Anyone remember back a few months ago when there were charges that someone had taken a look at Obama’s passport records? Keith Olbermann did an entire hysterical hour about this breach.

Within days it became another non-story foisted upon us by the MSM and the cable networks when it was later reported someone had also looked at Hillary’s records and (I believe) McCain’s records. Surprise, surprise, Olbermann hasn’t hysterical about those security breaches!

Maybe there was something to the passport snooping, after all.

Based on the information up on the Northeast Intelligence Network a lawsuit (was) filed in the Eastern District of Pennsylvania might be the catalyst that will compel democratic presidential candidate Barack Hussein OBAMA to produce legitimate birth records that would verify his citizenship and thus, his eligibility to be president.

Pennsylvania attorney Phillip BERG filed for DECLARTORY AND INJUNCTIVE RELIEF against OBAMA and the DNC. Whatever one might think of the petitioner (plaintiff) in this case, these are legitimate questions that must be answered.

I have been asking questions about Obama’s citizenship/duel citizenship (?) for weeks. This isn’t going away. Take a look and judge for yourself.



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  2. RAy

    Someone has been passing around a “birth certificate,” claiming it’s Obama’s. That green document is not a birth certificate. It’s a forgery. Where is his birth weight? Measurements? Hospital? City? This is a huge lie!!! Where is the REQUIRED signature of the delivery physician? I have never seen such a coverup in 26 years of journalism! Where is the handwritten or typed birth certificate made on the day of Barack Obama’s birth?

  3. Jennifer

    I’m not saying anything about Obama in particular – but I will say that my birth certificate doesn’t have my birthweight, size, etc. It simply says “Certificate of Live Birth,” my name and a seal of the state in which I was born. Don’t assume everyone’s BC looks like yours.

  4. Another lawsuit at Supreme Court which originated from New Jersey is asking Clarence Thomas for relief because Obama is not natural born citizen of United States due to Obama ‘s father,Obama Sr,being a citizen of Kenya and thus giving Obama dual citizenship, which disqualifies him from presidency assuming that it were true that Obama was born in Hawaii.

  5. Frank

    Um, he already produced a legitimate Birth Certificate. It’s not a forgery and there is more than ample evidence to support this. Repetition does not make something true. Ray, are you saying you have 26 years of journalism experience? If so, all I have to say is wow. You might want to try a little research before you spout off like that.

    Where is the Federal Law that requires the original birth certificate to prove his status? Anyone want to point me to it? Anyone know where Bush’s original handwritten certificate is?

    The other lawsuit on his duel citizenship will go nowhere. Research the statutes and case law on Natural Born Citizen. Obama is a natural born citizen of the US. He has provided a verifiable birth certificate with the appropriate seal and signature with positive confirmation from the State of Hawaii.

    So I ask again, where is the evidence of a conspiracy? EVIDENCE, not self-referential statements.

    Anyone can file a lawsuit, especially off the cuff attorneys looking for publicity.

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