Think the voters in Ohio, Pennsylvania, Colorado, and Virginia know Obama the socialist, Obama the guy that wants to spread your wealth around, also wants to close down the coal industry? Know how many jobs would be lost? Yes, boys ‘n girls he wants to bankrupt the coal industry and bury all those jobs along with it.

But we all know that despite his rhetoric about keeping jobs in America he doesn’t really mean it. Remember his presidential coins (now on sale), the ones the DNC has been passing out for weeks were manufactured in England! Nice going Barack. Guess that’s what you call building our economy from the ground up!

Hey, don’t believe me . . . just listen!

(H/T to Pacothecat at Free Republic)



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  1. Evelyn

    I am the wife of a coal miner. We have three children. When he puts all of these mines out of business and he has all these people to support on welfare how is the idiot going to pay for all of that. Oh that’s right all of the people that’s already on welfare. I find this guy very humorous to the fact that Biden went on T.V. 11/1/08 for his rally, yeah team and was telling people because of Mccain you will lose your home, your kids will not be going to the same school on and on how McCain is the Anti-Christ. WAKE UP America THe Anti Christ is this man. With his big plan he will bancrupt towns, cities, Counties and states. GOD HELP US if this joke is elected.

  2. Jan Kantor

    When is the last time you heard a Presidential candidate say he is going to shut down an entire industry if he gets elected? God help us!

  3. QuakerDave

    Read the whole quote, kids.

    Context is everything here, just like always.

  4. Joe

    Is there a connection between Khalid al Mansour, OPEC, and Obama’s bankrupting America’s Coal Industry?

    We all know that Percy Sutton connected Barack to Khalid Al Mansour in a news reel that exposed al Mansour as a proponent of Barack’s entrance to Harvard. A lot of people are stating that Khalid al Mansour works for OPEC. Without doubt, it would be to OPEC’s advantage to bankrupt America’s coal industry. Is this just a conspiracy, a coincidence or do we really have a fox in the hen house?


  5. Scott

    This is not about OPEC. As soon as he’s done bankrupting the coal industry, he will nationalize all domestic energy companies under the guise of national security and economic necessity. He’ll say it’s only temporary, but we know better. If folks get out of line or complain – MARTIAL LAW! Then come the “chain gang” collars that we’ve been hearing rumors of.

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