I was thinking about this, after learning that John McCain’s VP choice is Sarah Palin. Her story and credentials are very attractive and compelling. I say this as a supporter of Hillary Clinton, a long time Democrat now a PUMA, a business woman, a Catholic.

Palin is a very pro-life Republican, mother of 5 children, the most recent child born months ago. What makes this last birth so (many would say) extraordinary is the fact that Palin knew in advance that this child had Downs Syndrome and chose not to abort the child. That makes her a hero in my book because I know this couldn’t have been an easy decision.

Over the years, I’ve been involved in many passionate discussions with men and women about the pro-life pro-choice debate. Yet, I have always been ambivalent about abortion while firmly defending a woman’s right to choose. A very dear friend of mine, herself a mother of 4 children, the last girl born late in life and mentally challenged, told me if pro-choice had been an option she would not have borne this girl because of the negative impact it had on her and her husband and family. I never knew any woman that took abortion lightly . . . not one.

Despite Rome’s position on contraception and like most American Catholics I have no problem with birth control. In years past, big families were the norm. I remember one family with 15 children! That means the mother of this family had been pregnant for 12 years of her life. Wrap your head around that one! One rarely sees Catholic families with 5, 6. 7 children today; two or three children seem to be the norm.

All of that having been said, I wonder how Teddy Kennedy and Caroline Kennedy can support Barack Obama coming from one of the most Catholic family’s in America. The Catholic Church’s position on on conception and abortion are very clear. On March 29th when talking about his daughters, Obama said, “if his daughters made a mistake, he didn’t want them punished with a baby.” He referred to his possible grand child as a mistake. As usual, the MSM skipped over this one, but the blogoshpere did not.

I cannot stand in judgment of anyone, but I remain puzzled on the Kennedy’s support of Barack Obama given his position on abortion.


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