Vetting Experts? Since When?

Is it me? Since when did the talking heads on MSNBC and CNN become vetting experts?

In fact, does anyone remember a time when the media felt so compelled to comment and criticize the vetting process of any political campaign?

Which one of these airheads has worked on a political campaign or served on a committee or group that has actually vetted a nominee? Olbermann? Cafferty? Campbell Brown? Willie Geist? No? How ’bout ole Wolf Blitzer, or Andrea Mitchell? No?

What we are witnessing is the MSM’s “tissy fit” because John McCain led them astray with his foxy choice for VP, Sarah Palin. I mean after all, shouldn’t they have been consulted, OR given a “heads-up”, OR something? OK, all together now, “waaanaa, sob, sob!”

What a bunch of jackasses!


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