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Let me start off by stating that I don’t think Obama is an evil man despite the fact there are some who think he’s the anti-Christ foretold in prophecy.

Upon first hearing Obama’s “message” there’s a lot to admire, unfortunately dig beneath the surface and the real man is a lot less admirable. There’s no doubt he has charisma, is personable, and can read one mean speech. But that alone does not a leader make; and the Obama comparisons to JFK are laughable.

JFK was born into a family that to this day, eats, sleeps, and drinks politics. JFK was already a world traveler as a youngster, his father being the Ambassador to England. After his older brother Joe tragically died, JFK picked up his brother’s mantle and continued to be groomed for the presidency. By the time he was elected president, in addition to having been elected to the U.S. Senate, he had also served in Congress for 14 years. Kennedy was a war hero and Pulitzer Prize winning author. Does this sound anything like Obama? Let me tell you something else, in addition to charm and sense of humor, Kennedy had too much class and sophistication to have ever been caught in such a sophomoric act as “flipping off” a former First Lady, as many videos show he did.

I think the people of this country have been so starved for real leadership and have been so tired of the bickering between the two parties that Obama’s message took off like wild fire and caught on, particularly among the young. Every day I wonder where “all the grown-ups” are because there are damn few of them in politics and in the MSM today. The truth is Barack has given us the right message but, IMHO he’s the wrong man. Expressed in business terms, his concept is great, but the follow through and execution leave a lot to be desired.

I wish his actions lived up to his words . . . they don’t I wish he was the man fancies himself to be . . . he isn’t. The truth is “The Anointed One” is mere mortal with a thin and undistinguished political record, who reads from a teleprompter, and when he speaks extemporaneously, more often than not, gives us the kind of juicy gaffe’s the news media of old would have reported on. When he said he’d been to 57 states, do you think he got it mixed up with the kind of ketchup he prefers?

The “news” media of today gives us idiots like Keith Olbermann (whose rhetoric is so excessive & over the top that he’s become a parody himself and doesn’t know it) and Chris Matthews (who got a tinkle down his leg listening to Barack –oh barf!) both who long ago passed from newsmen into cable clowns. Consequently, Barack is never held accountable for flip flopping /lying about his position on public financing of campaigns, or FISA, or NAFTA, how he would deal with dictators, etc. etc.

No. no. no we’re told he’s recalibrated his position . . . recalibrated my ass. He’s changed his positions on so many issues so often I’m wondering why he isn’t being called “blows with the wind Barack. He’s praised for breaking a promise rendered verbally and in writing. I’ve written about this countless times, Barack’s life is filled with myriad examples of his “situational ethics.”

Here’s a truer picture of man one year later. Barack was a history lecturer (not a professor), whose first election was won because he challenged the number of signatures his female opponent had gathered in order to run, and having had her disqualified, he ran unopposed. Nothing illegal here, but certainly nothing to crow about.

During his time in the Illinois legislature he voted “present” 130 times. I haven’t been able to find another politician with a similar “voting” record, thank God, because I want politicians to vote yea or nay. While there are numerous examples of McCain having crossed the aisle in order to get the country’s business done, (love it or hate it) McCain Feingold is a good example. Is there an Obama (fill in the blank) bill that his campaign can point to with pride? No, of course not, just words.

Think back to December of 2007. McCain almost lost his party’s nomination because of his principled position on immigration and this was position was shared with Teddy Kennedy. (BTW, I was glad the bill was defeated, I thought Kennedy and McCain were both wrong.) If remember correctly McCain held a press conference and told the media that he felt Obama had broken his word on this bill. I’m sure someone will correct me if I’m wrong on the bill.

Name a single time when Barack has taken a principled position on a bill and said, “I don’t care what this costs me personally this is the right thing for the country! Answer . . . never!

When all the sexism against Hillary was running rampant he could have said to everyone, “I don’t want to win this way!” He didn’t. When the DNC was taking votes he didn’t need from Hillary to win the nomination he could have said, “No!” to that as well. He didn’t.

It would have been good politics and some of the Hillary supporters (male & female) who resent him so much now might be more forgiving. As it is, for many of us that is never going to happen.



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This is real simple. Is the Obama campaign censoring videos that it doesn’t like?

On June 20, 2008 I published a post entitled “Surprise, Surprise, Surprise, Obama Breaks Public Financing Pledge.” It was not vitriolic and the videos chosen were responsibly produced . . . in other words nothing too extreme, but on point.

The second video that was embedded, is ([youtube= now it is unavailable for viewing.

This is not the first time I’ve seen anti-Obama videos suddenly disappear into the night.

What’s going on ? Has anyone else encountered a similar experience?

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They say evil is as evil does . . . and so it goes with the latest Imus “controversy”.

In truth this is another example of the kind of dimwitted media fabrication that continues to pollute the airwaves and suck up oxygen that belongs to stories with real merit. The creatures that develop and feed on this kind of trash journalism” have nothing better to do with their time than to criticize books they’re never read, shows/movies they’ve never seen, and comments made by a radio personality whose show they never listen to or know anything about.

I am a long time Imus fan and I happened to have heard both “controversial” comments made by Imus. When he uttered the infamous “nappy headed hoes” comment in April 2007 my reaction was,” I wish he hadn’t said that.” Yesterday was different.

I heard the exchange between Imus and Warner and (like anyone who has been listening to the new format and the show since Imus’ return) I immediately knew what he was referring to . . . and it wasn’t the guy got arrested because he was black. He was talking about racial profiling . . . DWB or driving while black being a real good example. Only a fool would miss this or someone with too much time on their hands! Imagine my shock to find a media uproar about Imus’ observations on Tuesday. My initial reaction was, “give me a break and grow up!!!!!!”

This isn’t about Imus this is about the media continued exploitation of the race issue . . . re-wrapping the topic and shoving more “newsless news” down our throats; trying to drive ratings on the backs of the American people. Has there ever been a group more reprehensible than this group of media morons?

The truth is that since Imus’ return to broadcasting, no one . . . no one has done more to discuss race relations in a open and honest way. I challenge you to find single show or network that has done more. In fact, I challenge you to find a single program on race relations that has been produced by MSNBC, CNN, and the like.

To the fools who continue to comment without having listened to his show since his return, had you listened you’d have found the show has a black producer and two cast members who are black. There have been discussions with Dick Gregory, Sista Patterson, Debra Dickerson, and a host of others whose points of view are rarely (if ever) represented by the MSM.

Like I said, grow up and get a life.

Here’s a postscript. After all this blog is mostly about politics. Know how Obama behaved when Imus made his “nappy headed hoes” comment and the contrast with Rev. Wright? Hmmm?

This one is just for good measure. In case anyone forget, the Imus’ show is part politics, part foolishness, part comedy, as DL understood.


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It’s Monday and sometimes you just need a good laugh!

For all you Olbermann lovers out there I think his essence has been captured here. What do you think?

My only thought was . . . maybe in the next video the little critters could be depicted wearing little patches with the OBAMA shield that debuted last week.


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Just like Barack, the Democratic Party & Congress continues to make promises that they can’t keep. They don’t even break a sweat. I’d use a word like shameful, but this group is well beyond that. You can’t shame this group of hypocrites. They’ve inhabited the Echo Chamber too long. It must be the rarefied air they breathe that shrinks their brains.

Yesterday was a good day for Democrats breaking promises and demonstrating, yet again, whom we shouldn’t trust. Obama glibly broke his promise to use public financing for the general campaign and the Dem’s gave the President everything he’s wanted to continue funding the war.

Pelosi’s House of Representatives approved a war-funding bill that includes a new GI Bill among other things. Wonder if we’ll find any “earmarks” making their way into the bill’s final version? Anyone placing bets on that question . . . didn’t think so.

Naturally, no consideration has been given to how the bill will be funded. Like most of the legislation of the last 40 years (the sole exception being the Clinton years where we had a balanced budget and a surplus) the attitude is spend now and don’t worry about later.

Didn’t Pelosi promise they wouldn’t give the President any money unless he agreed to timetables for an Iraqi withdrawal? Didn’t Harry Reid make a similar promise? Gutless!

Of course, there is another possibility, and that’s the fact that by not funding the war, this could lead to chaos in Iraq at a time when it’s clear the surge no Democrat supported is working. Is it possible that realism set in and the Democrats did not want to be perceived as weak on national security and responsible for an American defeat in Iraq?

Know the difference between Congress controlled by the Republicans and Congress controlled by the Democrats of the last year and a half . . . not a damn thing. A pox on both of their houses. It’s no wonder that Congress enjoys a 17% approval rating!

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Well, at least he’s consistent. Now, he’s all too predictable, as well. It has become apparent, that the old joke how do you know when “fill in the blank” is lying . . . just watch his lips move fits Barack perfectly.

First, Obama’s for public financing of campaigns and now he’s against it. The excuse his campaign is using is the “opt out” is because the “system is broken and because the Republicans are such masters of the 527’s.” What’s a boy to do? Break a promise made on 6 different occasions.

We all know what the truth is as Obama brings his “situation ethics” to new heights of hypocrisy. When he made this promise, he didn’t know how successful his campaign would be raising money on the Internet. Living up to his promise to use public financing would mean he and McCain would be fighting on an even playing field. My God, they might even have to discuss (hold your breathe, now) issues! The Campaign of Change would be delivering on a promise. Right, where’s that bridge that was for sale?

Rhetoric question of the day; how many times does Obama lie to the country before the Kool-Aid kids and the MSM say enough! Listening to Olbermann this evening it’s going to be a loooog time! MSNBC, CNN, the New York Times will all give BO a pass on reversing his campaign promise to utilize public financing for the upcoming general election.

Ironically, if any other politician had reversed him or herself like this, there would be an outpouring of indignation questioning the honesty and integrity of the person making this kind of reversal. Does anyone really believe that the MSM would treat Hillary the same way?

Let’s not forget how the press treated George Bush 41 when he said, “Read my lips, no new taxes!” Years later, Bush’s decision to increase taxes despite his promise is brought up repeatedly as an example of why politicians shouldn’t make promise they can’t keep. Will the Annointed One, our selected nominee, receive the same treatment? Of course not, we can’t interfere with media narrative, can we?

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Can someone tell me what the Gore endorsement of Obama was all about?  The DNC’s selective nominee was chosen 2 weeks ago, and as expected (by those of us not drinking the Kool-Aid) Obama didn’t get the big bounce he was supposed to get.  Obama’s been out and about trashing McCain’s age, (because that’s what one does when running a campaign of change),  generally  living up to the low expectations Hillary’s army of supporters predicted and suddenly Al decides to endorse Barack. Why the endorsement now and who is it that was supposed to care? 

Mercifully, if you were watching FOX at the time of Gore’s endorsement speech, you saw a FOX split screen with Gore’s speech on mute while the balance of the FOX show continued.  I did surf over to MSNBC and CNN momentarily to hear what Al had to say and then flipped back ASAP.  Ten seconds was all I could tolerate . . . no one’s that strong, are they?

I’d forgotten how supremely annoying his voice and demeanor are . . . and I voted  for him  in 2000.  Ironically, Al Gore, the man cheated out of the presidency with over a 500,000 more votes than his opponent, whose presidency was stolen by the Supreme Court’s selection of G. W. Bush was endorsing a another selected candidate with fewer votes than than his opponent.   

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