OK boys ‘ girls, let’s go with the Dem’s first attack, the first in a series.

McCain picked Sarah Palin just because she’s a woman. And we know that, why? Well, because its been reported that McCain had only one phone call with her 5 o 6 months before he picked her.

Might I offer the following observation. That kind of comment should be expected from a group that vetted multiple choices for the Democratic VP and the best they could come up with, after many months of searching, was Joe Biden. The only interesting name, as reported by the MSM, was Chet Edwards, but he was eliminated because of fears that the great unwashed, the voters of this country might get his name mixed up with John Edwards.

The truth is Palin was always on McCain’s list.

Far from being a last-minute tactical move or a second choice when better known alternatives were eliminated, Palin was very much in McCain’s thinking from the beginning of the selection process, according to McCain’s advisers. The 44-year-old governor made every cut as the first list of candidates assembled last spring was slowly winnowed. The more McCain learned about her, the more attracted he was to her as someone who shared his maverick, anti-establishment instincts.

But indulge me for a moment. Suppose, as the dem’s are trying to spin it, McCain’s look at her was minimal. So what? The first time you tasted ice cream or chocolate, did you need six months to decide if you liked it? No?

Never heard of love at first sight? Did Charlie Brown need six months to figure out he was in love with “the little red haired girl” that sat in front of him? No!

Let me reverse the analogy. If you take of taste of something that is rotten or vile, you need to eat the entire pot, in order to be sure? No?!?

The truth is, sometimes people, events, things are so self evident that excruciating, mind-numbing, lengthly investigations are not necessary. Sarah Palin is that good and her record is that self-evident, and that’s why the Dem’s are reduced to such inane stupidity.

The truth is, if Sarah’s first name was Sam, if we were talking about Sam’s record of accomplishment, whether McCain had spent one hour, one day, or one year vetting Sam Palin wouldn’t even be a topic of conversation. Sexist pricks! Go Sarah, go McCain!


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