Can someone tell me what the Gore endorsement of Obama was all about?  The DNC’s selective nominee was chosen 2 weeks ago, and as expected (by those of us not drinking the Kool-Aid) Obama didn’t get the big bounce he was supposed to get.  Obama’s been out and about trashing McCain’s age, (because that’s what one does when running a campaign of change),  generally  living up to the low expectations Hillary’s army of supporters predicted and suddenly Al decides to endorse Barack. Why the endorsement now and who is it that was supposed to care? 

Mercifully, if you were watching FOX at the time of Gore’s endorsement speech, you saw a FOX split screen with Gore’s speech on mute while the balance of the FOX show continued.  I did surf over to MSNBC and CNN momentarily to hear what Al had to say and then flipped back ASAP.  Ten seconds was all I could tolerate . . . no one’s that strong, are they?

I’d forgotten how supremely annoying his voice and demeanor are . . . and I voted  for him  in 2000.  Ironically, Al Gore, the man cheated out of the presidency with over a 500,000 more votes than his opponent, whose presidency was stolen by the Supreme Court’s selection of G. W. Bush was endorsing a another selected candidate with fewer votes than than his opponent.   

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  1. artietexas

    Ouch! Are we bitter, or what?

  2. sportsone234

    Certainly you jest!

    What, pray tell, is it that the Gore endorsement brings to the table? I mean, really, who cares? It’s worth remembering that the last time Gore endorsed a candidate it was like the kiss of death . . . just ask Howard Dean!

    BTW, you don’t find Gore’s voice and demeanor annoying? You’re stronger than I am!

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