Some weeks there is so much going on in the world of politics that it is hard to focus on that which is most important. We were forcused on Saturday’s meeting, then yesterday the latest Obama paster scandal erupted.

This time it is Father Pfleger, a white Catholic priest spewing racial hatred from Obama’s church, mocking Hillary and calling her a white supremacist. But we’re not going there . . . at least not now. Instead, just random thoughts . . .

  • THE FIX IS IN . . . Is there anyone who really believes the outcome of democratic rules committee meeting to decide the fate of Michigan, Florida, and the number of delegates needed to win hasn’t already been decided? This group is determined to elect Obama and they will, come hell or high-water. The consequence is another loss in the November election. Remember the McGovern death spiral? Splat!

  • SOME TRAINS CAN’T BE DERAILED . . . All one has to do is to remember how the Bush administration behaved as they brought us into an unnecessary war. No amount of intelligence, debate, opposition, or scrutiny was going to stop our going into Iraq. Once the mainstream media, Howard Dean and his gang, and a host of other dimwits & dullards decided Obambi was their man that train left the station. Hillary has won move votes that Obama, is clearly beating McCain in the polls, and is the choice of middle America in the states we need to win in November. Doesn’t matter (sound of train whistle in the background), the Kool AId effects last a long time!

  • WOMEN, OVERLOOKED IN THE PRIMARIES,WILL GET THEIR POUND OF FLESH . . . you can bet that Hillary supporters, both male and female, will not vote for Obama in November under any circumstances. The only question is how great the numbers will be that either vote for McCain or choose to write Hillary’s name in on the ballots. BTW, the anti Obambi votes will be because of a genuine concern for the country and BO’s inexperience, not because of the rigged primaries or because of the color of his skin.
  • WHO THE HELL IS NANCY PELOSI? . . . How dare she demand that the Superdelegates make their decision known now . . . what’s the matter Nancy not enough oxygen in Washington for you and Hillary? Stop trying to shut the process down. We know you’re for Barack, but couldn’t you pretend to fair? BTW, the canard that Hillary’s run for the presidency is hurting the Democratic Party is BS. You know it, I know it, Hillary’s army knows it, and the world knows it.
  • THE POPULAR VOTE . . . Amazing how every Democrat defended the importance of Gore receiving more votes than Bush in 2000, demanding every vote should be counted, but now that Hillary is demanding no less for the voters of Florida, Michigan, and herself, that concept has dissipated. What if doing the right thing gave her more delegates or votes than Barack?
  • THE MEDIA HAS HARDENED HILLARY SUPPORTERS . . . If the idea of all the anti-Hillary, anti-female comments was to diminish and demoralize Hillary’s army; it misfired. The harder the media has tried to foist Obama on us the stronger it has made us. Guess we were supposed take it and behave like good little boys & girls. NOT!
  • THE PARTY WILL BE UNTIED ONCE OBAMA IS CHOSEN . . . ahhh, in your dreams and fat chance!!! This party will not be united once the “king makers” have pushed Hillary out. Hillary has to support Obama and the democratic party; we don’t! Obama campaign strategists’ keep saying all they have to do is wave the “abortion flag” in front of women and they’ll rush to Obama. These people are clueless!

  • WHY ARE ALL THOSE DINASOURS SURROUNDING OBAMA? . . . What are all these has-beens, wannabes, and never-was’ doing around Obama? Gary Hart? George McGovern? Z Brzezinski? Add Biden, Chris Dodd, Bill Richardson. Whew! Know what’s really scarry, what if we’re looking at some of Obama’s cabinet? God, help us.


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  1. I wanted to be wrong about “the fix being in”, sadly I wasn’t.

    If anyone thinks the democrats are going to be untied in November let me give you two words
    . . . FAT CHANCE!!!


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