Just like Barack, the Democratic Party & Congress continues to make promises that they can’t keep. They don’t even break a sweat. I’d use a word like shameful, but this group is well beyond that. You can’t shame this group of hypocrites. They’ve inhabited the Echo Chamber too long. It must be the rarefied air they breathe that shrinks their brains.

Yesterday was a good day for Democrats breaking promises and demonstrating, yet again, whom we shouldn’t trust. Obama glibly broke his promise to use public financing for the general campaign and the Dem’s gave the President everything he’s wanted to continue funding the war.

Pelosi’s House of Representatives approved a war-funding bill that includes a new GI Bill among other things. Wonder if we’ll find any “earmarks” making their way into the bill’s final version? Anyone placing bets on that question . . . didn’t think so.

Naturally, no consideration has been given to how the bill will be funded. Like most of the legislation of the last 40 years (the sole exception being the Clinton years where we had a balanced budget and a surplus) the attitude is spend now and don’t worry about later.

Didn’t Pelosi promise they wouldn’t give the President any money unless he agreed to timetables for an Iraqi withdrawal? Didn’t Harry Reid make a similar promise? Gutless!

Of course, there is another possibility, and that’s the fact that by not funding the war, this could lead to chaos in Iraq at a time when it’s clear the surge no Democrat supported is working. Is it possible that realism set in and the Democrats did not want to be perceived as weak on national security and responsible for an American defeat in Iraq?

Know the difference between Congress controlled by the Republicans and Congress controlled by the Democrats of the last year and a half . . . not a damn thing. A pox on both of their houses. It’s no wonder that Congress enjoys a 17% approval rating!


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