Well, at least he’s consistent. Now, he’s all too predictable, as well. It has become apparent, that the old joke how do you know when “fill in the blank” is lying . . . just watch his lips move fits Barack perfectly.

First, Obama’s for public financing of campaigns and now he’s against it. The excuse his campaign is using is the “opt out” is because the “system is broken and because the Republicans are such masters of the 527’s.” What’s a boy to do? Break a promise made on 6 different occasions.

We all know what the truth is as Obama brings his “situation ethics” to new heights of hypocrisy. When he made this promise, he didn’t know how successful his campaign would be raising money on the Internet. Living up to his promise to use public financing would mean he and McCain would be fighting on an even playing field. My God, they might even have to discuss (hold your breathe, now) issues! The Campaign of Change would be delivering on a promise. Right, where’s that bridge that was for sale?

Rhetoric question of the day; how many times does Obama lie to the country before the Kool-Aid kids and the MSM say enough! Listening to Olbermann this evening it’s going to be a loooog time! MSNBC, CNN, the New York Times will all give BO a pass on reversing his campaign promise to utilize public financing for the upcoming general election.

Ironically, if any other politician had reversed him or herself like this, there would be an outpouring of indignation questioning the honesty and integrity of the person making this kind of reversal. Does anyone really believe that the MSM would treat Hillary the same way?

Let’s not forget how the press treated George Bush 41 when he said, “Read my lips, no new taxes!” Years later, Bush’s decision to increase taxes despite his promise is brought up repeatedly as an example of why politicians shouldn’t make promise they can’t keep. Will the Annointed One, our selected nominee, receive the same treatment? Of course not, we can’t interfere with media narrative, can we?


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