I can’t let this one go by. Welcome to the future if we let Islamic fundamentalists/extremists win the War on Terror.

If you are under 30, assuming you read about more than the latest fashion trends and the other pop culture nonsense we are bombarded with on a daily basis, you may not know that once there was a large and active Christian community in Lebanon, Egypt, and many other countries into Asia. No more.

Once the Islamic terrorists get entrenched, Christians had better take cover. The same is true for any religion that is not Islamic. There is no religious tolerance in their world.

Over the weekend two more Christians were killed in Mosul.

Bet, you didn’t find this in the NY Times … no, no, no …. they are too busy tearing down the McCain campaign. The MSM has forgotten how to report the news and the AP is too busy calling Palin a racist because she brought the Ayres/Obama connection.

This is from a post on Weasel Zippers.

Mosul (AsiaNews)A new attack against the Christians in Mosul: yesterday afternoon, an armed group assassinated Hazim Thomaso Youssif, age 40.The ambush took place in front of his clothing store in Bab Sarray; it is not yet known who ordered the killing, but it is suspected that it is the work of Islamic fundamentalists, in a city that has long been the theater of deadly attacks on the Christian community.

On the same day, 15-year-old Ivan Nuwya, also a Christian, was killed. The young man was shot to death in front of his home in the neighborhood of Tahrir, in front of the local mosque of Alzhara.

And this:

In 2007, the Iraqi Christian community suffered 47 deaths, 13 of them in Mosul: these include Fr Ragheed Gani, murdered on June 3, and two other priests.

Remember when we had real news organizations in this country with bureau chiefs all over Europe, the mid and far East? Today the networks are filled with entertainment reporters, talking heads, bloviators, and news hounds more interested in face time than informing the public.

Take a look at the Asia News website and weep. Remember when we used to get the real news in this country? One need not be Catholic to see that the news covered here is catholic (universal) in scope.


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