The postmortem on how Obama & the Democratic Party lost the November ’08 election is being written 56 days before election day on November 4, 2008.

You can say you read it hear first, the same way moments after McCain picked Sarah Palin for the VP spot, I pointed out it was a brilliant choice.

Obama has lost, you know. You can’t have a 20% swing in the woman’s vote in less than 10 days, with virtually every tracking poll giving McCain the lead and think there was ever a chance.

Hear that hysterical chorus in the background? That’s the sound of the Obamabots, the elitists, the chardonnay sipping, arrugula chomping, supercilious, sanctimonious fools who really believed that “winning by any means” meant winning by tossing out all that the Democratic Party stood for . . . including 18,000,000 of its voters.

It’s not simply that McCain’s addition of Palin to the GOP ticket became a game changer like no other in recent political history. It’s that Obama and his team, and the DNC, together with the MSM (and in particular MSNBC), treated most of the voting public with disdain and derision.

One need only look to their campaign of “toughness against the McCain campaign” and ask what groups of voters didn’t they piss off in the process?

Apparently no one on the Obama side ever heard of the “effect of causal reaction” or understood that attack ads should be focused on the candidates and not tied to habits of potential voters. For example when Obama ran his campaign ads against McCain saying he was too old and technologically inept to vote for, boomers across America said, “stuff it smart ass” on their blogs and in endless messages across the Internet.

The Obama people turned off women, white collar and blue collar workers, working moms, small business owners, gun owners “bitterly” clinging onto their religion and weapons, people over 50, independents, long time Democratic voters, people in small towns, Hillary supporters, pro-life supporters, the majority of the country that wants to drill for oil . . . the list is endless!

The truth is, once the McCain machine really got into gear, Obama’s campaign always looked like St. Mary’s JV squad against the New England Patriots. Let’s see, the voters choices were Obama ( with no experience) and his running mate, (open mouth insert foot) Biden or the maverick McCain paired with the maverick Palin. Hands down, the change team was the GOP’s not the Dem’s as soon as Palin joined McCain.

Rather than compete by legitimately discussing issues and legitimately comparing records the Obama camp and its PR firm MSNBC, decided that personally picking apart the 17 year daughter of Sarah Palin, trying to paint Governor Palin as a conservative far to the right of Bush, and trying to make the McCain/Palin ticket a third Bush term was a better tactic. IT WAS ALWAYS A LOSING TACTIC! McCain’s style of politics have never been like Bush’s . . . and saying in over and over doesn’t make it so!

In fact, every time the media in its many forms including NY Times columnists Frank Rich, Maureen Dowd, Sally Quinn from the Post, Chris Matthews, Rachael Maddow, Keith Olbermann, Jack Cafferty, Wolf Blizter, Campbell Brown etc. etc. etc poked a stick at her family, distorted her record, and hurled a false accusation at Palin another voter left the Dem’s to vote with the GOP.

History will record that when the Democratic Party lost the 2008 election, the eighth loss in ten elections, the loss wasn’t because of Obama’s race. It was because of the hubris and lack of humility of the Dean/Brazille/Pelosi/ Reid neo-con Democrats, The Daily KO’s, HufPo, & many others including the trolling Obamabots.

History will record that never have so few listened to the voices of so many and disregarded them . . . throwing those voices and their votes into the garbage heap and then acted surprised when they lost, AGAIN!


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