Saturday’s meeting of the Democratic Party’s rules committee to decide the fate of millions of voters in MI and Florida was, at best, a Pyrrhic victory for the Obama campaign.

Sad to say, I was right. Despite all the pretext and the jabbering about fairness, the outcome was preordained . . . “the fix was in” and everything that followed was for show.

At least this flagrant demonstration of partisanship and favoritism on the part of the rules committee has made imminently easier to either vote for McCain or write HRC’s name in.

Let’s get this straight . . . the Democratic Party will not be united in November. Obama and his gang of insufferable manipulators will be defeated, aided and abetted the Howard Dean, the DNC, and the media. Why?

  • Who hasn’t the Obama team insulted, demeaned, or dissed during the campaign? The list includes women, Hispanics & Latinos, blue color workers, the “bitter” contingency, any person or group that refused to sip the Kool Aid.

  • Many of Hillary’s supporters don’t give a damn about the Democratic Party anymore. Why should they care about a party that doesn’t care about them?

  • Trying to portray McCain as an extension of Bush is a loosing strategy. Too many of us liked McCain better than Kerry the last go ‘round and would have voted for him if he had become the Republican nominee.

  • We won’t forget how the media, and a host of Hillary haters, bashed her throughout the campaign. We won’t forget the sexism, and race baiting that was hurled at her time and time again.

  • Obama’s record of real accomplishment is slim indeed. His voting record is a travesty of incompetence and neglect. How can anyone forgive his 100 plus “present” votes? He didn’t have the courage to vote either “yes” or “no” over 100 times!

  • Kiss Florida, Michigan, Ohio, Pennsylvania, and a host of battleground states that Hillary won “goodbye.Obama’s supporters and base (the black community, youth voters, and the wine and cheese set) isn’t large enough to defeat McCain’s base that will include many of the voters Obama pissed off during his quest for the DP nomination.

  • Rev. Wright, Michelle’s comments, Father Pfleger, the American flag pin uproar, William Ayers, and a host of other missteps will be hung around Obama and his defeat.

  • If the Obama team and the media think all that is necessary to change women’s votes is to wave the “abortion Roe vs. Wade flag” . . . guess again!

  • Bush’s polling numbers may be at a historic low, but Congress is polling even lower! This country doesn’t need the presidency and Congress controlled by one party, yet again. The Republicans proved what that combination brings . . . absolute corruption!


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