To anyone that doesn’t recognize how brilliant McCain’s choice of Sarah Palin is, might I suggest you are one of people that usually sees the trees and misses the forest. If one is looking at the totality of what she brings to the ticket, it’s easy to see why there is panic on the Dem’s side.

Let me state up front, I have never been excited about a Republican candidate, never, not once! I’ve been a Democrat/Independent all of my life. I’m a PUMA now and proud of it, a Hillary supporter that is excited to see a person like Sarah Palin, not because she’s a woman, but because she is the type of person we need in Washington who happens to be a woman!

There were were exceptions over the years. I did vote for Dick Thornberg when he ran for Governor of Pennsylvania. He was Republican and a great governor. When he left office, he left the state with surplus. Bob Casey followed Thornberg. A Democrat, when he left, he left the state with a deficit. Need I say more?

So, how good is Sarah Palin? I think even if Hillary had been on the Democratic ticket that McCain would have chosen her. She’s a reformer, a maverick, a woman with a record of accomplishment that includes lowering taxes in Alaska, meeting corruption head on and defeating it, a woman tough enough to head to head with the oil companies and win for the people in her state.

Know what else, she’s as tough as Hillary. Anyone that can play on a winning state championship basketball team with a stress fracture has my admiration . . . big time. I say this as a woman who has competed in many sports and as a former coach . . . that’s true grit, that’s tough . . . toughness that could meet any challenge as Vice President or President.

Had the Democrats been smart enough to make Hillary the party’s nominee, Sarah would have been great as “counter programming” on the Republican ticket. To anyone that wants to compare Palin to Dan Quayle, might I suggest that, that kind of comparison makes you sound stupid!

Hillary challenged Obama to a “bowl off” when they were in Pennsylvania. If Sarah challenges Obama to “shoot off” on the basketball court, I‘m putting my money on Sarah! Here’s another thing we know . . . she wouldn’t go duck hunting with a six-shooter! 🙂



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  1. Skeptical

    Let me make sure I understand this. You supported Hillary Clinton, who is pro-choice, supports equality for gays, respects science, and for universal health care. Because she lost the primary to Obama, who shares many of these views, you are now excited by a woman on the extreme religious right, who has the polar opposite view on all those issues?

    Okey dokely.

  2. Jeremy

    Good for you, you recognize how dangerous BO really is, and how great SP is as our VP Nom! May God bless them, and they actually make it (it may also surprise you that I am a very conservative republican, but was “pulling” for Hillary Clinton (never had I ever thought that day would come, but it did ;-D..) in the Democratic Primary, heck she may be a democrat, but at least I came to respect her candidacy and believe that BO is another kind of Democrat that is actually dangerous to this nation!!!

    Go Palin/McCain.

  3. sportsone234


    Let’s address the pro-choice pro-life topic first. When it was clear that the radical DNC, the Obama team, and a host others were going to screw Hillary and her supporters, many of us made the following abundantly clear.

    Don’t wave the abortion flag in front of us like a red flag in front of a bull and think we will vote for BHO. One of the reasons is because neonatal science has progressed exponentially since Roe. V Wade became law.

    Candidly for me, it was a lot easier to support pro-choice when I thought we were talking about the equivalent of a couple of cells in a petri dish. Today we know we have a fully formed fetus at 10 weeks. The concept of a late term abortion is something I can barely comprehend now that I know how close to person hood these fetuses are. If a mother’s life is a stake, for me personally, that is an exception I can live with.

    The truth is this battle will remain with the states, where pro-choice options may be limited but not eliminated.

    One of Palin’s first acts as governor was to veto a bill that would have denied gays the same rights as married couples. That was a reasonable response in my book. Sounds like a Clintonion resolution similar to the “don’t ask, don’t tell” policy.

    My reasons for supporting her are because she had the stones to stand up against the oil companies in her state, to fight corruption and throw the bums out, and because she stopped that boondoggle
    that Senator Stevens wanted, the Bridge to Nowhere.

    Seems to me you should look at BHO and ask yourself what he really stands for because its not campaign finance reform, or FISA, or endless list of issues he’s flip flopped on.

    BTW, isn’t Barry now in favor of “faith based initiatives?” It was a lousy idea when Bush first proposed it and (as far as I’m concerned) it’s still a lousy idea.

  4. sportsone234


    Thank you for your comment. It may be time for all of us to re-think blind party loyalty and the names the media and a host of politicians have used to to divide and separate us.

    Of late, McCain has been showing banners with “Country before party.” I’ve been saying that for weeks along with a long list of former Obamakins, conservatives, independents etc.

    We want real change and we are smart to recognize that a good idea is a good idea whether it comes from a Democrat, a Republican, conservative, liberal, independent, whatever! We need to move this country forward!

    It is time for us to take this country back and make the people we elect accountable. If we’re being honest, the truth is the Republican Congress under Bush 43 was a 6 year partisan failure and the last two years under Pelosi and Reid has also been a failure.

    As far as I’m concerned, I’d like to see 80 or 90 % of them replaced. Unfortunately that won’t happen this time but one thing we can’t afford is the Dem’s controlling all three branches of government.

    That alone should be a reason to get up and get out and vote for McCain/Palin!

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