It has been fascinating watching the talking heads, pundits, and other assorted “know it alls” in the media wringing their hands, trying to figure out why Obama and McCain are head to head in this campaign. It is a virtual tie with 2 percentage points separating them, depending on whose poll you believe.

MSNBC, of course, is the most fun to watch, because they have invested so much into Obama’s winning. Tune in any day, any hour and listen to the whine of MSNBC’s Nudgeniks singing their sorry song . . . OMG, OMG, Oh, my God how can this be? He was so good in Berlin! Did you see his cool presidential seal? He’s the one, he’s the one. (Psst … did he flip on anything new today?)

Memo to the media, the reason McCain is doing so well against Obama is because we don’t like him and we don’t like his brand of new age politics and his continued practice of situational ethics! Get it? He’s a phony, a fake and a fraud, he’s a lightweight that can be counted on to change his position (on anything) today or tomorrow, or whenever the trial balloons he tosses out there show he is wrong . . . again!

He and his campaign also deal from the bottom of the deck and most of us don’t like that. The racism charge against, Bill Clinton and McCain are nothing more than cynical and divisive maneuver unworthy of this country.

Let’s set the record straight. When he loses in November (and he will) it won’t be because of the color of his skin, it won’t be because of racism, bitter voters, the Bradley effect, or any of the other nonsense being offered up.

Question? What do beets, Roquefort cheese, liver pate, and Obama all have in common? Answer. I don’t like any of them. Get it? We don’t like him . . . and nothing will change that position, short of a miracle. Hey, but who knows, he’s The One, right?

Now on to McCain’s VP; I’ve got a great choice that no one in the MSM has mentioned that I am aware of. I’d never heard of him until this weekend, but after seeing the 60 Minutes segment on his career, I took a real good look.

His name is Jeff Flake and he’s a Congressman from Arizona! Before you anything, I know, I Know, conventional wisdom is that the VP should generally bring votes from another region of the country and he’s from the same state as McCain, but let’s look at what he brings to the table.

Here’s why I like him:

  1. He’s young and charismatic in a solid way (unlike the ethereal Obama), articulate, and has fought earmarks to the detriment of his own career. That makes him a rarity in Washington . . . an honest man! Americans want someone to fight for them, fight corruption in government, and that’s what this man has done. Unlike Obama who talks the talk, this guy actually walks the walk!
  2. The House Republicans by-passed him when it was time to nominate someone to oversee the ethical considerations of earmarks for a politician whose own history with earmarks is questionable, to say the least!
  3. He has a genuine record of legislative accomplishment and has been in office since 2001.
  4. He appears to be a “genuine” conservative Republican when it comes to government spending and fiscal responsibility AND THAT MEANS Obama can’t use the charge of McCain is a third Bush term. How great is this now we’ve got McCain the Maverick and Flake the Peoples Pork Buster! Take that Obama! Talk about Change you can Believe in!
  5. His own background is rich in diversity focus having worked in the southern African nation of Namibia.
  6. He has also served on the Committees on Foreign Affairs and Natural Resources so that gives him experience in international and environmental matters.

Of all the possible Republican VP contenders the MSM mentions, I still like Charlie Crist from Florida. He’d be a good choice and he could deliver his state, but I like Flake even better. The Republicans can count themselves lucky that McCain is their nominee. In the same way a traditional Republican conservative would have no chance of winning against Obama in this election, Jeff Flake brings something unexpected to the table. His youth, experience, and record make him a game changer!


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  1. I replied to your comment on my article, and won’t repeat what I said there. You can read it at:

    I am delighted that we have so much in common. I’m sure that we differ on key issues, but we both clearly hope for quality leaders who have integrity and vision.

    Flake is clearly one of those leaders. Another is Bobby Jindal of Louisiana. He has added significantly to his “bona fides” by doing such an effective job during Gustav.

    A lot of Democrats have – in their comments to me – renewed my faith in the American people, and you are one of them. I would like to personally thank you for that.

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