It’s Monday and sometimes you just need a good laugh!

For all you Olbermann lovers out there I think his essence has been captured here. What do you think?

My only thought was . . . maybe in the next video the little critters could be depicted wearing little patches with the OBAMA shield that debuted last week.



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  1. Lou Zer

    hillary lost.

    get over it.

  2. Lou:

    This isn’t about Hillary winning or losing. The video addresses The Anointed One’s” supporters who many perceive as followers with no will or minds of their own.

    Rather than sending snarky comments about HRC, why not step back as ask yourself if the Obama of today is the same man we thought he was a year ago.

    FYI, I was originally an Edwards supporter. When he dropped out I did look to Obama and would have supported his candidacy had he not slimmed Hillary and her campaign the way he did.

    Think for yourself!

  3. Dave

    sportsone234: this is certainly about Hillary losing.
    I too was an Edwards supporter, and though I moved to Obama, I looked at Clinton (being from NY, I am aquainted with her.)

    Look to the words of the greatest political strategist of our era: Bill Clinton.
    He said, “Democrats fall in love, Republicans fall in line.”

    Stop fighting Obama’s personality, and start fighting McCain’s policies.

  4. Franky

    McCain = FEAR
    Obama = HOPE
    Clinton = FAIL

  5. John McCain

    I need please help operating a computer so I can make Iran go blow up.

  6. sportsone234


    I’ll bet your comment is an example of Obamakin repartee, right?

  7. CarolTate2

    As of this date 16% of 18m supporters have left the dem slime pit party & the numbers are rising! bama has no personality, one day he’s this person the next he shows a different face……there are many bamasupporters that are rethinking their vote, just read current blogs. Every time bama switches faces he’ll lose more of his support…….

  8. sportsone234

    This was all so predictable!!!!!!

  9. harmon michaels

    let’s see if i’ve got this right. the puma movement wasn’t all that upset by gore getting cheated in 2000, doesn’t seem to be particularly bothered by continuing reports of blacks being shunted over to provisional ballots or denied the right to vote altogether (see: greg palast/caging lists), and presumably has no interest in the congressionally issued report (see: what went wrong in ohio?) that explained all the nonsense that undermined john kerry’s likely electoral college win in 2004.

    but barack obama somehow winning the nomination REALLY is a tragic miscarriage of electoral justice.

    ok. if that works for you, run with it. keep kidding yourselves that the second wind hillary got at the end of the primary season was something other than republican interference and conservative democrats voting against obama. conservative democrats who (see: pennsylvania) probably would NOT have voted for her in the general election.

    i guess reports that a group supporting hillary in north carolina placed robo-calls to targeted groups (mostly blacks) to tamp down the black vote are false.

    i guess her “3am” ad DIDN’T make obama look about three shades darker.

    i guess she didn’t say that she and mccain were both better choices for the presidency than obama and she didn’t basically avoid actually saying that obama is not a muslim when she had the chance to.

    but obama is the one who ran the dirty campaign, eh?

    wow. plenty of denial going on around here. including the phony outrage about hillary being cheated of the nomination. it’s really pathetic. hope you’ll all stay out of the democratic party from here on in. join the republican party. they’re quite welcoming to people who like to fashion versions of the truth to complement whatever positions they take.

  10. sportsone234

    I am stumped as to why you would assume that I wasn’t “upset by Gore getting cheated in 2000” that continuing reports of blacks being shunted over to provisional ballots or denied the right to vote altogether doesn’t bother me, or that Ohio’s voting “irregularities” that helped john Kerry’s loss in 2004 also didn’t bother me.

    In fact, you are wrong on every count . . . tragically, sadly, deeply wrong!

    Every issue you brought has to do with fairness. Our dislike of Obama and his campaign has to do with fairness and that old expression of “truth, honesty, and the American way.”

    There is no phony outrage here. It’s genuine. Don’t tell me its unfair for Gore to have received the most votes and be denied the office, but when Hillary gets the more votes than Obama that ‘s OK. If it’s wrong in the first place it’s wrong in the second case.

    Don’t tell me Superdelegates should vote the way the voters in their states voted and then allow West Virginia and New Mexico ‘s “Supers” (to name a few!) place their votes for Obama when Hillary beat Obama in those states.

    Finally, don’t tell me our stance against Obama has one wit to do with the color of his skin, the cut of his suit, and any other non-issue. It has to do with his lack of experience and the kind of campaign he has waged, his politics, his flip-flopping at the drop of a hat, his lack of humility and his insufferable arrogance. . . and while I’m at it, did I mention the goofy, fake presidential seal, the strange trip to Europe and the speech in Berlin, and BHO’s flipping off the former First Lady . . . his opponent in the primaries.

    Obama, Pelosi, Reid, and the DNC do not have the support of millions who formerly considered themselves Democrats because of the various acts of collusion to acquire the DP nomination, incompetence in office and in the management of Congress, and for a host of other things too numerous to list in this response.

    If you read this blog on a consistent basis you’d see where millions of us are coming from.

    BTW, the best thing a voter in America can do is to remain neutral and listen to all sides of an issue . . . and that means placing your country ahead of any party!

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