The conventions are finally over and after 19 months of campaigning as the “change” candidate where does Barack H. Obama find himself?

Well for starters, he’s behind in the national polls. According to the latest USA Today/Gallup poll the McCain/Palin ticket has pulled ahead of the Obama/Biden ticket by 10%.

By any standard these are impressive numbers!

Among likely voters McCain leads Obama 54% to 44%

Among registered voters McCain leads Obama 48% to 45%

I don’t suppose that anyone gave any thought to the fact that if you campaign for 19 months, that at some point you become old news to the electorate and the MSM.

Barack, with Sarah on the scene to shake things up, you are so yesterday’s news. BTW, no one has to ask “Sarah who?” I’ll bet that no one gave any thought to the fact that adding an old war horse like Biden to “change ticket” completely deflates and invalidates the concept. Nope, sure didn’t!

Among the findings:

• Before the convention, Republicans by 47%-39% were less enthusiastic than usual about voting. Now, they are more enthusiastic by 60%-24%, a sweeping change that narrows a key Democratic advantage. Democrats report being more enthusiastic by 67%-19%.

• Alaska Gov. Sarah Palin, a national unknown before McCain chose her for the ticket 10 days ago, draws a strong reaction from voters on both sides. Now, 29% say she makes them more likely to vote for McCain, 21% less likely.

Obama’s choice of Delaware Sen. Joe Biden as running mate made 14% more likely to vote for the Democrat, 7% less likely.

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