When is someone going to finally hold MSNBC’s Chris Matthews accountable for the despicable, hateful comments he makes on a daily basis?

This morning, during a discussion on Morning Joe, Iran’s firing of nine missiles was brought up. Cheap Shot noted that if people vote for McCain in November, “you know we’re going to war!” Do we really??? And, just how do we know that, Chris? He didn’t know what Obama would do, but he stated unequivocally we’re war bound with McCain! Outrageous!

Matthews, who once told his audience that he got a “tingle down his leg” when he heard Obama speak, uttered some the nastiest misogynistic comments made about Hillary during the campaign.

One revealing and infamous crack was that (paraphrasing this jerk), “We all know how/why Hillary got here. It’s because Bill was fooling around and people felt sorry for her.” Not that she was an accomplished woman in her own right, a politician who worked very hard to win her campaign in New York, a fighter that America needs . . . no, no, no!

Time to bring back the “Flying A” Award!


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