It just seems to me, that if you are going to criticize a group of people, you should make damn sure that some form of the criticism cannot be thrown back at you.

All right all you uncouth barbarians out there, listen up!!!! It’s time for you to learn a second language . . . Spanish. So spaketh Preacher Obama during a campaign stop yesterday.

Barack gave us this sage advise in Powder Springs, Georgia when addressing one of the ways to ease the immigration problem. Yup, that’ll do it, speak Spanish and all our problems will go away. Right!

If Obama had any idea how big a problem illegal immigration is in this state, he wouldn’t have added another “clueless” statement to his repertoire of insulting statements about Americans that include gun clinging and bitter.

This from a man who graduated from Harvard University, a man that insists on peppering his speech with the word, TA! It drives me crazy that he either cannot enunciate the word TO or is too lazy to pronounce it properly.

It’s a good thing he doesn’t have to face my old English teacher, Miss Carlson. I guarantee, not only would she have straightened Barack out on the importance of proper enunciation, she also would have had a discussion with him on what does and does not constitute plagiarism.

BTW, it pains me to say this. If you listen closely, you’ll also hear Bush 43 using TA! I think, however, we have to give George some slack. Ever hear him pronounce nuclear? And,didn’t 43 pose the weighty question, “is our teachers teaching?”

Words that go up there in the Pantheon of Dumb, along with Dan Quayle’s spelling of potatoe!



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  1. Bill Chapman

    I’m a citizen of the United Kingdom, so I won’t comment on the USA’s politics, but I hope you’ll allow me to comment on a linguistic matter.

    It would be good if Americans were to look more favourably on learning languages other than a form of English.

    I would like to argue the case for learning and using Esperanto. This is a planned language which belongs to no one country or group of states. Take a look at

    Esperanto works! I’ve used it in speech and writing in a dozen countries over recent years.
    Indeed, the language has some remarkable practical benefits. Personally, I’ve made friends around the world through Esperanto that I would never have been able to communicate with otherwise. And then there’s the Pasporta Servo, which provides free lodging and local information to Esperanto-speaking travellers in over 90 countries.

    What do you think?

  2. Bill:

    In point of fact I’m not against Americans becoming fluent in one or more languages. Obama’s point about being multi-lingual has merit on certain levels.

    However, for Obama “ta preach” that Americans should be learning other languages as a way to ease the multiple immigration issues facing this country is pretentious prattle.

    People who come “ta” this country should be willing to learn our language and customs. If a person moves to France, Germany, Russia, etc. the same would be expected in reverse.

    That which binds us, includes the commonality of language. Barack appears “ta” not understand the obvious.

  3. Why are you so angry on this topic using a sound bite out of context? If you’d like to disagree on policy – lets have a debate. But your candidate lost fair and square and its time to come together to beat McCain.

    I was there and the discussion involved immigrants learning English – just like your ancestors might have had to at some point in their past – and Americans joining the rest of the world in being bilingual.

    This is not about immigration but education. Spanish happened to be the language he chose – he mentioned French as well.

    Are you saying that our kids should not learn other langugages?

    It was part of a riff on the entire subject of education reform and the audience that was 85% African American was in complete agreement on this subject as well as the need for music, art, gym et al in school curriculum.

    There was not the least bit of elitism in these comments, this great event or anyone who was there feeling anything but totally energized by seeing the next President.

    And by the way Barack and Dan Quayle have nothing in common other than being men….

  4. sportsone234


    A couple of things . . . first, I am not angry. Anyone who reads this blog on a regular basis can attest to that. Much of what I write is “tongue in cheek” although I feel spot on. If a person or group is going to insist on making themselves look foolish, I’m going to point it out since the likelihood of your seeing that in the MSM is slim.

    Second, I’m beginning to think Obama supporters have no sense of humor. This post was a mild admonishment to all that if anyone (Obama, you, me) is going to chide the behavior of anyone else, be sure you are on firm ground. I’ll say this again, it drives me crazy to hear “educated” men like Bush and Obama using TA in place of TO.

    Third, yesterday I plainly said, “In point of fact I’m not against Americans becoming fluent in one or more languages. Obama’s point about being multi-lingual has merit on certain levels.”

    And BTW, the Quayle reference was made in relation to Bush, not Obama.

    May I suggest you re-read my post and the comments immediately following it.

  5. JC Hart

    I speak English, Spanish, French,Italian and some Portugese. Yes they are all the romance languages and there are some limited similarities.
    We owe in to our children. Learn Mandarin, learn Spanish and multinationals will come calling.
    I have used my language skils to further my carrer and it has helped tremendously.


  6. JC:

    Just curious, were you born in a European country where being multi-lingual is a necessity? I ask because you mentioned the romance languages. Having traveled abroad, I know the advantages of being multi-lingual and the disadvantages of speaking only English.

    As for myself, my grandfather spoke Polish and most of my mother’s family spoke French. My generation (including all the cousins) never became fluent in French or any other language. In my own case, it was a requirement to take a language if you were college bound. I took French two years, a language I can read, but attempting to speak French today would be laughable. The word “painful” is probably more accurate.

    The truth is, the US is not a multi-lingual country although the country is multi-cultural. The glue that helps bind us together as a nation is the English language.

    The History Channel has been running a series called “The Adventure of English” on Sunday mornings. Watching the series, has been fascinating, watching how English has grown to become one of the dominant languages of the world. Also fascinating . . . tracing the numerous words in our vocabulary of Latin, French, Spanish, (and other languages as well) origination.

    No doubt if there had been a need for me to speak French on a daily basis, it would have become part of my life. No need, hence no skill. Think about it, other than the French bakery down the street, or travel abroad, where would my speaking French be a necessity.

    Upon closer examination and like most issues addressed by politicians, Obama’s comment about learning a 2nd language is more complicated than the statement itself.

    Complicating the issue further, is the fact that Obama specified that English speaking citizens should learn Spanish and be more accommodating to the hosts of illegals who have chosen to break the law and enter this
    country illegally, in effect adding insult to injury.

    Thanks for your comment. Hopefully, I do comprende.

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