The Vice Presidential debate is over, and as they you gotta give the devil his/her due.  I’ve become so cynical this political season, that I didn’t believe Ifill would turn in an impartial performance.  She did.

When the media plays it “fair ‘n square”  we all win.  Good for you Gwen.

Gwen Ifill is going to moderate the Vice Presidential debate . . . the one and only debate?!?

What Chris Matthews or Keith Olbermann weren’t available? Give me a break!

Wait, no, why not have Tina Fey or Bill Maher as moderators because this is going to be a joke!

How many softballs do you think Ifill sends Biden’s way? You all know Biden, the VP candidate that thinks Roosevelt went on TV to address the nation when Wall Street crashed in 1929! Think Gwen will ask him about that? Or, how ’bout that harrowing incident when his helicopter “went down” in Afghanistan in a hale of snow flakes.

You will have to excuse now, I’ve got to find some forks so I can start sticking them in my head. Any instrument will do, right now.


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