Heather Mallick, is a columnist at Canadian Broadcasting Corp (CBC) who has written what I’m sure, she deems the quintessential snarky assessment of Sarah Palin. In fact, it is a stunning indictment of Obama supporters in and out the MSM, an indictment of the frantic left, the liberal elitists, the Feminazis who look at Palin with fear a loathing.

Sprinkled throughout the hit piece, Mallick gleefully uses terms like hick vote, no-hoper ladies, Alaska Hillbilly to describe McCain/Palin supporters. Republican men are sexual inadequates, Republican women represent the Tacky branch of America . . . tres clever, right? Mallick defines white trash as follows:

White trash — not trailer trash, that’s something different — is rural, loud, proudly unlettered (like Bush himself), suspicious of the urban, frankly disbelieving of the foreign, and a fan of the American cliché of authenticity. The semiotics are pure Palin: a sturdy body, clothes that are clinging yet boxy and a voice that could peel the plastic seal off your new microwave.

Mallick, who considers herself part of the “thoughtful demographic” (that supports Obama) turns hers guns on Palin’s daughter, soon to be son in law, her husband, her hair, lips, and clothes. Only the family cat was unscathed by Mallick malicious regurgitation of filth.

I didn’t think Obama supporters, particularly in the media and on the lunatic left, or the smug pseudo-sophisticates could sound anymore desperate, juvenile, hateful or transparent. I was wrong! While I’m at it, let’s add boorish, rude, and predictable to the list of their offenses against most of America. This article is special in that it hits “new highs in low class” political activism disguised as commentary.

What we are witnessing is an all out media war against John McCain’s choice for Vice President and running mate, Sarah Palin.

Apparently extremism flourishes on the Canadian side of the border as well as in the confines of the cloistered and trendy mansions of Los Angeles, Georgetown, and NYC where the glitterati knowingly live; supremely superior to the rest of us!

Know what drives all these old time radical feminists crazy about Palin? Aside from the fact she remains the most complete woman I have every seen, she has made her choices and they weren’t their choices! She’s happy . . . happy with her life and with herself. She has a career, a husband who supports her, and a family. Palin is everything these old pusses aren’t and never could be. As Mallick herself points out, there are a host of women who grow up jealous of other women.

Ms. Mallick, after reading your hate filled article, the only white trash I see, is you! You are nothing but a sad empty vessel.



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  1. Joe Freeze

    ummm… palin supporters are white trash, as i’m guessing you are (given your writing style).


  2. sportsone234


    Did you read the entire post? The slug “white trash” referred to Heather Mallick, the CBC columnist who trashed Sarah Palin and all things not Obama with glee.

    The title was dripping in sarcasm and derision and the post cited numerous examples of Mallick’s hate speech.

    I respect Sarah Palin, even if I don’t agree with all of her political positions, particularly as they relate to the environment.

    Can’t imagine how you missed this. I was offended by Mallick’s crude, rude comments, not Palin!

  3. marya

    I love Sarah Palin. She’s such an anomaly. Naming her a candidate for vice-president is akin to Alexander the Great naming his much-loved horse, Bucephalus, a general. It’s just so darn cute!

  4. sportsone234


    Your comment is just so darn cute … so droll.

    BTW, what did you think of your boy’s “truth squads” in Missouri? Governor Blunt, didn’t think much . . . saying, “What Senator Obama and his helpers are doing (trying to suppress free speech) is scandalous beyond words.”

    Oh, but that’s right. You’re an Obama fanatic, you don’t read or think do you? You only quip & snipe.

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