign the Times has been monitoring; because it bears little resemblance to the one Hillary’s supporters have been a part of. Are the people of the New York Times living in a parallel universe? Do these people ever step outside of themselves? Give me a break!

Of course, Obama and Rev. Wright continue to turn a deaf ear to what “ typical white folk” think and feel, as they dis Hillary and her supporters (of all colors and hues), and as Obama’s surrogates intentionally use race baiting as a tactic to viciously attack anyone who questions Obama’s credentials to serve as president. Obama’s air of superiority has become so insufferable that I can barely look at him for more than a few seconds.

This past week he has given us another stellar performance. First we had to endure his remarks about his “unfair” treatment during the ABC debate while he condescendingly flipped Hillary off; class guy, that Barack. Then we had Obama using product placement during one of his speeches with, not one but three, supporters standing behind him in Abercrombie & Fitch tees.

I had to laugh at that one. I mean if you want to show working class American how you are one on them and can relate to their problems, the way to do that is to frame yourself behind three people in A & F tees! This man is clueless. What’s more, wasn’t it A & F that was accused of discriminatory hiring practices in 2004, wanting to put only the company’s best white foot forward when it hired sales people?

Should Obama be chosen to be the presidential nominee in November because Howard Dean and Democratic Super delegates that don’t have the sense God gave a goose, one can predict with certainty that the country will witness another McGovern Death Spiral. Yes, after many months of campaigning the Democratic Party will have (once again) found a way to snatch defeat from the jaws of victory! Ladies and gentlemen, form a circle please; lift your rifles, ready, aim, shoot!

I am currently reading Confessions of a Political Hitman by Stephen Marks. The sub title is . . . My Secret Life Of Scandal, Corruption, Hypocrisy, And Dirty Attacks That Decide Who Gets Elected (And Who Doesn’t.) This book should be required reading of every democrat, including the Obamakin Kool Aid kids, and most especially, Howard Dean and Democratic Super delegates. His book is fascinating because it is an insider’s look at how the Republicans continue to beat Democratic candidates with dirty tricks and assorted assaults designed to keep them in power.

Mr. Marks worked as a Republican operative digging up dirt on opposition candidates, mostly Democratic candidates. I had forgotten how badly some of these candidates beaten. I have said this on more than one occasion. The Republicans have forgotten more about dirty tricks than the Democrats will ever know and this book proves it.

Want to know how the Republicans are going to defeat Obama? That’s in part two of Obama as Road Kill.


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Obama has once again shown that he be too cute for his own good.

The latest example is his public response to his “unfair” treatment after Wednesday’s debate against Hillary on ABC. Yes, the first 45 minutes of the debate were devoted to issues that have repeatedly dogged Barack, including his refusal to wear a flag lapel pin, his associations with people like Reverend Wright, and the ” bitter” comments.

The day after the debate, Barack whined that these aren’t issues the American people want to talk about. Sorry Barack, but these are issues that continue to resonate with voters who consider them to be character defining of you, Barack. As Barack continued to show how unaffected he was about his unfair treatment during Wednesday’s debate, he regaled us with something new . . . the “whining political gesture.”

What’s that you say, what is the whining political gesture? For the uninformed, it is literally (not fugitively) giving your opponent the finger while being videotaped and photographed worldwide. Clever and classy, right? If there’s one thing this country needs, it is to have the Leader of the Free World capable of surreptitiously flipping the bird to people whose points of view he finds disagreeable. Ah yes, this is something to proud of.

Can there be any doubt that Barack’s intent was to “sneak one in”, as it were. Lest you think it is the angle from which he was being taped that caused this anomaly, I direct you to Youtube. You can see this moment in political time captured for posterity from multiple angles and in various close-ups.

Years ago, I had a friend who had a philosophy of life that somehow fits this situation. We were all sitting around with our drinks one evening when she made note of the fact that the biggest assholes in life are the ones that believe they’re not assholes. We all laughed and for weeks afterward, we engaged in calling each other asssssholes (emphasis on the “s” made with a hissing sound) lest someone thought we were being serious.

Her point was there is always someone who thinks they are somehow better than everyone else in some capacity, rather like that fellow in the New Testament who prays to God, “thank you that I’m not like them.” You see, Mr. Obama isn’t like those other politicians, as he has repeatedly told us. He is going to bring us together and his grand gesture on Thursday is just one example of how different he really is.

I submit Barack needs to add another grand political gesture to his repertoire; so here it is. Barack, take the index finger of your right hand and touch it to your thumb thus forming an “O” while making sure to keep the remaining three fingers free because they will be needed momentarily. Next, raise your right arm to chest level and while moving it horizontally from right to left, be sure to move the three free fingers with a bird like fluttering. For the uninformed, this gesture is aptly named The Flying “A”.

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Well, here we go again, boys ‘n girls.

Barack gave us a momentary glimpse of himself (the real Barak) and revealed what he thinks about the rural voters in Pennsylvania. It was just for a moment, but it was enough to reinforce the perception that this man really is an Ivy League elitist, more comfortable at a Georgetown cocktail party than slamming a few brews down at the local pub. Hey, what can one expect from a man that bowls 37?

As we have heard all weekend, Barak believes many of the rural Pennsylvania voters are bitter and frustrated because of their loss of jobs. Consequently, they cling to their guns and their religion and in turn become anti immigrant. Barak spoke those words at a closed-door fundraiser in San Francisco . . . words that weren’t meant to see the light of day. (Sorry for the mixed metaphor.)

Whoa, what bitter? You mean those people are upset at being called bitter? You betcha, Barack; there are legions of people around this country who resent your dismissive, arrogant attitude. And that sound in the background? Oh, that is the sound of Barack’s handlers back peddling & spinning what Barak really meant to say.

We are to believe his words were inelegantly stated but not meant to insult people. Barack has not extended an apology, only tried to clarify his position while defiantly refusing to drop the “bitter” descriptor impervious to the pain he has caused. Do we really need another tone-deaf president?

Today Barack was on the campaign trail, trying to make light of the firestorm and using political tactic #217 Using Humor to Diffuse a Nasty Political Situation. There he was, poking fun at Hillary because she clearly knows how knock down a boilermaker and mocking her because was taken duck hunting in Pennsylvania when she was younger.

“She wants us to believe she is Annie Oakley sitting in a duck blind with her six shooter every Sunday.” so spoke Barak this afternoon. Ah, Barak, you don’t go duck hunting with a six shooter. I think that’s what Wyatt Earp used in old west to go after Doc Holiday.

Barak, there’s another man in Washington you might meet up to get some hunting tips. His name is Dick Cheney. Duck!


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Chelsea Clinton & the “M” Words

Another college student, this time from N.C. State, asked Chelsea Clinton about her feelings concerning the Bill & Monica story of the ’90’s. I cannot help but think this was a plant. Seems to me, that passing a few bucks along to a college student for a kegger (or whatever) will ensure this kind of nonsense is covered; or perhaps, this kid just wanted his 60 seconds of fame. Whatever the truth concerning this, the media gets numerous chances to talk around the sides of something they want to insert into their ongoing “Clinton narrative” and fill yet another useless news cycle. Colbert’s contribution to the political lexicon is truthiness. Here is my contribution to the political lexicon, newsless news.

To Chelsea’s credit she answered, “None of your business.” The truth is, her feelings about this part of her life have absolutely nothing to do with her mother’s campaign. These types of questions are nothing less than prurient, tawdry, & tasteless. We have any number of voyeurs that would like to tap into this topic, but can’t, knowing full well that this despicable behavior.

I am part of the 66% of Americans who supported Bill Clinton all during the impeachment farce foisted on the public by the Republicans of the 90’s; those angered that Clinton had beaten Bush 41 in his re-election bid. The truth is the Republicans felt they were entitled to the White House. They had plans in place to rule the country for next 50 years and to eradicate all forms of competition, including the Democrats, the dreaded liberals, and the equally despised moderates.

From the very first day the Clintons entered the White House the country had to endure the 8-year temper tantrum (Whitewater, Travelgate, et al) that Rush Limbaugh and the whole conservative crowd inflicted on us. The Republicans didn’t win the White House and they were going to make good ‘n sure every day of the Clintons stay was misery. The trouble is, theses loons brought us along on their nasty ride of retribution.

Think about this. In spite of the madness and mayhem, Bill Clinton left this country in much better condition than he found it. We had no national debt whereas we are currently spending at a rate of a million dollars a minute to support the Bush/Cheney war of choice in Iraq. We face red ink and red blood as far as the eye can see because of this war.

The Monica mess was aided and abetted by the media, whose abdication of “responsible news reporting” entered a higher plane of ineptitude. I remember watching This Week with David Brinkley on the Sunday after our embassy had been attacked, and there was Sam Donaldson (and his ghastly hairpiece I nicknamed, Fred) droning on and on about what the blue dress meant and how it was going to effect Clinton’s legacy. Madeline Albright was scheduled to discuss what had happened, how it had happened, the loss of life etc. As I remember it, she was given less than 2 minutes at the end of the program to inform, We the People, about this tragedy. The choices made by the media during this period weren’t the fault of Bill Clinton or anyone in his administration. These choices were the result of a media behaving more like reporters for Entertainment Tonight than of members of the press.

Whatever happened between Bill, Monica, and Hillary was no ones business and it remains no ones business. I cannot imagine anything more painful than having a spouse’s betrayal exposed for the entire country to gawk at and ridicule. There is an exception to this and that is poking into the feelings of a child who went through this kind of difficult time with her parents.

Should anyone think the “M” in this piece is for Monica, guess again. The “M” represents all the media morons out there that regard Chelsea (or any child or spouse in a similar situation) as a target for them to shoot at. BTW, don’t try to use the excuses that she’s 27 now, or that she’s on the campaign trail with her mom, or any other lame excuse to pick this scab off this collective wound. We’ve been there and done that, and we don’t want another “go round”.

The public regards today’s media with justifiable disdain, many of us equating us the media with pond scum. Here’s a suggestion . . . start reporting & behaving like adults and leave this kind of “stuff” for the supermarket rags.


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