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To anyone that doesn’t recognize how brilliant McCain’s choice of Sarah Palin is, might I suggest you are one of people that usually sees the trees and misses the forest. If one is looking at the totality of what she brings to the ticket, it’s easy to see why there is panic on the Dem’s side.

Let me state up front, I have never been excited about a Republican candidate, never, not once! I’ve been a Democrat/Independent all of my life. I’m a PUMA now and proud of it, a Hillary supporter that is excited to see a person like Sarah Palin, not because she’s a woman, but because she is the type of person we need in Washington who happens to be a woman!

There were were exceptions over the years. I did vote for Dick Thornberg when he ran for Governor of Pennsylvania. He was Republican and a great governor. When he left office, he left the state with surplus. Bob Casey followed Thornberg. A Democrat, when he left, he left the state with a deficit. Need I say more?

So, how good is Sarah Palin? I think even if Hillary had been on the Democratic ticket that McCain would have chosen her. She’s a reformer, a maverick, a woman with a record of accomplishment that includes lowering taxes in Alaska, meeting corruption head on and defeating it, a woman tough enough to head to head with the oil companies and win for the people in her state.

Know what else, she’s as tough as Hillary. Anyone that can play on a winning state championship basketball team with a stress fracture has my admiration . . . big time. I say this as a woman who has competed in many sports and as a former coach . . . that’s true grit, that’s tough . . . toughness that could meet any challenge as Vice President or President.

Had the Democrats been smart enough to make Hillary the party’s nominee, Sarah would have been great as “counter programming” on the Republican ticket. To anyone that wants to compare Palin to Dan Quayle, might I suggest that, that kind of comparison makes you sound stupid!

Hillary challenged Obama to a “bowl off” when they were in Pennsylvania. If Sarah challenges Obama to “shoot off” on the basketball court, I‘m putting my money on Sarah! Here’s another thing we know . . . she wouldn’t go duck hunting with a six-shooter! 🙂


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I was thinking about this, after learning that John McCain’s VP choice is Sarah Palin. Her story and credentials are very attractive and compelling. I say this as a supporter of Hillary Clinton, a long time Democrat now a PUMA, a business woman, a Catholic.

Palin is a very pro-life Republican, mother of 5 children, the most recent child born months ago. What makes this last birth so (many would say) extraordinary is the fact that Palin knew in advance that this child had Downs Syndrome and chose not to abort the child. That makes her a hero in my book because I know this couldn’t have been an easy decision.

Over the years, I’ve been involved in many passionate discussions with men and women about the pro-life pro-choice debate. Yet, I have always been ambivalent about abortion while firmly defending a woman’s right to choose. A very dear friend of mine, herself a mother of 4 children, the last girl born late in life and mentally challenged, told me if pro-choice had been an option she would not have borne this girl because of the negative impact it had on her and her husband and family. I never knew any woman that took abortion lightly . . . not one.

Despite Rome’s position on contraception and like most American Catholics I have no problem with birth control. In years past, big families were the norm. I remember one family with 15 children! That means the mother of this family had been pregnant for 12 years of her life. Wrap your head around that one! One rarely sees Catholic families with 5, 6. 7 children today; two or three children seem to be the norm.

All of that having been said, I wonder how Teddy Kennedy and Caroline Kennedy can support Barack Obama coming from one of the most Catholic family’s in America. The Catholic Church’s position on on conception and abortion are very clear. On March 29th when talking about his daughters, Obama said, “if his daughters made a mistake, he didn’t want them punished with a baby.” He referred to his possible grand child as a mistake. As usual, the MSM skipped over this one, but the blogoshpere did not.

I cannot stand in judgment of anyone, but I remain puzzled on the Kennedy’s support of Barack Obama given his position on abortion.

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Boys and girls, FOX News has just confirmed that the Governor of Alaska, Sarah Palin, a woman with great credentials is John McCain’s VP pick!

Ladies & gentleman, we have ourselves a race!

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Carter: McCain ‘milking’ POW time

I’m sorry but I’ve come to expect more from ex-presidents than this!

Are we to believe the campaign that continually speaks with a noun, a verb, and “change”, the campaign that was going to reject the “politics of the past” and elevate public discourse will now go after John McCain’s POW experience every time McCain is asked about it?

Bob Beckle, a former Carter aid was on FOX this morning, unable to defend this low class, no class comment. He termed it,”unfortunate” … unfortunate! Excuse me, is this the change we can expect?

Looks like Obama’s people took a page out of Republicans play book. I’m from Georgia, where the Republicans trashed Max Cleland in his Senate race against Saxby Chambliss. Cleland is a Viet Nam veteran that sits in a wheel chair, missing both legs and part of an arm!

Let’s get this straight once and for all. Dissing a man or a woman’s military experience (sans a dishonorable discharge) should be rejected & condemned in the strongest possible terms! There is no place for it in politics. This kind of behavior is despicable and demeaning, and as my mother used say, “be careful the negative comments you are tempted to give aren’t a reflection of you! President Carter the McCain POW comments are a negative reflection of you.

Mr. Obama it’s time for you tell your troops, all of your surrogates, the kind folks at MSNBC, and anyone else tempted to slam John McCain’s POW experience that you reject and condemn ex-President Carter’s comments.

For the record; America doesn’t want to hear General Petras getting slammed, or General Wes Clark, or Max Cleland, John McCain, or anyone else that has served this country with honor.

President Carter, you should be ashamed of yourself and you owe America and John McCain an apology. Miss Lillian would not be proud.

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According to ABC News some of Hillary Clinton’s donors are contributing to McCain.

Dozens of Prominent Fundraisers Have Donated over $200,000 in Last Few Months

More than 85 of Clinton’s fundraisers, including Donald Trump, Univision chief executive Joseph Uva, cable mogul Charles Dolan, philanthropist Norma Hess and one of Florida’s biggest lobbyists appear to be skipping Barack Obama when it comes to writing checks for the general election, according to an review of campaign finance records.

clinton donors

More than a dozen of Hillary Clinton’s fundraisers have contributed to John McCain’s campaign in the last few months.


Because McCain is a man who exudes class. More importantly, he’s a savvy politician, wise enough to congratulate Obama on his big night. This is a man who knows how to win . . . win in a dignified & presidential manner, a man that doesn’t need fake Greek columns as a backdrop.

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OK, all you Obamabots and Kool-Aid kids . . .close your eyes. Sleepy, are we? Good.

Now, for everyone else that is reaching a point of looking forward to sticking forks in their heads if they hear the name, Barack Obama, one more time . . . THIS ONE IS FOR YOU!

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Its official; Barack Obama, is no longer the Democratic Party’s presumptive nominee. The mainstream media’s narrative will be fulfilled. Barack will give his acceptance speech 45 years after Dr. Martin Luther King gave his “I have a Dream” speech.

Ok, ready now? Together, let’s sing Kumbaya My Lord” because now the world will love us and tyrants like Hugo Chavez will suddenly change, his policies against the U.S. looked at anew, because Barack is multiracial, don’t you know.

Yes, as expected the Clintons did their job and propped up Obama, in the process reminding us how good they really are, how savvy really they are. Barack, on the other hand, gave us a surprise appearance last night to remind us how he remains all style and no substance. As one of the talking heads said this morning, “You can’t continue to live on cotton candy.” What is it they say? The past is prologue. In other words, don’t be when surprised empty now becomes empty later!

Now that Obama is officially the Dem’s nominee, this morning it became OK to mention Lyndon Johnson and all the work he did (along with many, many others) to move civil rights movement forward. Ah, racist no more! Like the Clintons were called by Obama’s team in South Carolina, like Geraldine Ferraro was, like anyone not of a particular color was, when voicing any concerns about Obama and his lack of experience.

What are we left with is a man that will use movie set with fake Greek columns behind him, to help make him look presidential! When JFK spoke in the Coliseum the columns were real and he didn’t need any help to look presidential. Is there no one on Obama’s team that can recognize how incredibly TACKY this looks? Has anyone in the Obama camp ever heard of the words BAD TASTE? Why would any campaign leave their candidate open to the late night comics and others? The McCain campaign is calling the backdrop the “Temple to Obama” and that’s the mild stuff.

The comments on the Internet and in the blogosphere have been high gear for the last 24 hours, almost all poking fun at the ridiculous backdrop and the silly notion that this will really make a difference with Hillary’s 18 million voters, the ones Barack described as typically white, bitter, and clinging onto their guns and religion.

What we’re left with is a changed Democratic Party, yuppie-fied, dense, and tone deaf. We’re left with fake columns and a propped up candidate that constantly reminds us that there’s not much there there.

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