Think about this for a moment. Step outside yourselves and look at this from a logical perspective.

In a few hours the voters of West Virginia will be going to the polls to vote for the person they feel will best represent their wants, needs, and aspirations in the November election for president. Is that person the democratic party’s “presumptive nominee” Barack Obama? No!

Its Hillary Clinton. She is projected to beat Obama by 40% or more. Are you kidding me? Our presumptive nominee can’t beat her in West Virginia, and we are to accept this as a validation of his candidacy? And still, Hillary fights on for her supporters and the country; that pesky woman just can’t take a hint, can she?

If Barak is such a terrific candidate, why isn’t he sweeping through the balance of the states? The truth is, he isn’t that terrific and 16.9 million Hillary voters have said so. If he were, Hillary would have been long gone. She’s still in this race because so much of America doesn’t like or trust Barack’s brand of politics. Don’t bother jumping ugly. This has nothing to do with the color of his skin or the cut of his suit . . . it is about his believes, his lack of experience, and his lack of courage. If the situation was reversed, do really think Barack would be fighting on?

You see, if BO scores a win its important and if Hillary scores a win, it was expected. Ahhh, it was expected and therefore, to be discounted. See the difference? No? Neither do I.

The truth is there has been so much finagling and hypocrisy on the part of Dean, others within the DNC to give Obama the nomination that words like breathtaking don’t come close to describing the travesty, and the thumping democracy has taken.

Turns out, Dean has always had a solution to Florida and Michigan situation. According to Terry McAuliffe, the rules already give Dean the ability to take 50% of the delegates away from Florida and Michigan for holding their primaries early. The votes would be proportionally divided the candidates. Dean never had to use a nuclear option of taking a 100% of the delegates away, despite misrepresentations to the contrary.

Bet you didn’t hear that on MSNBC! This cable network has stepped over the line so many times; it should be dubbed the OBAMA PROPAGANDA MACHINE, not a news organization.

Remember this folks, if Barack moves from “presumptive nominee” to nominee of the democratic party, you can expect another Republican president thanks to some of folks already noted in this post.

Many of these people are the same political genius’ that gave us McGovern (was only able to win 2 states in the presidential election), Mondale (was only able to win 1 states in the presidential election), and Carter, a failed four year democratic president.

See that puff of smoke? What’s that sound? . . . boom! Ah, yes the McGovern death spiral. Thanks, guys!



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2 responses to “OBAMA’s WINS in WEST VIRGINIA – NOT!

  1. http://insightanalytical.wordpress.com/

    Obama’s May 20 Bash: A Cynical Replay of Election Night 2000
    Posted on May 12, 2008 by GRL

    Think not??

    I’ll take you back to that fateful night in a moment.

    But first, listen to strategist David Axelrod on WCCO, the CBS affiliate in Minneapolis, MN the night of the May 8 Indiana and North Carolina primaries. (The video is the top left “thumbnail” located just above the video player in the event the current news plays rather than the Axelrod video; you will also have to endure a short Coldstone Creamery ad).

    MORE MORE in the blog post!!

  2. sportsone234


    It is hard to bear witness to the hypocrisy of the DNC, Howard Dean, and all those in the media intent on making Obama the winner and the rest of us be damned.

    I tell you this. The harder they try to push BO down our throats the more intent I am on supporting McCain if Hillary is shut out because of the behind the scenes BS!!!

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