Well, here we go again, boys ‘n girls.

Barack gave us a momentary glimpse of himself (the real Barak) and revealed what he thinks about the rural voters in Pennsylvania. It was just for a moment, but it was enough to reinforce the perception that this man really is an Ivy League elitist, more comfortable at a Georgetown cocktail party than slamming a few brews down at the local pub. Hey, what can one expect from a man that bowls 37?

As we have heard all weekend, Barak believes many of the rural Pennsylvania voters are bitter and frustrated because of their loss of jobs. Consequently, they cling to their guns and their religion and in turn become anti immigrant. Barak spoke those words at a closed-door fundraiser in San Francisco . . . words that weren’t meant to see the light of day. (Sorry for the mixed metaphor.)

Whoa, what bitter? You mean those people are upset at being called bitter? You betcha, Barack; there are legions of people around this country who resent your dismissive, arrogant attitude. And that sound in the background? Oh, that is the sound of Barack’s handlers back peddling & spinning what Barak really meant to say.

We are to believe his words were inelegantly stated but not meant to insult people. Barack has not extended an apology, only tried to clarify his position while defiantly refusing to drop the “bitter” descriptor impervious to the pain he has caused. Do we really need another tone-deaf president?

Today Barack was on the campaign trail, trying to make light of the firestorm and using political tactic #217 Using Humor to Diffuse a Nasty Political Situation. There he was, poking fun at Hillary because she clearly knows how knock down a boilermaker and mocking her because was taken duck hunting in Pennsylvania when she was younger.

“She wants us to believe she is Annie Oakley sitting in a duck blind with her six shooter every Sunday.” so spoke Barak this afternoon. Ah, Barak, you don’t go duck hunting with a six shooter. I think that’s what Wyatt Earp used in old west to go after Doc Holiday.

Barak, there’s another man in Washington you might meet up to get some hunting tips. His name is Dick Cheney. Duck!



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  1. Yeah, a black guy raised by a single mother = cultural elite. A guy that just recently finished paying his student loans = elite. But a white chick whose husband was the leader of the free world for nearly a decade and made $100 million dollars in seven years represents the real America. She’s just an average gal, probably stays at Best Western when she’s on the campaign trail and heads down to the lobby for a continental breakfast.

    Keep dreaming.

  2. loomisnews

    You are funny. You’re as clueless as Cheney. THAT’S THE WHOLE POINT — hillary as annie oakley w/ a SIX SHOOTER shooting ducks.

    Why am I not surprised you don’t get it?

  3. sportsone234

    Hey loomisnews:

    Thanks for saying I’m funny.

    Sorry, to disappoint, but I do get it. The Annie Oakley comment was supposed to be funny and it was mildly amusing. The problem was/is that self deprecating humor is usually better than mocking humor against an opponent.

    My point was, if you are going to use humor, make sure you have a deft hand. Barack’s attempt was fine until he had Hillary in a duck blind with a six shooter. Then his comments went from lame to clueless.

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