As I mentioned in part one of Obama as Road Kill, the Stephen Marks book, Confessions of a Political Hitman, should be required reading of every Obama supporter, including Howard Dean, the Superdelegates who are jumping ship, and all those intent on bringing another Republican to the White House.

For those who missed part one, the sub title of his book is . . . My Secret Life of Scandal, Corruption, Hypocrisy, And Dirty Attacks That Decide Who Gets Elected (And Who Doesn’t.) Political junkies can attest to the fact that the Democrats have a unique ability of repeatedly snatching defeat from the jaws of victory. The Democratic “success” record of controlling the White House speaks for itself. In the last 40 years, the Democrats have held the White House only 12 of those years!

One of the ways this happens is the liberal media (New York Times, MSNBC, CNN. et al) and folks way over on the extreme left continually delude themselves into thinking “they know” what is important to the voting blocks that win elections in this country. They have consistently shown they are wrong. It is precisely this kind of thinking that is responsible for 28 years of Nixon/Ford, Reagan, Bush I, and Bush II in the White House.

The Democrats only successful two-term Democratic president was Bill Clinton. As I remember, he had to fight the political establishment to win the nomination. Jimmy Carter was bounced out of office after 4 years. His was a failed presidency. Subsequently, the country suffered through Reagan’s “trickle down” economics ( a hideous concept) and the largest deficit recorded. When Bush II leaves office in January 2009, he will have the ignominious distinction of leaving a larger deficit than Reagan!

The RNC, McCain’s campaign, those hideous 527 groups whose raison d’être is to target, to obfuscate, to diminish, and to demean the record of the opposition, and a host of others . . . all those committed to trying to retain the White House for the Republicans are already refining their Obama playbooks for the upcoming November election.

Let’s be clear. This has been going on for quite some time. Most of what the Republicans will be throwing up against Barack will have come from the candidate himself and not from Hillary. As badly as media wants to portray Hillary as the “bad guy”, the truth is the “bitter” comments that demeaned large segments of the American population, the Rev. Wright controversy, Bill Ayres, the flap over the flag pin . . . these all belong to Barack.

Moreover, don’t think that race-baiting tactic by the Obama campaign has gone un-noticed by those of us who looked to him to be a different kind of candidate. The tactic is simple. Should anyone have the temerity to discuss issues/topics that will be viewed differently by the diverse segments of the population . . . call them a racist. Whether it is true or not, is of no consequence. The idea is to throw the Molotov cocktail and let the long term consequences be damned.

On the face of things, capturing and regaining the White House should be a “cake walk” given the last 7 years of Bush, his cronies, the collapse of the Republican revolution & subsequent loss of control in the Congress, the economy, the war, etc. The list of reasons why the Republicans should loose the White House is endless, yet here we are, and McCain is holding his own against Obama.

If the election were held today, McCain would win narrowly beat Obama! The only question is by how large a margin. The most recent polls show Hillary beating McCain by an even bigger margin. Until recently, the conventional wisdom was the conservatives wanted to go up against Hillary. Then a funny thing happened . . . she turned out to be one hell of a good candidate.

Imagine, the polls show Hillary beating McCain with Obama losing, and hosts of fools keep insisting she should drop out for the good of the party! Say, what? Surely, this is a sign of political insanity!

What will the Republicans do to defeat Obama? To begin with, for all you “youngins” out there and those new to the political process get ready for a slime fest. Here’s how Obama will be portrayed. He will be shown to be:

  • Radical – a radical liberal with views that are so extreme that comparisons (already being voiced) will demonstrate his political views are simpatico with extremists the world had to contend with during the 30’s, 40’s, and 50’s. Read Ann Coulter’s column, on Obama’s book entitled Obama’s Dimestore Mein Kampf at http://www.humanevents.com/article.php?id=25831.
  • Un-American – not because he doesn’t wear a flag pin but because when this is combined with pictures of Obama standing with his hands below his waist while the national anthem is being played, and Michelle Obama’s comments of only being proud to be an American since Barak began running for president. Obama’s links to Bill Ayres will support this view. The picture of Ayres stomping of the American flag will be a favorite.
  • Lacking Courage – a man capable of giving inspiring speeches without a voting record to support his words. Let’s face it his political resume is slim. Worse still, this man voted “present” over a 100 times in his career. I’ve asked this question before, how much courage does it take to vote “yes” or “no”? Here’s another question; can anyone give me the name of any politician voting in a similar manner? The Republicans won’t let this one slide.
  • Unseemly past whatever sexual or drug related peccadilloes Obama’s past may contain will be exposed. Countless websites and Youtube videos have focused on these topics for months. Most of the MSM have avoided these topics because they are “in the bag” for Obama. The Republicans, focused on retaining the White House, could care less about how these revelations could affect Obama, his family, or the country.
  • Racist and Elitist – he’s already thrown his white granny under the bus. He admitted not marrying a white woman he was in love with for fear of gravitating towards “her world” in his book. Gun owners and those persons of faith who don’t vote for him are judged “bitter” and uninformed. We know he thinks “typical white people” are out there.
  • Lacking International Experience – this one is easy because its true. Can anyone point to a single thing Obama has accomplished on the international stage that has positively influenced this country? Let’s face it; Obama has been too busy (running for president) to conduct hearings on the sub-committee he heads up, a group that is supposed to be investigating the Iraq war. Hello! This should be an easy one if for no other reason than you’ve cameras and the national spot light on you. Maybe that was the whole point; why take a change of people seeing how you really behave under pressure or when a job has to be carried out.

If you want to hear a continual recitation of these points, simply listen to Sean Hannity either on the FOX show, Hannity & Colmes or on his radio show. In fact, seek out the conservative talk shows and listen to what is being talked about. You will hear the points I’ve just listed and more.

Early in Stephen Marks book, Hitman, he mentions how much he hated Bill Clinton and how (over time) this changed to admiration for what he was able to accomplish during his administration. He states, “I now believe that he was a true visionary who was the first major politician of his time to truly understand that America was a country of passionate centrists deeply distrusting of both political extremes. Clinton was articulating this vision of what we know as “triangulation,” which was not only good politics, but good policy as well.”

As we go forward into November, does anyone question that Hillary isn’t the candidate that is best suited to bring the American people together and get American moving in the right direction, again? Who better to use the art of triangulation to the country’s benefit?


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