How “hard up” do you have to be to try gain political advantage by jumping on the back of a 17 year old girl who finds herself pregnant?

There isn’t enough bile, contempt, or disdain that I can convey in this post for the Daily KOS and the trolls in the blogosphere trying to smear Sarah Palin’s candidacy by using her daughter’s pregnancy. I hope there is a special place in hell for the pond scum masquerading as human beings doing this!

Imagine how tough it has to be for this girl, not that these creeps care. It’s not bad enough being pregnant, but now, literally the whole world knows about it.

I’ll give Obama credit. His immediate reaction concerning Bristol Palin and her family was “hands off” . . . children of candidates are off limits.

For the first time since he has run for the presidency, I’ve seen Obama step and do the right thing without prompting. Too bad he didn’t that when Hillary was getting pilloried. He gets credits in my book anyway.


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