“Just words?”, Obama has intoned. Just words? I think not.

The unending and unprecedented attacks against female candidates that have the temerity to run against the “Annointed One” in this election year have gone from bad to so far over the line that Obama needs to address this overt violence against Sarah Palin. NOW!

This is what Obama’s silence about the vicious attacks against Sarah Palin (and Hillary before) has wrought! This video is pornographic violence and should make you ill.

The faux feminists are just as complicit with their constant attacks against Palin. I call it “Palin Envy” because Sarah Palin is everything many of these faux feminists are not . . . not the least of which is being happy within her own skin, happy with the choices she has made.

Of course, let us not forget that Palin is a Republican and pro-life, and that is what really makes her detestable to these horrid, dried up old feminists. That’s why Sandra Bernhard can call for Palin to be gang raped by 4 of Berndard’s black brothers. Vile!

Obama either denounces this overt act of video pornographic violence, or he doesn’t deserve to be president.

The actions of the man in this video need to be soundly condemned as do the Obamabots that wear Sarah Palin cunt tees. The tees and the video are symptomatic of the kind of “fascist/sexist” behavior exhibited by the Obama supporters who feel this is acceptable and the rules of civil behavior do not apply to them. Well, the rules about what constitutes acceptable behavior do apply to them!

You sir, Senator Obama, have to take responsibility for the rampant sexist behavior that is polluting the country because of your refusal to address so obvious an issue that affects over 50% of the country. Your deafening silence gives tacit approval to behavior that should rightly be condemned. You sir, set the tone of your campaign. You alone! If you can bring 100,000 people out to hear you speak, you can help turn this torrent of violent sexist behavior off!

You gave a speech about racism in this country. Now you need to step up to the plate and give a speech about sexism and violence against women. Forget yourself and your campaign for just once this election cycle!

Think about your daughters and all the girls and women across this country who will suffer if you remain silent! Violence against one women is violence against all women . . . even if you don’t agree with their political views. Be the kind of man your mother would be proud of.



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  1. Michelle

    I would love to see this white girl get in there and clean up the thugs in Washington. They know she’s capable, that’s why they are so intimidated. Don’t believe them that they aren’t or they wouldnt be so focused on destroying Palin’s credibility, fortunately for us, it’s only making her more popular and loved by Americans. It ain’t over yet folks. Get out and vote and let your anger over this sexism resonate at the polls.

  2. chitown junkie

    Not much to say here, pictures show it all! No class, but that should be expected.

  3. chitown junkie

    Terry Tate= Affirmative action

  4. maybe Sandra Bernhardt could get her big black men friends to gang rape him, that would be funny like his video…. What a piece of human waste!

  5. Terry Tate is a neanderthal.

    Obama’s silence on this matter is hideous. For someone so thin skinned, you would think he’d have the decency to say something.

  6. Phelbin

    So what do we say now? Clearly, Palin is just plain incompetent. To compare her to Hilary Clinton is absurd. Hilary is exceptionally intelligent, capable and hardworking. Palin on the other hand sounds like she needs some remedial high school history. I hope she runs in 2012. That would be quite entertaining.

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