Just how many times are we to give Obama the benefit of the doubt? Looks like the “lipstick flap” shows us once again, how the Dem’s and Barack’s campaign just don’t get it.

Remember when Barack called that female reporter, Sweetie? Or, how ’bout  when . . . he wasn’t really “flipping off” Hillary Clinton, he was just brushing off criticism?

And now, we have the old “lipstick on a pig” routine.

I must confess I have used this saying in a post before. I first heard Ann Richards, when she was running against George Bush for Governor of Texas, make it a part of her speech. The difference is, when she said it, it was funny and her opponent had no connection or reference point to the word that people could connect.

Don’t tell me yet another lame attempt at humor by Barack wasn’t somehow planned or part of his consciousness. Remember his dumb comment about Hillary going duck hunting with a six shooter? That wasn’t funny either.

I’ve said this before. if you are going to use humor as a weapon against your opponent, you’d better have a deft hand. So tell me again, Sarah was put on the GOP ticket just because she’s a woman. Looks to me Barack just got sliced and diced!

Maybe that’s what they mean by field dressing in Alaska. Barack, pucker up, baby . . . the GOP and women across America want to give you a big SMOOCH!


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