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As I’m sitting here watching the DNC rules committee delegate debate I am struck by the magnificence of our democratic political process and all that has transpired as we try to find a nominee that will beat McCain in November.

That having been said, I’ve been blog surfing this morning and happened across this video. Its for Hillary supporters. My guess is the Obamakins won’t see the humor, but I could be wrong.



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Some weeks there is so much going on in the world of politics that it is hard to focus on that which is most important. We were forcused on Saturday’s meeting, then yesterday the latest Obama paster scandal erupted.

This time it is Father Pfleger, a white Catholic priest spewing racial hatred from Obama’s church, mocking Hillary and calling her a white supremacist. But we’re not going there . . . at least not now. Instead, just random thoughts . . .

  • THE FIX IS IN . . . Is there anyone who really believes the outcome of democratic rules committee meeting to decide the fate of Michigan, Florida, and the number of delegates needed to win hasn’t already been decided? This group is determined to elect Obama and they will, come hell or high-water. The consequence is another loss in the November election. Remember the McGovern death spiral? Splat!

  • SOME TRAINS CAN’T BE DERAILED . . . All one has to do is to remember how the Bush administration behaved as they brought us into an unnecessary war. No amount of intelligence, debate, opposition, or scrutiny was going to stop our going into Iraq. Once the mainstream media, Howard Dean and his gang, and a host of other dimwits & dullards decided Obambi was their man that train left the station. Hillary has won move votes that Obama, is clearly beating McCain in the polls, and is the choice of middle America in the states we need to win in November. Doesn’t matter (sound of train whistle in the background), the Kool AId effects last a long time!

  • WOMEN, OVERLOOKED IN THE PRIMARIES,WILL GET THEIR POUND OF FLESH . . . you can bet that Hillary supporters, both male and female, will not vote for Obama in November under any circumstances. The only question is how great the numbers will be that either vote for McCain or choose to write Hillary’s name in on the ballots. BTW, the anti Obambi votes will be because of a genuine concern for the country and BO’s inexperience, not because of the rigged primaries or because of the color of his skin.
  • WHO THE HELL IS NANCY PELOSI? . . . How dare she demand that the Superdelegates make their decision known now . . . what’s the matter Nancy not enough oxygen in Washington for you and Hillary? Stop trying to shut the process down. We know you’re for Barack, but couldn’t you pretend to fair? BTW, the canard that Hillary’s run for the presidency is hurting the Democratic Party is BS. You know it, I know it, Hillary’s army knows it, and the world knows it.
  • THE POPULAR VOTE . . . Amazing how every Democrat defended the importance of Gore receiving more votes than Bush in 2000, demanding every vote should be counted, but now that Hillary is demanding no less for the voters of Florida, Michigan, and herself, that concept has dissipated. What if doing the right thing gave her more delegates or votes than Barack?
  • THE MEDIA HAS HARDENED HILLARY SUPPORTERS . . . If the idea of all the anti-Hillary, anti-female comments was to diminish and demoralize Hillary’s army; it misfired. The harder the media has tried to foist Obama on us the stronger it has made us. Guess we were supposed take it and behave like good little boys & girls. NOT!
  • THE PARTY WILL BE UNTIED ONCE OBAMA IS CHOSEN . . . ahhh, in your dreams and fat chance!!! This party will not be united once the “king makers” have pushed Hillary out. Hillary has to support Obama and the democratic party; we don’t! Obama campaign strategists’ keep saying all they have to do is wave the “abortion flag” in front of women and they’ll rush to Obama. These people are clueless!

  • WHY ARE ALL THOSE DINASOURS SURROUNDING OBAMA? . . . What are all these has-beens, wannabes, and never-was’ doing around Obama? Gary Hart? George McGovern? Z Brzezinski? Add Biden, Chris Dodd, Bill Richardson. Whew! Know what’s really scarry, what if we’re looking at some of Obama’s cabinet? God, help us.


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I think the video speaks for itself.  YOU have to make up your mind.

The source is AL JAZEERA.

Your thoughts, please.

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We all knew Olbermann was going to do it.

It wasn’t a question of if, no, no. no! It was a merely question of how absurdly hyercharged and bloviated the Keith Olbermann “Special Comment” (regarding Hillary’s mention of June election timelines, Bill Clinton, and Robert F. Kennedy) was going to be. Knowing Olbermann was going to leap over the top was easy. The fun was to bet on how hysterical, overwrought, and phony his synthetic outrage was going to be on camera.

Has anyone forgotten his “outrage” when it was discovered that someone had breached Obama’s passport records? OMG, he devoted an entire hour to the story the night it happened. When it was reported that Hillary’s records and McCain’s records had also been accessed, the “outrage” ceased. The man is an idiot.

Olbermann has long since stopped being a man principle, a man whose words one could trust, a beacon of enlightened intellect and humor in the usually dull and vapid cable media spectrum. Any pretext of objectively as it relates to Obama has long since dissipated into the night. Olbermann’s nightly pimping and whoring for Obama’s candidacy has reached a point of insufferability.

It didn’t matter that Robert F. Kennedy Jr. issued a statement that he knew Hillary meant no harm. It didn’t matter that the original source of the story issued a statement noting they understood what Hillary was talking about and meant no harm. It didn’t matter that numerous media talking heads had (begrudgingly) admitted that Hillary was clearly distressed her comments might have caused anyone discomfort or pain. It didn’t matter!

True to form he launched into his latest Hillary attack blaming her for every transgression known to man. It would have been funny if it weren’t so sickening and pathetic. Olbermann fumed & fulminated, berating Hillary for:

  • Acknowledging FOX News balanced approach to her campaign calling it “fawning fairness”
  • Mentioning “Boss” Karl Rove
  • The 3 am political commercial which he apparently didn’t like
  • Geraldine Ferraro’s comments about the media’s sexist approach to Hillary’s campaign
  • Saying nice things about John McCain “at the expense of Obama and the Democratic Party” (oh, pa leese, give me a break)
  • Richard Melon Scaife’s endorsement of her candidacy.

On and on and on he droned emphasizing the hideous nature of the word assassination while he used it 13 times during the Special Comment!

Before I wrote this post, I happened across the word tartuffery and immediately thought about Olbermann’s resemblance to Tartuffe, a sleazoid character in the 1664 play by Molière. For those looking for a fuller definition of tartuffery see:

A show or expression of feelings or beliefs one does not actually hold or possess: hypocrisy, pharisaism, phoniness, sanctimoniousness, sanctimony, two-facedness. See HONEST.

That’s a good one for you Keith. See HONEST!


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You have to give it to Barack and his Campaign for Change.

Hillary had just trounced him soundly in West Virginia and even the MSM were forced to take notice and give her credit. The Anointed One . . . the Presumptive Nominee of the Democratic Party had once again been unable to close the deal, suffering the worse defeat of the entire campaign. His response was to pull off a switcheroo worthy of the world’s best magician.

Hmmm . . . what to do, what to do? How do we get Hillary off the front pages and steal her thunder? How ‘bout we interject ourselves into a story that we aren’t any part of.

Thus, Barack and his gang hijacked Bush’s speech celebrating Israeli’s 60th anniversary as a State. In a beautifully orchestrated scream, they took Bush to task for “interjecting domestic politics” in his speech to the Israeli Knesset when he is supposed to have compared Obama to Neville Chamberlain.

Say what? I heard what Bush said, and never, not once, did I think Bush’s words had anything to do with Obama; and why would they? Countless people in countless settings have given the “appeasement speech” countless times over the years.

It was entirely appropriate talk about appeasement, once again, to those who have suffered its consequences on a magnitude unrivaled in history. Who better to understand Hitler and the Nazi’s and those who foolishly tried reasoning with these thugs and murderers?

Think about what a brilliant strategic move this was. Obama interjects himself into a story that wasn’t about him or his naive positions on dealing with terrorists and terrorist nations. Slow news day; let’s fabricate an issue. Sweet!

This blew Hillary’s big win in West Virginia off the front pages! Suddenly BO became the center of attention challenging Bush and McCain. Worse still for Hillary, this looked like a debate in the general election. Anyone remember West Virginia? Hillary who?

Barack is a new kind of politician all right. Obama’s campaign is meaner and nastier than anything I remember . . . just packaged differently. It is more subtle, plus, you get knifed when least expected. Hey, where’d that come from?

Rove and the Republicans must surely recognize this move as a top notch, ballsy, in your face maneuver. My bet is that the November playbook will need adjustment and will include more “strike first” tactics.

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The voters in West Virginia have spoken. Forget Obama! Hillary beat Barack with over 63% of the votes cast! This was not only a trouncing, but also a complete repudiation of Obama’s campaign.

 How are the pundits, his mouthpieces, and the pro-Obama spinning it? This state wasn’t important; these were Hillary’s kinds of voters, despite this vote, he’ll win West Virginia when it counts in November or . . . so what if he loses West Virginia in the general election, he can win the presidency without the state.

 The facts speak for themselves:

 Barack Obama received 23% of the votes.

  • John Edwards received 7% of the votes and he dropped out of the race months ago!
  • Over 55% of the voters polled thought Obama was dishonest.
  • Slightly more than 51% of the voters felt Obama shared Rev. Wright’s views.
  • Regardless of the category, young, old, rich, poor, male, female, black, or white Hillary beat Barack convincingly.
  • Obama could not win a single county in the State.

 It is becoming more apparent every day, Barack Obama, the candidate that the DNC and Howard Dean want to shove down our throats, the Democratic Party’s “presumptive nominee”, the candidate that the MSM and the empty headed political pundits continue to push to the forefront is an empty suit and more and more of the voters recognize it. The voters in West Virginia did.




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Think about this for a moment. Step outside yourselves and look at this from a logical perspective.

In a few hours the voters of West Virginia will be going to the polls to vote for the person they feel will best represent their wants, needs, and aspirations in the November election for president. Is that person the democratic party’s “presumptive nominee” Barack Obama? No!

Its Hillary Clinton. She is projected to beat Obama by 40% or more. Are you kidding me? Our presumptive nominee can’t beat her in West Virginia, and we are to accept this as a validation of his candidacy? And still, Hillary fights on for her supporters and the country; that pesky woman just can’t take a hint, can she?

If Barak is such a terrific candidate, why isn’t he sweeping through the balance of the states? The truth is, he isn’t that terrific and 16.9 million Hillary voters have said so. If he were, Hillary would have been long gone. She’s still in this race because so much of America doesn’t like or trust Barack’s brand of politics. Don’t bother jumping ugly. This has nothing to do with the color of his skin or the cut of his suit . . . it is about his believes, his lack of experience, and his lack of courage. If the situation was reversed, do really think Barack would be fighting on?

You see, if BO scores a win its important and if Hillary scores a win, it was expected. Ahhh, it was expected and therefore, to be discounted. See the difference? No? Neither do I.

The truth is there has been so much finagling and hypocrisy on the part of Dean, others within the DNC to give Obama the nomination that words like breathtaking don’t come close to describing the travesty, and the thumping democracy has taken.

Turns out, Dean has always had a solution to Florida and Michigan situation. According to Terry McAuliffe, the rules already give Dean the ability to take 50% of the delegates away from Florida and Michigan for holding their primaries early. The votes would be proportionally divided the candidates. Dean never had to use a nuclear option of taking a 100% of the delegates away, despite misrepresentations to the contrary.

Bet you didn’t hear that on MSNBC! This cable network has stepped over the line so many times; it should be dubbed the OBAMA PROPAGANDA MACHINE, not a news organization.

Remember this folks, if Barack moves from “presumptive nominee” to nominee of the democratic party, you can expect another Republican president thanks to some of folks already noted in this post.

Many of these people are the same political genius’ that gave us McGovern (was only able to win 2 states in the presidential election), Mondale (was only able to win 1 states in the presidential election), and Carter, a failed four year democratic president.

See that puff of smoke? What’s that sound? . . . boom! Ah, yes the McGovern death spiral. Thanks, guys!


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