I can’t let this one slip away.

OK, boys and girls, let’s file this under “Dumbest Political Non-Issue of 2008!”

Yesterday afternoon and into the evening all we heard from the media morons and talking heads were the sordid details about the big” slip-up John McCain made. What big slip-up you say? Did McCain call Barack Osama perhaps?

No, no, no. The great slip-up, as deemed by the Obama camp and its minions in the MSM, was because when asked, “how many homes do you own?”, McCain was unable to give an accurate answer. Wooooo! Know what means, don’t you? It means McCain’s an elitist! See? No, me neither. Talk about a crock and a waste of time.

Well, given the circumstances, his wife and her family’s wealth, the separation of finances and investments that must be maintained, etc. I am hard pressed to figure out why anyone would call this a “slip-up” or mistake.

Oh, that’s right, this is campaign time, Obama’s numbers are going into the toilet and that’s the best Obama’s campaign can come up with.

What’s that in the background . . . the sound of desperation and Obama’s poll numbers going down, again!

Memo to the Obama campaign : if this is the best you can do against McCain, I’d say it’s time to pack it in. Hey, but have fun in Denver!

You know what they say about people in glass houses throwing stones!


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