The voters in West Virginia have spoken. Forget Obama! Hillary beat Barack with over 63% of the votes cast! This was not only a trouncing, but also a complete repudiation of Obama’s campaign.

 How are the pundits, his mouthpieces, and the pro-Obama spinning it? This state wasn’t important; these were Hillary’s kinds of voters, despite this vote, he’ll win West Virginia when it counts in November or . . . so what if he loses West Virginia in the general election, he can win the presidency without the state.

 The facts speak for themselves:

 Barack Obama received 23% of the votes.

  • John Edwards received 7% of the votes and he dropped out of the race months ago!
  • Over 55% of the voters polled thought Obama was dishonest.
  • Slightly more than 51% of the voters felt Obama shared Rev. Wright’s views.
  • Regardless of the category, young, old, rich, poor, male, female, black, or white Hillary beat Barack convincingly.
  • Obama could not win a single county in the State.

 It is becoming more apparent every day, Barack Obama, the candidate that the DNC and Howard Dean want to shove down our throats, the Democratic Party’s “presumptive nominee”, the candidate that the MSM and the empty headed political pundits continue to push to the forefront is an empty suit and more and more of the voters recognize it. The voters in West Virginia did.





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