MSNBC is investigating allegations that Governor Sarah Palin has been caught ripping off “do not remove” pillow tags.

Sources inside the Palin home spoke to MSNBC’s David Schuster, on the condition of anonymity fearing retaliation from the Governor. Inside sources say that Palin has a long history of tearing tags off of pillows. It is also alleged the “do not remove” tag tearing extends to cushions and comforters in addition to bedroom pillows and throws.

It is not known if, John McCain, the GOP presidential candidate was aware of Palin’s addiction prior to his selection of Palin as his running mate and choice for the office of Vice President of the United States.

This has been a busy day for Schuster, as he also broke the “tanning bed scandal” during MSNBC’s afternoon programming.

It seems soon after Palin was elected Governor of Alaska that she had a private tanning bed installed in the Governor’s mansion. Schuster reported that Palin used her own money to buy the used equipment that was eventually installed.

It is not known if Palin used her office to pressure the seller of the used equipment to get a better price, or if she used the power of her office to keep people from finding out about her addiction to tag tearing.

Schuster ended this report with the words, “I thought you should know!”


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