Ok, boys ‘n girls, if this doesn’t scare the hell out of you, I don’t know what will.

Know how we’ve been gently poking fun at the Obamabots, the Kool-Aid kids? Maybe there is a real reason for their incoherent, incomprehensible behavior. Ever hear of NLP or Neuro-linguistic programming? Me neither, until someone directed me to this YouTube video a few minutes ago.

Now before anyone “jumps ugly” I’m not here to support or defend NLP or testify to its efficacy. I only ask you only to consider it is possible that the reason we’ve seen so many American voters behaving like sheeples in a trance is because they are in a trance.

View the video and contemplate my questions at the end.

  1. How is it possible that 5 days before the election we still do not know if Obama is eligible to run for the office of POTUS . . . that his refusal to provide the vault copy of his birth certificate remains largely unreported by the MSM . . . that we have an attorney trying to get the Supreme Court to force this basic documentation from Obama and the DNC?
  2. Why no air time on this even if you think Berg is a whack job? Is this not a bigger story than what RNC spends on Palin’s clothes?
  3. Why is getting proper documentation from Obama and the DNC even an issue?
  4. Can you name a single candidate for president, for any office, that had a logo designed to be used with every association of the candidate’s campaign? Name one candidate that has used a specially designed logo as a method of branding other than Hitler’s swastika or Obama’s red, white, and blue circle.
  5. How can anyone forget that creepy video with the kids singing, “Obama’s gonna change it” and “yes we can, can, can?”
  6. Anyone forget the Obama “Truth Squads” in Missouri or questioned why there has been so little coverage of this outrage? The differnce between the concept of Truth Squads and Brown shirts is what now?
  7. Has anyone forgotten Obama’s “phony presidential seal” or the removing of the American flag from his plane only to replaced with the Obama brand logo?
  8. How ’bout those President Obama coins the DNC has been passing out for weeks?
  9. Think the Philadelphia TV and the Florida TV station will be the only media to be sanctioned by a faux President Obama?
  10. Think dissent of any kind will be tolerated in a faux Obama presidency? Think Joe the Plumber is an aberration?

There are other questions to ask yourself, including why would anyone vote for this man?



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  1. sportsone234


    It is the facts that scare me.

    BTW, I thought I was tough on BHO . . . you are tougher than I am. Better watch it, you are due to be called some pretty tough names by the Obamabots, like I have, if you haven’t already.

    P.S. I’m adding you to my blogroll.

  2. You could probably plug in any handful of highly successful, charismatic candidates of the last century including Teddy Roosevelt, JFK, Reagan and Bill Clinton and much of this video’s content could remain otherwise unaltered.

    This phenomenon of mass hypnosis is not new and as the video says, represents a collection of techniques to try to get around the critical mind. It’s often used successfully by magicians who need to misdirect attention and speaking-to-the-dead charlatans like John Edwards who need to tease information from the very people they seek to fool.

  3. Devon:

    All I’m doing is presenting the info and asking questions . . . something the MSM has failed to do.

  4. Mary K

    I found this document (the one mentioned in the video) and printed it out, and I have studied it.
    Obama’s Use of Hidden Hypnosis Techniques in His Speeches

    It is very well documented, footnoted, and written by a person obviously very well schooled in psychology and hypnosis. What Obama has done in his speeches went well beyond what other charismatic politicians have done. It is direct manipulation and mind control. Read the article before dismissing this. Yes, other politicians will often use speech that is loaded with emotional buzz words, but this case goes far beyond that.

    I was searching for ANY updates on this topic and now I understand why there is virtually no discussion on it: very few people will take the time to read this very well referenced e-book.

    This book documents Obama using definite, very skilled, trained, test-book style covert hypnosis techniques over and over. And then he points out the use of direct hypnotic command…”A light will shine down, and you will have an epiphany: I have to vote for Barack Obama.”

    I also now believe his statement – something about “and this is time that will be remembered as when the seas began to heal…” …whatever it was….Anyway – that one should be looked at with suspicion also – I believe Obama most likely was deliberately planting his legacy hypnotically before a damn thing has even happened…

    It is very worth while reading to know what you are up against….but obviously, even though I believe this deliberate, repeated use of hypnosis is Obama’s worse ethical sin so far…It has not caught on as an argument against him. But once I really studied the book, it all made sense to me.

    It should be studied as a personal defense against whatever he has in mind…If enough of us really examine this accusation, we will be able to represent it to our friends and families.

    The most disturbing part is that so many people speak about going into trace or similar states when listening to Obama. I have seen many instances of this even in the days following the election…Like people waking from a fog…saying – “Hmmm – really don’t really know who he is, do we?” Tom Brokaw

    And the editor in chief of Newsweek noting that he had never seen an accpetance speech with no one on stage – except for Barack (PBS Charlie Rose interview) ..He (meacham is his name, I think? ) said it was kind of creepy – like a personality cult…

    I think it was absolutely necessary, for Barack’s hypnotic intentions, to be up there alone to make the speech to millions without other distractions on stage…so he could do a little more programming while he had a chance…

    Read it before you dismiss it.


  5. WTF

    What’s with the voice on that video?!

    BTW – Obama is not the only politician in the world. Stop the hate. Please. Go plant a tree.

  6. WTF

    Also, pick apart McCain speeches. Repetition? “Fight with me! Fight with me!”

  7. WTF:

    Why would I want to fight with you? That’s a silly statement.

    If you read this blog with any regularity you’d find that I’m tough on everyone, regardless of party affiliation.

    I’d don’t hate anyone, particularly Obama. I oppose his policies and that’s a big difference. I don’t like his politics and I don’t like the way he treats his opponents, especially women.

    As Americans, it is our responsibility to oppose that which we feel is bad for America. Obomabots should learn the difference between hate and hero worship. My opposition to Obama is an act of patriotism.

    BTW, should I assume that you hate McCain because you opposed his policies?

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