Obama has once again shown that he be too cute for his own good.

The latest example is his public response to his “unfair” treatment after Wednesday’s debate against Hillary on ABC. Yes, the first 45 minutes of the debate were devoted to issues that have repeatedly dogged Barack, including his refusal to wear a flag lapel pin, his associations with people like Reverend Wright, and the ” bitter” comments.

The day after the debate, Barack whined that these aren’t issues the American people want to talk about. Sorry Barack, but these are issues that continue to resonate with voters who consider them to be character defining of you, Barack. As Barack continued to show how unaffected he was about his unfair treatment during Wednesday’s debate, he regaled us with something new . . . the “whining political gesture.”

What’s that you say, what is the whining political gesture? For the uninformed, it is literally (not fugitively) giving your opponent the finger while being videotaped and photographed worldwide. Clever and classy, right? If there’s one thing this country needs, it is to have the Leader of the Free World capable of surreptitiously flipping the bird to people whose points of view he finds disagreeable. Ah yes, this is something to proud of.

Can there be any doubt that Barack’s intent was to “sneak one in”, as it were. Lest you think it is the angle from which he was being taped that caused this anomaly, I direct you to Youtube. You can see this moment in political time captured for posterity from multiple angles and in various close-ups.

Years ago, I had a friend who had a philosophy of life that somehow fits this situation. We were all sitting around with our drinks one evening when she made note of the fact that the biggest assholes in life are the ones that believe they’re not assholes. We all laughed and for weeks afterward, we engaged in calling each other asssssholes (emphasis on the “s” made with a hissing sound) lest someone thought we were being serious.

Her point was there is always someone who thinks they are somehow better than everyone else in some capacity, rather like that fellow in the New Testament who prays to God, “thank you that I’m not like them.” You see, Mr. Obama isn’t like those other politicians, as he has repeatedly told us. He is going to bring us together and his grand gesture on Thursday is just one example of how different he really is.

I submit Barack needs to add another grand political gesture to his repertoire; so here it is. Barack, take the index finger of your right hand and touch it to your thumb thus forming an “O” while making sure to keep the remaining three fingers free because they will be needed momentarily. Next, raise your right arm to chest level and while moving it horizontally from right to left, be sure to move the three free fingers with a bird like fluttering. For the uninformed, this gesture is aptly named The Flying “A”.


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