OK, boys ‘n girls, file another one under, “you can’t make this stuff up!”

FOX & MSNBC have been reporting that when Obama gives his acceptance speech in front of 75,000 people (who BTW, will need to wait 10 hours in the stadium before he speaks) at Invesco Field on Thursday night it will be against a backdrop of columns … sort of a Greek temple! Yes, that’s right. Not only that, the cable shows are reporting that he will be standing on some of platform that will rise up skyward! Rising like the Phoenix or Atlas, or just what? Please tell me that the reason for this foolishness is because this dramatic silly backdrop is supposed to harken us back to JFK’s speech in the Coliseum. Pleease tell me that!  It’s supposed to be Camelot comes to Denver, right?  Yuk!

Now I don’t know if there will be voices in the background singing and some kind of smoke or mist being used to give us an all over total effect, but I gotta say, if you want to dispel the embedded notion of you & your campaign being pretentious, and at times silly and vacuous this is the way to go. One word of caution, Barack, if you do have singers in the background, be sure they aren’t singing “Amen” . . . a touch overboard for my tastes! Alright everybody let’s sing, Viva Las Vegas, viva Las Vegas.

Who thought this up?

The same people that gave us the fake Obama presidential seal . . . the same people that thought it was a good idea to take the American flag off of the private plane Obama tools aground in and replace it with the round Obama seal we’ve all come to snicker at . . . the same people who thought that it would enhance Obama’s image in the US by speaking in front of 200,000 Germans in Berlin? Give me a break!

More news and videos at 11! Viva, viva Las Vegas.


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