WHAT’S THE MATTER WITH ANDREW SULLIVAN? What is his problem with Sarah Palin? I don’t get it. The Log Cabin Republicans have thrown their support to her. He is a long time member of the group, is he not?

One would think he’d be in support of her candidacy and of her choice for Vice President by John McCain. One of Palin’s first acts as Governor of Alaska was to veto a bill that would have denied gay couples the same benefits as are paid to married heterosexual couples in Alaska. Regardless of her personal feelings (is being gay a choice?) she did the right thing for the right reasons. Public policy was adhered to according to the law. Isn’t that what we want in this country?

Instead, he’s part of the Palin disinformation squad in the media. Witness his September 29th post at The Atlantic.com entitled The Lies and Lies of Sarah Palin. Say what? The article is so nitpicky and silly, one would have thought it had been generated by the Obama nutroots, the Kool-Aid Kids. Here are a few examples:

  • Sarah Palin didn’t sell the governor’s jet on eBay. He’s splitting hairs here. The plane was on eBay, but didn’t sell and was taken off the site. A private investor was found and the Alaskan taxpayers recouped most of the money expended in the original purchase.
  • Palin has talked (eloquently, in MHO) about one of her best friends who happens to be gay. Sullivan says he couldn’t find any of her gay friends, so therefore they don’t exist. Hard to imagine where & how he looked. I guess he expected that people in Alaska run around with labels on their foreheads with words that say, “I’m one of Sarah’s gay friends!” IDIOT!
  • According to Sullivan, Palin’s teleprompter didn’t fail at the GOP Convention. Hey, all I know is the MSM media reported this, as did FOX. Other than Sullivan no one has disputed she had teleprompter problems in the middle of her speech.

Sarah Palin does bring on extreme reactions from old school 70’s feminists and the crazies on lunatic left who are afraid the right to abortions will cease. What is important here is that Palin continues to demonstrate she doesn’t let her personal feelings interfere with public policy.

She may be opposed to abortion on demand, but she supports the use of condoms and the teaching of abstinence only policy in conjunction with other information. Sounds like a pragmatic approach to me.

Ah, but I digress. The question remains, what’s Sullivan’s problem. All I know is when I heard him on Bill Maher’s show two weeks ago deconstructing Palin, I thought he and Maher must have been “doing lines” of Kool-Aid before the show.


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