Here’s the question that everyone in the MSM, the Superdelegates, the DNC, the Kool-Aid kids, and all those who have chosen to back Obama despite his thin record of accomplishment, his arrogance, his ineffectiveness as a U.S. Senator. etc. need to ask themselves.

If the answer is no, you hold the answer as to why Obama will loose in November.

Those in the black community should be asking themselves this question, as well. Why? Because when the Obiden ticket is defeated, and it will be defeated, all those who tried to shove BHO down our throats will have to face the fact that the defeat will not be because Obama is multi-racial, black, or any other hue in the spectrum.

This defeat will be because the DNC et. al., (in all their wisdom ) decided to back the weaker candidate. Their decisions, including behaving like the Republicans in 2000, by fixing the process and selecting Obama, by dissing & ignoring Hillary’s 18, 000,000 voters, will be wholly responsible for McCain gaining the White House.

Will someone take the scissors away from these people, they are a danger to themselves!

For months, I’ve been saying that Obama will loose in November. I’m not alone, anyone reading this blog can trace this. A look at my blogroll will show the diversity of dissent against Obama and his Cheney-like choice for VP, Joe Biden.

The truth is, absent some unforeseen cataclysmic event on the horizon for McCain and the Republicans, never before in the annals of political history will so many in a position of power and influence have listened to so few, to produce such a predictable loss.

I’ve said this on more than one occasion. When you become what you say you hate, you have lost your soul. When those leading the Democratic Party decided that the way to win the White House was to behave like the worst (not the best) of Republicans, they lost the soul of the party and in the process they lost most of the 18,000.000 voters who supported Hillary!

And they wonder why this race is a dead heat?!?


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