Given the extraordinary non-stop continuous coverage Barack Obama has received since his selection as the Democratic Party’s presumptive nominee, Obama should be leading McCain by many percentage points, right?

Despite all the manipulation of his candidacy by the DNC, his campaign, and the MSM, most of America isn’t buying what Barack is selling. During Barack’s world tour to beef up his foreign relations credentials, his ratings in the polls went down as McCain’s rose. Ann Richards once said, “You can put lipstick on a pig . . . that doesn’t make it Miss America.”

One need to look no further than Obama’s fund raising efforts in June for further proof that Democratic “party unity” is little more than fantasy. It may exist in the minds of DNC, the MSM, and a host of others, whose political fortunes are tied to Obama, but the reality is, Obama will lose this election because of his own hubris and lack of experience.

He and his campaign and supporters have turned off too many voters off. It just may be that the American voters are a lot smarter than Obama thought, even those of us who continue to support Hillary, who bitterly cling to our religion and guns, those of us who refuse to buy a pig in a poke.

Hey, what color did you say that lipstick is?

According to Newsmax, of the 311 fundraisers who bundled more than $100,000 in donations for Hillary Clinton’s presidential campaign, only eight are on the list of contributors to Barack Obama’s campaign in June.

Their total for the month: just $19,250.

“The fact that fewer than 3 percent of Clinton’s donors have donated any money directly to Obama in his first month as presumptive nominee is likely to raise the eyebrows of some leaders in the Democratic Party who are hoping to see signs of unity,” the Huffington Post observed.

The Washington Post reported that a total of 2,200 individual Clinton donors — as distinct from the big-money fundraisers tracked by The Huffington Post — became first-time donors to Obama’s campaign in June. They contributed $1.8 million, or just 4 percent, of the $52 million the campaign raised last month.



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  1. Beverly Johnson

    Fact is, McCain will be a 1-term president. Hillary has MUCH better chance in 4 years than she does in 8 years, especially after an Obama VP gets the inside track. Yes, America will elect an old president, but old and female is too high a hurdle.

  2. sportsone234

    You are probably right about McCain being a one term president and I agree that Hillary running in 4 years is a possibility as opposed to waiting 8 years following a Obama.

    There is always the possibility that should Obama win, that his presidency would mirror Carter and he’d be a one term president.

    Know what? Your analysis is spot on!

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