OK, can we get this straight once and for all? Barack you are nothing like JFK!

Every time your campaign tries to make that comparison it makes you look silly and small; a man of no consequence or style of your own. I’d harken to say at least Michelle understands this, but she’s working on her own best Jackie imitation.

The latest foolishness is you are possibly going to give a speech at the Brandenburg Gate. The pundits are saying that seeing you stand where JFK did will, in turn, remind the boomers of days of glory when JFK gave his speech there . . . AND THAT will cause us all take a sip of the Kool Aid and vote for you! SaY, WHAT? How much Kool Aid do you suppose that would take?

I won’t go into all the reasons why this concept is so asinine, but anyone old enough to remember JFK, that particular speech and the circumstances surrounding it, will find your lack of understanding of the history behind the speech and your desire to capitalize on it, repugnant.

To paraphrase Lloyd Benson’s rebuke when Dan Quayle tried to make a similar JFK comparison, “ I knew JFK, JFK was a friend of mine. Sir, you are no JFK!”

My girl Annabelle gives Barack a raspberry because his campaign insists on a comparison to JFK . . .

© PEI 2008


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