Its official; Barack Obama, is no longer the Democratic Party’s presumptive nominee. The mainstream media’s narrative will be fulfilled. Barack will give his acceptance speech 45 years after Dr. Martin Luther King gave his “I have a Dream” speech.

Ok, ready now? Together, let’s sing Kumbaya My Lord” because now the world will love us and tyrants like Hugo Chavez will suddenly change, his policies against the U.S. looked at anew, because Barack is multiracial, don’t you know.

Yes, as expected the Clintons did their job and propped up Obama, in the process reminding us how good they really are, how savvy really they are. Barack, on the other hand, gave us a surprise appearance last night to remind us how he remains all style and no substance. As one of the talking heads said this morning, “You can’t continue to live on cotton candy.” What is it they say? The past is prologue. In other words, don’t be when surprised empty now becomes empty later!

Now that Obama is officially the Dem’s nominee, this morning it became OK to mention Lyndon Johnson and all the work he did (along with many, many others) to move civil rights movement forward. Ah, racist no more! Like the Clintons were called by Obama’s team in South Carolina, like Geraldine Ferraro was, like anyone not of a particular color was, when voicing any concerns about Obama and his lack of experience.

What are we left with is a man that will use movie set with fake Greek columns behind him, to help make him look presidential! When JFK spoke in the Coliseum the columns were real and he didn’t need any help to look presidential. Is there no one on Obama’s team that can recognize how incredibly TACKY this looks? Has anyone in the Obama camp ever heard of the words BAD TASTE? Why would any campaign leave their candidate open to the late night comics and others? The McCain campaign is calling the backdrop the “Temple to Obama” and that’s the mild stuff.

The comments on the Internet and in the blogosphere have been high gear for the last 24 hours, almost all poking fun at the ridiculous backdrop and the silly notion that this will really make a difference with Hillary’s 18 million voters, the ones Barack described as typically white, bitter, and clinging onto their guns and religion.

What we’re left with is a changed Democratic Party, yuppie-fied, dense, and tone deaf. We’re left with fake columns and a propped up candidate that constantly reminds us that there’s not much there there.


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