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If you can believe it, this is from the Washington Post on 12/25/08 from an, as yet, unidentified writer. I mean there’s slobbering and then there’s SLOBBERING. Andrew Sullivan did you write this?

The sun glinted off chiseled pectorals (wait I’m about to upchuck) sculpted during four weightlifting sessions each week . . .

Not to be outdone we now have to face two fatuous world leaders in various states of undress. To which I say, “please I’m beggin ya . . . will you put your damn shirts back on!”

Memo to the MSM. Unless the so-called Hunk Jerk in Chief looks like JFK Jr.johncollage12gi1

or Brad Pitt, or George Clooney, or Morgan Freeman (shirt on or off, he’s real man) or Denzel Washington or . . . just about anyone else . . . will you please stop snapping these types of pictures. They are not sexy. They are laugh-out-loud silly. Hey, where’s that barf bag?

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I don’t like things that are out of place, that stick out without a rational explanation for their being there. Michele Obama’s black & red dress with the prominent “X” in the front is an example of an”out of place” moment in time that makes no sense in the context of the situation .

The Kennedy relationship with Obama is another example. It never made sense to me. There was/is something slightly odd about it unless one steps back and looks at larger possibilities.

Princess Caroline’s announcement that she would like Hillary Clinton’s Senate seat got me thinking about this odd collection of characters, again. Teddy and Caroline dissing the Clinton’s and endorsing Obama always was unsettling. Then I found a connection with the Obama “natural born citizen” saga and a connection with Caroline’s first cousin, Maria Shriver, and her husband Governor Schwarzenegger.

Since bloggers, patriots, and a host of other citizens began their search for the truth about Obama’s citizenship we have been accused of holding Obama to a differnet set of standards. Not true.

In fact given the lack of coverage by the MSM, one would think that a candidate’s eligibility under the “natural born citizen” first came to light with Obama. Nothing could be further from truth. This has been an ongoing question for many, many candidates. Obama’s wasn’t the first candidate facing this problem nor will he be the last unless and until the Constitution is changed by amendment.

I would ask you to review these 4 exhibits and ask yourself this. If Obama is allowed to side step the Constitution and serve as POTUS what is to prevent Schwarzenegger from attempting to do the same thing?

Exhibit one – From an article in USA Today written in 2004

Should the Constitution be amended for Arnold?

Matthew Spalding, director of the Center for American Studies at the conservative-oriented Heritage Foundation, says the amendment’s prospects would “nosedive” if it were perceived to be designed to land Schwarzenegger in the Oval Office. “We don’t amend the Constitution to advance someone’s political career,” Spalding says.

Schwarzenegger faces an additional handicap, Spalding says: “You can’t have a United States president who is a dual citizen.”

Proposals to end the Constitution’s sole discrimination against the foreign-born have kicked around in Congress since the 1870s. But 26 proposed amendments have died in subcommittees.

Exhibit two – Place this comment under some people are different. Why? Leahy had no problem sponsoring a non-binding Senate resolution favoring McCain and by default Obama (who BTW helped sponsor the resolution) when it suited his political agenda.

Sen. Arlen Specter (R-Pa.), who succeeded Hatch, said of Schwarzenegger: “The guy has become governor of California. What more credentials could you ask?”

Some senators are less enthusiastic. The ranking Democrat on the Senate Judiciary Committee, Patrick Leahy of Vermont, has denounced the legislative attention to the issue, saying the Senate had more pressing matters.

Exhibit three – No Kennedy connection, right?

Veteran Democratic Senator Ted Kennedy has said he would support a constitutional amendment that would enable his niece’s foreign-born husband, California governor Arnold Schwarzenegger, to potentially run for President, reports AFP from Washington.

Kennedy’s niece, former journalist and Kennedy heiress Maria Shriver, is married to one of America’s most famous foreign-born citizens.

Exhibit four – View the latest poll from WorldNet Daily. Take a real good look at the questions, the order of the questions, and place them into context with the Obama dual citizenship/ ineligible to be president Constitutional crisis we are facing.

Do you think Arnold Schwarzenegger should be eligible for president?

1. Yes, he’s a legal American citizen now. That’s all that matters
2. Yes, but only if the law is changed to allow foreign-born citizens to run
3. Yes, if dual citizenship is good enough for Obama, it’s good enough for Schwarzenegger
4. Yes, even though I’m not thrilled with the idea, the subversive Democrats need to be kept in check
5. Yes, since Arnold is actually a cyborg created by Cyberdyne Systems in California, he’s technically born in the USA
6. No, his accent is just too un-American
7. No, Arnold is a pretender, as he is showing his true left-leaning colors now in “Calleeforneea”
8. No, the question of national loyalty is the key reason at stake here
9. No, I don’t want anyone to skirt the Constitution
10..No, he is not a natural-born citizen of the United States. End of story

The rich and powerful live by a different set of rules, don’t they.

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Ignorant (meaning unlettered, uneducated, uninformed, having a lack of knowledge) and arrogant ( meaning disdainful, condescending, patronizing) two unflattering words that demonstrate how we have arrived at a point in our nation’s history where we are weeks away from watching a man, ineligible to hold the office of POTUS as defined by the requirements of the Constitution, take the reigns of power of the most powerful nation on earth.

We have watched as millions have put the welfare on one man ahead of their country and ahead of their own self-interests. How did we get here?

In less than a month, Barack Hussein Obama, a man many define as a fraud and a charlatan, will place his hand on the Lincoln Bible and swear to uphold the Constitution of the United States. This is a statement bristling with irony.

Sadly, the following excerpt typifies the prevailing attitude of large numbers of people in this country. These are shocking words from a blogger, one who clearly is educated, articulate, and has command of the English language.

At the same time this writer is ignorant of how our system of government works, ignorant of the importance of our Constitution, of his/or her place in a democratic Republic. (No Virginia, the US is not a democracy . . . it is a Republic!)

If the Constitution were truly the Law of the Land, certainly a definition of “natural born citizen” would have been offered by the Supreme Court or the Congress by now. Or there would have been a law passed by the Congress that no candidates could run for president unless first vetted for eligibility according to Article II, Section 1, Clause 5. Of course, any American with a brain knows that we no longer live under rule of the Constitution, hence all of this kerfuffle over where Barack Obama was “really” born matters not one wit.

Bet you didn’t know we no longer live under the rule of the Constitution! Clearly this writer is equally arrogant of the importance of abiding by the Constitution and lives with the mistaken impression that our Constitution is no longer relevant and can be ignored at will!

BTW, while we’re at it, I suggest you read the entire post and notice how the writer considers that having qualifications for the office of president is the equivalent of discrimination! What planet do you suppose one lives on to hold these kinds of ideas? Imagine, our Founding Fathers thought we should have minimum qualifications to be president and one of those qualifications was to be a natural born citizen so that there would never be a question about loyalty to the citizens of this nation? Imagine!

Equally shocking is the fact that this attitude is shared not only by Obama supporters but a legion of politicians, lawmakers, the MSM, and the courts. All have turned their backs on the Constitution and allowed this country to drift into a state of lawlessness.

It has become fashionable to ignore that with which you disagree, or diminish its importance, and live in a pretend world where we get to pick and choose the laws we will follow. Don’t like or understand what it means to be a “natural born citizen” and its import as it relates to the minimal qualifications for POTUS, as defined by the Framers of the Constitution? Ignore it, pretend there are no long term consequences to be suffered.

Above all else, don’t contemplate what it means once one ineligible candidate is allowed to illegally take office. Where do we apply the brakes? How about Arnold Schwarzenegger as our next president? He’s not a “natural born citizen” and acknowledges it. But hey, New Jersey has already allowed Socialist Workers Party candidate Roger Calero to run in the ’08 presidential election even though he was born in Nicaragua.

What has happened to our Republic? What has happened to our collective common sense? Many voices are asking the same pointed questions as we have watched a “star struck” media abdicate its responsibilities to the voters of the country, giving Obama a pass on a multitude of relevant questions and background checks, while devastating his opponents. We have seen the MSM (The New York Times, MSNBC, & CNN in particular) behaving as if their roles in the 2008 election were to help elect Obama.

At the same time we’ve witnessed politicians assisting Obama’s campaign in unimaginable ways that include managing the “Truth Squads” in Missouri. The Senate passed a non-binding resolution in Congress as a way to side step the issue of Article II Section 1 of the Constitution. BTW, non-binding resolutions are not law. They are essentially statements in support of a particular position that’s all.

As I said in Part I, the Obama Conspiracy evolved out of circumstances and happenstance. Not that Obama wasn’t seriously seeking the office, he was. The only way to run for the office of POTUS was to conceal his past, obfuscating the truth. Why else make sure that every record concerning his parents, his background, birth records, schooling, education records etc. be sanitized or scrubbed? It has been reported that Obama has spent close to one million dollars with three law firms to make sure his true identity remains hidden from the public.

Although this video references the Donofrio v Wells suit. It should be noted that there is continued Supreme Court action scheduled for January ’09.

Think I’ve been too tough on the voters, politicians, and the MSM that has brought us to this Constitutional crisis? Think again. Take the following American Civics literacy test. It can be found here

The exam questions covered American history, the workings of the US government and economics. The results of many of those who took the civics test are shocking giving you a look at why so many can vote for a fraudulent candidate Obama and not recognize the consequences.

US officials flunk test of American history, economics, civics

WASHINGTON (AFP) – US elected officials scored abysmally on a test measuring their civic knowledge, with an average grade of just 44 percent, the group that organized the exam said Thursday.

Ordinary citizens did not fare much better, scoring just 49 percent correct on the 33 exam questions compiled by the Intercollegiate Studies Institute (ISI).

“It is disturbing enough that the general public failed ISI’s civic literacy test, but when you consider the even more dismal scores of elected officials, you have to be concerned,” said Josiah Bunting, chairman of the National Civic Literacy Board at ISI.

“How can political leaders make informed decisions if they don’t understand the American experience?” he added.

The exam questions covered American history, the workings of the US government and economics.

Among the questions asked of some 2,500 people who were randomly selected to take the test, including “self-identified elected officials,” was one which asked respondents to “name two countries that were our enemies during World War II.”

(Some respondents chose Canada and Mexico as our enemies during WWII! If you think that’s bad, how about JKF freed the slaves!)

For the record, I’ve taken the civics quiz for the last three months, scoring 51 out of 60 correctly — 85.00 % in October, 29 out of 33 correctly — 87.88 % in November, and 32 out of 33 correctly — 96.97 % in December.

I was unhappy with my October score until I found out that students at Harvard, Princeton, and Yale were only able to answer 69% of the questions on this test correctly! The best and brightest of the next generation only able to answer 69% of the questions correctly!

How can we expect voters to behave in a rational manner if they have no understanding of how our government works? How can we expect our politicians and lawmakers to act in the best interests of our country when they have an ever poorer understanding of our system of government? How, indeed!


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Most of us have long since given up asking where the MSM is when it comes to Obama, but what is their excuse for not reporting this story? They are probably too busy figuring out what they intend to wear at all the Obama inaugural parties. What’s the MSM’s excuse for not reporting about the Federal Reserve giving away trillions of dollars and doing so in secrecy?

Congress, (see list at end of post) voting against the will of the people, approves $770 billion for a Wall Street rescue plan and there’s plenty in the news, but the Fed is handing out trillions of our tax dollars and coverage is almost non-existent.

I caught the tail end of ABC’s 20/20 on Friday when consumer reporter John Stossel reported on the Fed’s secret give aways at the end of the program.

Give Me a Break – The Government Bailout

It’s bad enough that politicians are giving out billions of your tax dollars to banks that made bad decisions — thereby rewarding failure — and encouraging yet more failure. But now it’s worse: the Fed has put $5 trillion of your dollars at risk, quietly guaranteeing loans to banks. The Fed won’t name most of the banks, saying that disclosure might create a panic. The government also will not reveal what collateral they got in return for giving banks your money. Basically, a handful of politicians have unlimited discretion over trillions of your dollars. John Stossel says ”Give Me a Break.”

This is story being reported around the edges and, as usual, on blogs on the Internet. Why? Why isn’t anyone following the money?

According to an original post by Mike Adams at Natural News and also here on Sodahead:

In 1942, German intelligence officers rounded up skilled Jewish prisoners and launched Operation Bernhardt, a clever scheme designed to counterfeit hundreds of millions of dollars worth of British Pounds and destroy the British economy by flooding it with counterfeit money. Located in the Sachsenhausen concentration camp, Operation Bernhardt was, even by modern standards, a runaway success that resulted in the creation of forged bank notes worth 132 million British Pounds.


It is important to note that Operation Bernhardt was an act of war, specifically pursued for the purpose of destroying Britain’s economy by creating so much new money that the value of the money already in circulation would plummet.


Today, the Federal Reserve is engaged in an eerily similar operation, counterfeiting trillions of dollars in U.S. bank notes and flooding the U.S. money supply with money created from nothing. The result, of course, is the same as was intended by Operation Bernhardt in 1942: The economic destruction of the target nation. Only this time, the target is the United States of America.

Don’t know much about the Federal Reserve? The following videos should provide you with some basic understanding. The videos are a little dry and dated, but the information is of value.

As you watch this first video, here’s a tid bit of interesting information about Dr. Quigley who is mentioned in the video.

“Tragedy and Hope” by Dr. Carroll Quigley ISBN 0913022-14-4 Dr. Carroll Quigley is best known as Bill Clinton’s professor of history at the Foreign Service School of Georgetown University. He also taught at Princeton and at Harvard

The following video also mentions the CRF, or Council on Foreign Relations. Their recent membership list is provided without comment. The complete list was unavailable. Apparently some members do not wish for their affiliation to be known.

Remember my initial question about the MSM, why aren’t they reporting the news that impacts on our lives? Here’s a possible answer.

For those who want to jump ugly, all I’m doing is asking the questions . . . something the MSM used to do!


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Ah, conspiracies. Funny how that word has become one of the latest derogatory tools used by the Obama acolytes to metaphorically club anyone who opposes Obama. Take a principled stance against all that Obama and his campaign represent and be prepared to be accused of being a “tin foil” wearing conspiracy loon.

The truth is, conspiracies come in all sizes and shapes. Some conspiracies are well thought out . . . others, I submit, evolve and grow out of circumstances, timing, luck, happenstance. Do I believe there is/was an Obama Conspiracy? Yes, I do, but not the traditional plot one usually thinks of or reads about in novels.

When Obama began his run for the presidency, I’m not sure he thought he would actually capture the nomination. Hillary was the strongest of the Democratic contenders with more experience and street creds than BHO. When things began to change, particularly after the South Carolina primary, I think a loose confederation of conspirators began to assemble. I’m betting they didn’t think of themselves as conspirators while they schemed and plotted. After the Obama camp played the race card on the Clinton’s and it looked like Obama was going to take the black vote from Hillary, I think this loose confederation of Clinton haters (too strong a word?) got together and decided Obama was a better bet than Hillary.

Once the race card was hurled at the unsuspecting Clinton’s and their game was compromised, it became easier and easier for former Clinton supporters to jump ship. Some, like Bill Richardson, were always weasels. Others, like Dee Dee Myers were a surprise. The Clinton’s former press secretary was nothing more than weasel waste. Who knew? There were others like the Kennedy’s who also did a 180 degree turn on Bill and Hillary and never looked back.

Once the rats began jumping ship, I believe at some point the majority knew Obama had Constitutional eligibility problems and didn’t care. You cannot tell me that this group, of (supposedly) savvy political pros, many who hold law degrees themselves, were completely unaware of the fraud Obama was perpetrating on the voters of this country. They looked the other way because not being defeated by the Republicans was all they cared about . . . that and not risking having another Clinton White House with the possible dredging up of past Clinton sins the MSM would have another swing at. Why risk hearing and wincing about impeachment, or the Rose Law Firm, or Whitewater yet again?

So, Barack was born a British citizen, or Kenyon, or whatever . . . right? So what! Who, pray tell, will know the difference? Besides, who but a handful of scholars and lawyers actually knows what Article II Section 1 specifies? Why risk more Clinton controversy and scandal? Why, indeed.

Ironic, don’t you think . . . not wanting to risk more controversy. Obama hasn’t been officially declared President Elect by the Electoral College, the inauguration is weeks away and there are multiple lawsuits in 17 states & front of the Supreme Court questioning Obama’s eligibility to hold the office. Last week, another bomb shell. We have the selling of Obama’s Senate seat by Governor Blagojevich. Now we are asked to believe that Obama had no knowledge that the Chicago politician he supported for numerous years was engaged in this practice. Remember when Reagan was called the Teflon President? Obama has him beaten by a mile. As usual, the MSM is nowhere to be found. Still looking to find more incriminating Palin dirt, I suppose.

When one steps back and tries to put the election of 2008 into some kind of perspective, it is hard not be saddened and sobered by the spectacle of hosts politicians, voters, and the media stepping outside of reality, trashing our Republic . . . all for the sake of one man. They have put him ahead of everything we are supposed to hold dear. They have put him ahead of truth, of honesty,of common sense.

A few weeks ago I heard Zbigniew Brzezinski on MSNBC’s Morning Joe, say that Obama was our universal hope! As those words spilled out of Brzezinski’s mouth, I thought, “have you lost you friggin mind?” Brzezinski talked about Obama with the kind of glowing terms usually reserved for one’s savior , not a slick politician. Such is the madness surrounding the candidacy and nomination of Obama to the office of POTUS .

There is no doubt that Barack Hussein Obama is gifted . . . some would say charmed, but he is but a mere mortal of a man . . . in some ways a blank slate upon which millions have projected their hopes and dreams.

As the myth of the man has been separated by the reality of his actions and the betrayals of our political system by Team Obama, Howard Dean & the DNC, and Senators like Claire McCaskill and a legion of others, a group a patriot bloggers have stood fast trying to preserve our Constitution.

We are from varied political backgrounds, having supported different candidates and philosophies in the past, we are united in our passion to hold Obama accountable! This passion is not born out of hatred for the man as many in the media and elsewhere would have you believe. My guess is that many supported Obama for a time, but simply couldn’t swill down enough Kool-Aid to look past the deception and dishonesty of his campaign.

We live in a world of “sound byte politics” with an entire generation under 30 that thinks in that superficial manner. There are no deliberative politics shown to this group of voters. All they know is the sound of another condescending quip, like “birthers” . . . the newly minted descriptor used for the patriot bloggers who have repeatedly pressed for Obama to present the credentials necessary to prove his eligibility to hold the office of POTUS as detailed in Article II Section 1 of the Constitution.

To those who accuse us of hating Obama, of wearing tin foil on our heads, of creating controversy and conspiracies where none exist, here is the point you are missing. We are fighting the good fight because of principles, because our “most perfect union”, our Republic is and must remain greater than any one man.

When Obama’s reign is over (assuming he is inaugurated & places his hand on the Bible as he swears to uphold the Constitution) what will we be left with? We must fight to make the those people we have entrusted to make the laws also follow the laws! No one is entitled to ignore any law because of convenience or because they disagree with it. That’s the point!

The Framers of our Constitution fought and thought long and hard about the nature and structure of our country. Those who have chosen to side-step this great document upon which our country and our liberties are built . . . you should be ashamed of yourselves.


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How is it, that this country is saddled with the likes of Princess Pelosi? Tens of thousands have lost their jobs and will loose their homes this year, we are being asked to sacrifice while Princess Pelosi lives it up in style. Hard to believe this dullard is third in line for presidential succession.

Hat tip to Bud Simmons for bringing this warm engaging photo to our attention.

And she has the balls to confront the Big Three CEOs for flying their corporate jets to Washington!

Nancy Pelosi, Democrat from California, current Speaker of the House. The Pentagon provides the House speaker with an Air Force plane large enough to accommodate her staff, family, supporters, and members of the California delegation when she travels around the country. But, Pelosi wants routine access to a larger plane. It includes 42 business class seats, a fully-enclosed state room, an entertainment center, a private bed, state-of-the-art communications system, and a crew of 16. Pelosi wanted “carte blanche for an aircraft any time”, including weekend trips home to San Francisco. Pretty nice but very expensive perk! Her Air Force C-32 costs approximately $15,000 an hour or approximately $300,000 per trip home.


Maybe I should giving awards to the political hack with the most chutzpah. For those in search of a definition of chutzpah see “balls”. Remember how she told us, “We believe America should work for everyone – not just the privileged few – by building opportunity and prosperity for all and guaranteeing real security.” AH, yes . . . Change we can believe in.


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This has been a very frustrating time for me. I am in the middle of the busiest business times of my company’s fiscal year . . . buried IN WORK with no time to write as the Obama Conspiracy marches on.

That having been said, I will see some daylight in the next 48 hours. I have lots to say about the continued legal actions against Obama and his ascent to the throne.

The legitimacy of his candidacy will not go away, regardless of how the Supremes look at the latest legal challenge this morning.

The following is from Investigating Obama, an excellent site to follow for the latest goings on. I am also recommending you check The Betrayal Blog on a daily basis.

Today is a very critical day at the Supreme Court. They are considering in conference, the Wrotnowski/Donofrio petition for stay of Monday’s scheduled Electoral College vote and for certiorari (to call a full hearing) based in large part, upon Barack Obama’s foreign patrilineal descent.

Applications are also hitting the SCOTUS which directly refer to his refusal to reveal his original birth certificate.

These cases also point out that due to his Indonesian citizenship as a child, Obama has since become a naturalized citizen, or else he is an illegal alien.

Whatever Obama’s particulars are (and America does deserve to see his actual birth certificate) there is no apparent “out” here — Barack Obama is constitutionally disqualified from being sworn in, on January 20. His candidacy has been legally fictitious from the Iowa Caucuses, onward. Each ballot was an injury and insult to the Sovereign American Voter.

With the latest political shenanigans being exposed with the attempted selling of Obama’s Senate seat by Governor Blagoievich, I’m not prepared to call Obama dirty just yet, but it is getting harder and harder not to. Stay tuned.

BTW, anyone who thought the Clinton presidency in the 90’s was filled with intrigue and legal fighting, my guess is you “‘ain’t seen nothing yet!” Obama’s presidency will hit new highs . . . or is it new lows!


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