In a campaign where nothing has been left to chance, we have America’s new First Family, the Obamas, all decked out in red and black! When I looked at this picture this morning, I thought the choice of clothing colors was a bit odd. Really, who puts black on a little girl and why red & black on the all four of the Obamas?

Why this combination of colors, when surely the campaign has been planning what the first photographs of the incoming faux president and his family would look like for weeks? Even the criss/crossed material on Michelle’s dress seemed odd to me. I had to dig a little deeper.

Think about it. Don’t we always see politicians in shades or combinations of red, blue, navy, etc. Examples that quickly come to mind include Nancy Reagan’s red dresses, Hillary’s many shades of blues dresses and pantsuits, Laura Bush her many shades of blue and royal blue . . . the men follow the same the same etiquette. Why, because subliminally we are supposed to think of the red, white, and blue in our country’s flag. I didn’t have to dig very deep . . . here’s the answer.


Black and red bisected symbolism

The red-and-black flag is the symbol of the anarcho-syndicalist and anarcho-communist movements. Black is the traditional color of anarchism, and red is the traditional color of socialism. The red-and-black flag combines the two colors in equal parts, with a simple diagonal split. Typically, the red section is placed on the top-left corner, with the black on the bottom-right corner of the flag. This symbolizes the co-existence of anarchist and socialist ideals within the anarcho-syndicalism movement, and to symbolize the more socialistic means of the movement leading to a more anarchistic end.

The CNTFAI‘s version of the red-and-black flag

One of the most famous variations of the anarcho-syndicalist flag is that of Spain‘s Confederación Nacional del Trabajo (National Confederation of Labor, CNT), which still exists today. The CNT, along with the Federación Anarquista Ibérica (Iberian Anarchist Federation, FAI), a major militant faction within the CNT, was a major player in the popular anarchist movements in Spain of the late 19th and early 20th centuries. This group has its own version of the red-and-black flag with its initials on the flag. CNT is in the red, while FAI is in the black – the color of anarchy – as the FAI was founded in 1927 to keep the CNT dedicated to anarchist principles.

Black and Red Africa – Zabalaza Federation’s logo

Another variation on the red-and-black theme is the red-and-black Africa used mostly by the Zabalaza Anarchist Communist Federation (ZACF or ZabFed), a federation of anarchist groups in South Africa. ZabFed was inspired by the Organisational Platform of the Libertarian Communists. ZabFed members share a basic agreement in terms of theoretical and tactical unity, collective responsibility, and federalism as suggests by the Platform. In historical terms the Platformist tradition starts with The Organizational Platform of the Libertarian Communists, and in the post-war period many include documents like the Georges Fontenis’ pamphlet Manifesto of Libertarian Communism

Lest anyone think that campaigns and politicians don’t understand the importance and symbolism of the use of color in their campaigns, has anyone forgotten Hillary’s orange pantsuit the night of her speech at the Democratic Convention in August?

orange-pantsuitAt the time, I thought that was an odd choice too, until I realized that orange is a color of protest. HRC was so cool, protesting her unfair treatment by the DNC’s selection of Obama in her orange suit, and it went over most people’s heads. Way, to go, girl! It’s just one of the reasons we loved you!

Memo to the Obama team: the choice of red & black clothing for this all important introduction to the American people was either one of the dumbest moves I’ve ever witnessed, or was incredibility insensitive to the history of this country, or was intentional.

You may want to remember that the last time the world had to deal with a charismatic leader capable of keeping millions of people mesmerized with his rhetoric, his iconic symbol, also in red and black, looked like this . . .




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  1. Katya

    We’re through the looking glass here. Do they give Pulitzers to bloggers??

  2. Lol

    Really? The Nazis as an example? They were hard right extremists though.

  3. Windown

    I have a dream that my four little children will one day live in a nation where they will not be judged by the color of their skin but by the color of their clothing!

  4. 666=Obama

    We are The Great Satan.


  5. brenoink

    Holy christ. You can’t possibly be suggesting that Obama, the closest thing we’ve had to a socialist president-elect EVER, is using anarchistic symbols. You do realize he’s pro-big government, right?

    I know you had to think about this stuff before you posted it- you obviously spent a long while typing it up. So how did this glaring contradiction slip by?

  6. sportsone234


    The only thing I am suggesting is the choice of red & black colors was (at best) in poor taste at best . . . given the historic symbolism of red, white, & blue in our country politic.

    You can attach whatever “ism” you want to the Obama selection … extrapolate it in any direction you see fit. It doesn’t change the fact that even on its face, with nothing nefarious intended, this was a dumb move!

  7. Good catch H&M. I’d encourage you to look further into this. I am and will probably post about it, soon.

    Real Americanists need to get prepared.

  8. Phelbin

    Yes, the Anarcho-Syndicalist Movement has taken power in USA! You will all soon feel our power unleashed upon you! Black and Red is scary, oooooooooo!

    In case you forgot, red is actually one of three colors in the US flag. Is that not enough? Did you expect them to wear Uncle Sam suits, like Apollo Creed from Rocky?

    Hey did you know Orange is also the color of the Basque Separatists in Spain? So clearly, Hillary must support them.

    McCain was wearing Black, Gold and Pale Blue, but sadly no Red or White. What does that mean?Clearly the Black is Anarchist, as you have proven. The gold must be symbolize his secret alliance with Sri Lanka and the Pale Blue is not the color of the US flag but of Argentina or Guatemala. The only conclusion possible is that he’s in league with South American and Sri Lankan Anarchists.

    You are grasping at straws. And invoking the Nazi flag and then trying to qualify your position as simply pointing it out as in poor taste or a dumb move is rather weak.

  9. The Obamalapdog debunkers above should stop calling their Messiah’s wife an idiot. Give Michelle Obama some credit. She knows full well that clothing carries a message and could not be stupid enough to wear a color combination like that without knowing it would raise eyebrows.

    I take it as an in-your-face demonstration of where she sits ideologically, and was her way of giving a wink and a nod to her ideological soulmates, while revealing yet again her grotesque arrogance and complete disrespect for the American people. Good catch H&M.

  10. Phelbin

    Keep digging. The cool thing about the dark is that your imagination can run wild, completely unfettered by the light of day. Have fun down there!

  11. MC-Girl

    My husband and I were proud to serve for a combined 18 years in the US military. I have never been so proud of the collective population as I was the night Sen. Obama was declared President-Elect.

    I hope you can find some inner happiness and peace and not dwell on the loss, but rather the opportunity to become part of our government. So many people site that ours is a govt. “for” the people, but they often forget the “of” & “by” included in that phrase.

    I believe that your speech is your own and that its freedom is your right. No TRUE leader wants hero worship, but rather, realistic input with solutions geared toward reviving our country. Any person that has found themselves in such a role recognizes that the ability to be all things to all people is a fruitless ambition.

    I hope you can find it in your heart to pray for the blessings of wisdom, compassion, and integrity upon our new President. Regardless of how we vote, we are all members of this wonderful country and are blessed ourselves to be such!

  12. Quote of “Lol”: Really? The Nazis as an example? They were hard right extremists though.

    That is a popular, revisionist myth. The acronym NAZI refers to being (extremely) nationalist and socialist. It was Hitler’s verions of fascism, by which the state manages private enterprise — a thesis not far from to anarcho-syndicalism.

  13. Quote of MC-girl: So many people site that ours is a govt. “for” the people, but they often forget the “of” & “by” included in that phrase.

    When Lincoln used that phrase, the hearers understood the subsuming principle of popular sovereignty. He understood that the state is the servant of the people, where some are elected or appointed to temporarily serve their sovereigns.

    The People are not the state and the state is not the People.

    The state must be “for” the People.

    The People must not be “for” the state.

  14. One more comment, tonight:

    Cindy McCain was wearing all orange, last night, too.

  15. Oops, sorry, one more post and I need some sleep. To correct bad typing about NAZI’s, above: It was Hitler’s version of fascism, by which the state manages private enterprise — a thesis not far from anarcho-syndicalism.

  16. Project Openletter

    I feel sorry for you people. Serious pity.

  17. richerich

    I would be willing to concede that the black dress on the little girl expressed mourning for her dead great-grandmother, but can’t understand the others either.

  18. kuzay

    haha…you guys actually think it was a faux pas?? *lol*

    coincidence? or incident?

  19. Riani

    I love green, orange and purple. Green and orange suit me, purple doesn’t. I love black, but it makes me look washed out. This is what I think about when I choose clothes, not the symbolism. However, if you want to go down this road, please go to
    where they will show you countless different meanings and interpretations based on different cultures: Western, Eastern, African, Native American, and even different therapeutical uses of colour. And in many cases, the choice of red and black reflects energy, strength and intellect, rather than the obscure and insidious inferences you chose to pick.

  20. Hugh Mingus

    Get one life, people. Jesus wept but some people need a drink or something.

  21. sportsone234


    This post isn’t about the Obamas fashion sense, it’s about the Obama’s not being politically savvy during this all important historical moment.

    It is about the Obamas’ political insensitivity, the choice to use the red and black colors on the entire family with the political backdrop they knew they would find themselves in.

    Nancy Pelosi held a news conference yesterday in the usual setting with American flags behind her . . . she was dressed in a muted color of BLUE.

  22. sportsone234


    Thank you for being respectful, unlike a few of the droids who have posted on this topic.

    You said, “I hope you can find some inner happiness and peace and not dwell on the loss, but rather the opportunity to become part of our government.”

    I have several points . . . my concern isn’t about McCain’s loss it is about the possibility that we have a man about to assume the mantle of the presidency who has not been fully vetted.

    As of today, our President elect could not pass the same security clearances that people who will serve in his administration have to. Think about that.

    We still do not have a vault copy of BHO’s birth certificate, we have never seen his college transcripts, or a copy of thesis (you can see Michelle’s but not Barack’s . . . how come?), we don’t even have his medical records! There’s law suit that has been going on since September, filed as a way to get the Obama camp to release these basic records. See Berg v Obama.

    We have a President elect who used “Truth Squads” in Missouri to get elected, who has been non-committal as to how he will use the infamous Blackwater forces, who will have the ability to declare martial law in an unfettered way thanks to Bush 43.

    Tell me, what would you and your husband do if it was revealed that Obama was a fraud from the beginning while you were in uniform and you were ordered to perform actions you knew to be against the Constitution? What would you do?

    There’s a military combat unit that is stationed in the U.S. right now that has been given the assignment of “crowd control” . Take a look

    This isn’t about Obama, this is about keeping our country free, this is about upholding the Constitution, the most precious document this country lives by and under.

    As for my finding “peace”, as long as these questions about Obama remain unresolved, there is no peace for me or any other patriot of this country. It is our duty as citizens to speak out!

  23. jasminefrompakistan

    Is Obama planning to cover his ass during a retreat from Iraq by bombing Pakistan?
    Love to hear your opinions on that.
    This guy is going to lead America to attack it’s number 1 ally. Stupid. Really stupid.

  24. darongardner

    Seriously? This is what you waste your time on? A historic moment in time and you focus on if maybe they should have thought about wearing different colored clothing because once a flag used those colors also? What a waste of space.

  25. darongardner

    You are such a ridiculous person. I am glad to never come back here and read this. At first I assumed this was sarcasm, but then I realized that you might actually believe some of the stuff you are writing. I feel sorry for you.

  26. muahdib4

    Hmm…wow…now THAT’S a stretch.

  27. sportsone234


    It is precisely because of the historic nature of the moment that such great care should have been given to how the Obama family would look. From now on this family is under a microscope that exceeds anything they have experienced in the past.

    Whoever made the decision to dress America’s first black president and his family in red & black, colors that represent extremist global movements, screwed up royally.

    This choice lacks such political sophistication as to be darn near criminal! This is a decision that is woefully ignorant.

    Forever more the first photos will show a family in the colors of radicals & racists instead of R/W/& B we associate with our country’s patriots. How do you not get that?

    BTW, if the McCain had won and his family had worn these colors, I would be saying the same thing.

  28. Kp

    While I certainly was wondering about the fashion choice on her part,
    You might want to double check on the
    color of the suit Obama was wearing,
    I think it may have been dark blue…

  29. inappropriateone

    Still hanging on there genius… what’s next? Michell Obama has an illegitimate child with a gay nazi? Or, maybe let’s see what we can come up with…Oh yeah, he’s going to paint the White House…black… and the guards will now be wearing silk sweat suits and wearing gold teeth to match the bling on their necks….

    LOL…you’re embarrassing yourself there bud…

  30. madmonq

    Yeah. My high school’s colors are red and black. After marching band practice we’d blow up the water tower!

    Salaam al Alaikum to all fundementalists, neo-cons and PUMAs.

    Welcome to the new world where we should try to work together as opposed to holding on to needless grudges.

    Sorry about the ridicule. But this post deserves it.

  31. rpm1122

    If you want to check out the deep psychology, social engineering and astrological aspects surrounding Obama, you should check out this post:

  32. markus

    this has got to be the most stupid blog post i’ve read in months!

  33. Pingback: Get your grain of salt ready. « Not PC.

  34. Okay, that was pathetic but we can take a moment to explore ACTUAL color psychology. RED represents deep passion & love and BLACK is for authority, sophistication & power. So wouldn’t that reflect the depth of their desire to obtain the presidency and to lead the US with authority and class? Well, they have definitely proven this in the relentless & successful campaign they ran for 21 months! GO-bama!

    And since we’re on it; let’s explore the Republican ticket’s wardrobe colors for that historical night also, shall we? Cindy wore yellow-orange which is not only protest but lack of self-worth, unwillingness to forgive and also creates feelings of intensity and aggression. Does this mean she will protest aggressively and never forgive us for not voting her in? (darn, whatever shall I do?!) Or maybe it was worn to incite aggression in the audience? (doesn’t take very much to do that)

    Sarah wore a deep purple which represents royalty and wisdom but is also known as the color that represents artificial. Does that mean she was admitting that the royal, experienced and intelligent demeanor she represented herself as was fake all along? (*gasp* NO, not Sarah!!!!)

    Wait, what if they had won, would these still be accurate? Hmmm…

    Oh and to KP: Obama was wearing a dark blue which is stable, calm and tranquil, broadens the perspective while learning and opens the flow of communication 😉

  35. Queen Unique:

    Thanks for taking the time to actually ponder the meaning of the post.

    That having been said, yes, BHO’s suit did appear to be dark navy (I wasn’t sure) and his tie had red and white in it, which means he was appropriately dressed for this historical moment, but not Michelle and the girls.

    What the losing side was wearing has no bearing on the issue. This is about choosing colors that reinforced (in the minds of people who already think the Obamas are socialists) Michelle’s comment about not being proud of America until BHO began his run for the presidency.

    It isn’t about red, black, or white, or any color used alone. This is about red& black together, in the context of history, in the context of the moment.

    Michelle says she’d like to be a First Lady like Laura Bush. Laura would never had made this mistake. Neither would Hillary, or Sarah. Sorry for being so blunt, but this was a spectacularly stupid move. She’s too smart not to have known, and if she didn’t know she should have known.

    If Michelle is going to be the First Lady of all Americans, she’d better read up on history and make sure her next public appearance doesn’t turn off half of America.

  36. Phelbin


    So you think your opinion of the Obama’s clothing choice represents half of America? Wow! Delusions of self-grandeur much? Look, your take on this is so off base, where does one begin? You are assuming a conclusion and filling the details to make a nice little trail of supposed reason and logic. But no matter how much you think it so, you are not “simply following the evidence.” You are finding evidence that supports your pre-suppositions. That’s not logic. That’s not scientific and it most certainly is not journalism.

  37. Cjackson

    Who cares about the colors mean….Michelle Obama’s dress is butt-ugly….

  38. SabresPoint

    Very thought provoking. Only open-minded people will consider the possibility of the Obama’s sending a message with their fashion choice.

    The others probably think that’s as far-fetched as 9/11 being an inside job.

  39. sportsone234

    Thanks for recognizing the point of the post. Simple observation tells you how important color choice is. Team uniforms, military uniforms, country flags . . . all use color as a method of “speaking” to the masses and the classes.

    Wait for the follow-up on this post . . . it should stir even more controversy. I wasn’t looking for this, it just fell into my lap.

  40. Phelbin

    Ok. Well if color choice is so important, why don’t you look at all possibilities? Why only focus on the one that supports your presuppositions about Obama and what he stands for? If you assume the premise that they chose to communicate something, which is an assumption, where’s your evidence of motivation? Palin wore Red and Black numerous times while campaigning. Why does that not mean anything? Well if we assume the same premise, then it must mean something and based on your logic, it must mean the exact same thing.

    Having an “open mind” doesn’t mean turning off your reasoning faculties.

  41. Phelbin:

    It’s clear you don’t get it. Give it a rest!

  42. Phelbin

    Excellent support for your position. Well done! …Why doesn’t Palin wearing Black and Red matter to you? Why don’t the other symbolic possibilities of Red and Black figure into your “analysis?” I’m simply questioning your presuppositions. Can’t you have a debate?

  43. alessandromachi

    I’d move the morsecode comment further down if possible, it is so undeserving of it’s position in an incredibly well written blog article. It’s like cutting in line to make a stupid observation.

    On Texas darlin it was pointed out that the colors and pattern of the red and black dress represent the black widow spider. Even more ironic, how the words Arachnid and anarcho are spelled so similarly.

    Love the orange symbolism as well.

  44. Scott

    The wearing of Orange in the political sphere is often cited as a connection to the “Orange Order,” a protestant secret society under the the umbrella of the Freemasons. It is typically a sign that one is a 1st degree member, although higher ranking members can also where Orange. The Clinton and McCain family’s are known to have nefarious connections to this and other Freemason orders.

  45. Phelbin

    Further evidence of Anarcho-Syndicalists in the US Government!!! Shocking Black & Red!

  46. Rose

    FYI, black and red are also the colors of the Devil!

  47. sportsone234


    I debated whether or not to allow your latest comment; not because of the pictures ( oh my, oh my he found people dressed in red and black) but as a way to protect you from yourself… from the obvious ridicule that will be attached to your thought process by anyone that is foolish enough to waste their time looking at them.

    It’s hard to believe you are that dense. The singular act of wearing either red or black or the combination of the two colors has nothing to do with the underlining premise of the post.

    I am trying to be kind. Please, put the Kool-aid down and start thinking for yourself.

  48. Phelbin


    “The singular act of wearing either red or black or the combination of the two colors has nothing to do with the underlining premise of the post.”

    Really? Because that appears to be the ENTIRE underlining premise of your post. The singular act of the Obamas wearing Red & Black. Please explain how it’s different?

  49. madmonq

    You’ve now associated yourself with the stellar likings of the very conservative Paul Broun. In his hysteria, he’s mentioned Hitler too.

    Is this what you set out to do after the primaries? Align yourselves with the kind of people Hillary has fought her entire life? Do you see how far you and many of your fellow PUMA’s have gotten away from what she believes.

    You cannot continue to defend such a ridiculous premise without seeing just how far you’ve gotten from your original cause.

  50. axel01

    A pure comedy gold!

  51. rightwinger

    Obama is a born and bred Marxist. His Mother and Grandparents were Marxists. You can read up on the red diaper baby here:

    This man is not even eligible to be President because he had dual citizenship at birth or was born in Kenya. The Supreme Court is meeting Dec 5 on this issue.

    A Marxist has knowingly subverted the Constitution and conned the US.

    The MSM is so corrupt they never once vetted Obama who said he campaigned in 57 states, one bomb dropped on Hawaii by the Japanese, and Iran is not a threat because they are a small country.

  52. boulevardier4eva

    This whole black and red conspiracy is all a bunch of thinly disguised anti-anarchist bigotry. It is the same mentality that led mobs to lynch anarchists like Frank Little by tying him to a truck and dragging him for hours then hanging him from a railroad tie. Fuck you.

    What do you know about anarchism? Nothing. Why is it so hard for you to admit that you dismiss us because you are afraid of our ideas, not because you think we are violent but because you don’t want to admit that the government is INSTITUTIONALIZED VIOLENCE and we are the only ones opposing it?

    I would love for you to back up your claim that anarchists have anything in common with the nazis. YOU FORGET THAT WE WERE THE ONLY ONES FIGHTING FASCISTS IN 1936 WHEN THE US GOVERNMENT WAS MATERIALLY SUPPORTING THE FASCIST FRANCO. Fuck you.

    Do you even realize that anarchists were the first feminists? Back when being a feminist meant that you would go to jail and be subjugated to electric shock because you were a “hysterical” woman? Look it up. Emma Goldman the first, and for a spell, the only person advocating birth control. Why did she do it? Because of her feminist anarchist philosophy.

    What do you even think Hilary would have done for you? She just another lying bullshit politician like the rest of them. Get a clue.

  53. RaiulBaztepo

    Very Interesting post! Thank you for such interesting resource!
    PS: Sorry for my bad english, I’v just started to learn this language 😉
    See you!
    Your, Raiul Baztepo

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