Watching the old Soviet style politics of Russia’s invasion of Georgia, it is clear this is a world where we need “grown-ups” handling this country’s foreign policy. Russia’s invasion of Georgia simply cannot be tolerated.

It is clear Georgia’s oil pipeline and strategic position in the region is a threat to Russia’s desire to dominate and control all of the oil exports in the region. I’m no geopolitical expert, but it seems to me if Russia is able to control all 4 pipelines from Azerbaijan’s Caspian Sea fields heading into Turkey and westward into the EU, that it has one very big stick to lord over the west.

After listening to Bush’s tough talk yesterday and listening to McCain who do you think has a better feel for what is necessary? Think McCain would give one fig about looking into Putin’s soul, or Dmitry Medvedev, or any other Russian thug? Not me.

As for the pipsqueak, Obama, the phone rang at 3:00 am and its clear he wasn’t ready; too busy in Hawaii, don’t ya know! Really, whose hands do you trust to keep this country safe?


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