Let me start off by stating that I don’t think Obama is an evil man despite the fact there are some who think he’s the anti-Christ foretold in prophecy.

Upon first hearing Obama’s “message” there’s a lot to admire, unfortunately dig beneath the surface and the real man is a lot less admirable. There’s no doubt he has charisma, is personable, and can read one mean speech. But that alone does not a leader make; and the Obama comparisons to JFK are laughable.

JFK was born into a family that to this day, eats, sleeps, and drinks politics. JFK was already a world traveler as a youngster, his father being the Ambassador to England. After his older brother Joe tragically died, JFK picked up his brother’s mantle and continued to be groomed for the presidency. By the time he was elected president, in addition to having been elected to the U.S. Senate, he had also served in Congress for 14 years. Kennedy was a war hero and Pulitzer Prize winning author. Does this sound anything like Obama? Let me tell you something else, in addition to charm and sense of humor, Kennedy had too much class and sophistication to have ever been caught in such a sophomoric act as “flipping off” a former First Lady, as many videos show he did.

I think the people of this country have been so starved for real leadership and have been so tired of the bickering between the two parties that Obama’s message took off like wild fire and caught on, particularly among the young. Every day I wonder where “all the grown-ups” are because there are damn few of them in politics and in the MSM today. The truth is Barack has given us the right message but, IMHO he’s the wrong man. Expressed in business terms, his concept is great, but the follow through and execution leave a lot to be desired.

I wish his actions lived up to his words . . . they don’t I wish he was the man fancies himself to be . . . he isn’t. The truth is “The Anointed One” is mere mortal with a thin and undistinguished political record, who reads from a teleprompter, and when he speaks extemporaneously, more often than not, gives us the kind of juicy gaffe’s the news media of old would have reported on. When he said he’d been to 57 states, do you think he got it mixed up with the kind of ketchup he prefers?

The “news” media of today gives us idiots like Keith Olbermann (whose rhetoric is so excessive & over the top that he’s become a parody himself and doesn’t know it) and Chris Matthews (who got a tinkle down his leg listening to Barack –oh barf!) both who long ago passed from newsmen into cable clowns. Consequently, Barack is never held accountable for flip flopping /lying about his position on public financing of campaigns, or FISA, or NAFTA, how he would deal with dictators, etc. etc.

No. no. no we’re told he’s recalibrated his position . . . recalibrated my ass. He’s changed his positions on so many issues so often I’m wondering why he isn’t being called “blows with the wind Barack. He’s praised for breaking a promise rendered verbally and in writing. I’ve written about this countless times, Barack’s life is filled with myriad examples of his “situational ethics.”

Here’s a truer picture of man one year later. Barack was a history lecturer (not a professor), whose first election was won because he challenged the number of signatures his female opponent had gathered in order to run, and having had her disqualified, he ran unopposed. Nothing illegal here, but certainly nothing to crow about.

During his time in the Illinois legislature he voted “present” 130 times. I haven’t been able to find another politician with a similar “voting” record, thank God, because I want politicians to vote yea or nay. While there are numerous examples of McCain having crossed the aisle in order to get the country’s business done, (love it or hate it) McCain Feingold is a good example. Is there an Obama (fill in the blank) bill that his campaign can point to with pride? No, of course not, just words.

Think back to December of 2007. McCain almost lost his party’s nomination because of his principled position on immigration and this was position was shared with Teddy Kennedy. (BTW, I was glad the bill was defeated, I thought Kennedy and McCain were both wrong.) If remember correctly McCain held a press conference and told the media that he felt Obama had broken his word on this bill. I’m sure someone will correct me if I’m wrong on the bill.

Name a single time when Barack has taken a principled position on a bill and said, “I don’t care what this costs me personally this is the right thing for the country! Answer . . . never!

When all the sexism against Hillary was running rampant he could have said to everyone, “I don’t want to win this way!” He didn’t. When the DNC was taking votes he didn’t need from Hillary to win the nomination he could have said, “No!” to that as well. He didn’t.

It would have been good politics and some of the Hillary supporters (male & female) who resent him so much now might be more forgiving. As it is, for many of us that is never going to happen.



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  1. goodtimepolitics

    People in Florida must not like him as they are letting themselves be heard by actions! 🙂

  2. I know I saw that. Seems like a senseless act of stupidity. I wonder who really painted the cars?

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