Well it seems the man who has built his campaign on “change”, the man who is so “against politics as usual”, the man who won’t take money from oil companies as he bragged in one of his campaign ads (which BTW, had been outlawed for years) has, in reality, become the master of re-defining the words “sleazy politician”.

Mr. Squeaky Clean, who “won’t take no PAC money, momma”, has no problem paying the DNC Superdelegates for their votes. Yes, boys ‘n girls we have the real reason Barack Obama is the DNC’s presumptive selective nominee. And all the time I thought it was the Kool Aid.

Silly girl, Barack’s a sleezoid in the mold of that famous Philadelphia Congressman that was convicted of taking bribes years ago, the one who uttered those immortal words, “Money talks and bullshit walks!”

Barack’s been a busy boy. His campaign’s PAC. Hope Fund (don’t you just love the sound of that name Hope Fund, and the choir sang Amen!) having contributed $710,900.00 to Superdelegates by March 28, 2008 . . . and amount that was more than three times as much as HillPAC. ($236,100).

What’s that you say? Candidates have PAC committee’s? Yup, and its legal and they get to “donate” money from their PAC committees to “help” other candidates out. This is from the wonderful post found on NoQuarter yesterday and written by DR. Lynette Long:

Politicians collect money for their campaigns but most Americans don’t realize that politicians collect a separate a pot of money called a Leadership Political Action Committee or PAC. These PACs are used to hire additional staff and pay for additional perks such as limos and first class flights. But one of the major reasons for these PACs is to donate to the campaigns of other candidates. Nancy Pelosi’s PAC is called PAC to the Future, Barack Obama’s PAC is called Hope Fund, and Hillary Clinton’s PAC is called HillPAC. Money was distributed by these PACs to the superdelegates to influence their voting. The Federal Elections Commission requires scrupulous reporting of how PAC money is obtained and how it is spent. This data can be retrieved at www.opensecrets.org.

Quoting from further down in the post:

After reviewing state and congressional voting records as well as PAC donations, members of Congress were identified that fulfilled the following four criteria: 1. These members endorsed Barack Obama. 2. The constituents of their state preferred Hillary Clinton. 3. The constituents of their district preferred Hillary Clinton. 4. They got more PAC money from Hope Fund than from HillPAC. These senators are Jeff Bingaman, Frank Lautenberg, and Jay Rockefeller. The members of the house are Jason Altmire, Dennis Cardoza, Jim Costa, Joe Donelly, Gabrielle Giffords, Baron Hill, Ron Klein, Patrick Murphy, Gerald Mc Nerney, Carol She-Porter, Zack Space, Niki Tsongas, and Charlie Wilson.

This chart demonstrates (more clearly than anything I could state) what’s really ailing this country and its politicians today. I don’t care if you consider yourself a Democrat, Republican, Independent, or any shade or combination of these, this should make you mad!

These Superdelegates are slime, in my book, and should be ashamed of themselves. If buying votes this way isn’t against the law, it should be. Richardson was accused of being a Judas when he jumped Hillary’s ship and decided to support Obama, even though Hillary had more votes than Obama in his state of New Mexico. Looks like we’ve got more Judas’ this year than you can shake a stick at.


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